[Fortunately, I Was Still Living In Los Angeles At The Time. So I Went Out To World Gym And Got A Membership.]

Author: Warren Cuccurullo Quotes

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Emm Cole Quotes

"Id die of a broken heart before breaking yours."

Jacqueline Bisset Quotes

"To be used in a part without depth is a frustrating feeling, when you know you have something to give."

Jude Watson Quotes

"I am speaking of something deeper. I am speaking of everything a being can give another. This is what I offer you. I offer myself."

Edwin Hubbel Chapin Quotes

"The essence of justice is mercy."

Mike Judge Quotes

"All the Disney lead male characters always have this kind of John Davidson kind of look to them. They all look like the same guy, and all the females look like the same, and I think the guys are just way too big."

Jackie Earle Haley Quotes

"That transition from child to adult actor is so incredibly elusive. The roles that were coming to me as a young adult were not that great, but I was taking them anyway to pay the rent. And the more bad roles in bad movies I took, the less anybody wanted me for a good role in a good movie."

Livia Blackburne Quotes

"The process doesnt end there. Stories are more than just images. As you continue in the tale, you get to know the characters, motivations and conflicts that make up the core of the story. This requires more parts of the brain. Some parts process emotion. Others infer the thoughts of others, letting us empathize with their experiences. Yet other parts package the experience into memories for future reflection"

Joseph E Morris Quotes

"I love you and its getting worse."

Roger C Shank Quotes

"We can tell people abstract rules of thumb which we have derived from prior experiences, but it is very difficult for other people to learn from these. We have difficulty remembering such abstractions, but we can more easily remember a good story. Stories give life to past experience. Stories make the events in memory memorable to others and to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why people like to tell stories."

John Hartford Quotes

"The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals."

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"My mum and I have an incredible friendship now after a mixture of pain, honesty, unconditional love and a long break from each other" - Author: Pink

Quotes About Umbrella

"Let a smile be your umbrella, and youll end up with a face full of rain." - Author: George Carlin

Quotes About Shadowlands

"David has asked me, a number of people have asked me and said, What performance do you like best or whats the best film youve made and so on and I dont really have any hesitation that the film Im least embarrassed by and ashamed of or uneasy about is Shadowlands." - Author: Richard Attenborough

Quotes About Coketown

"But the sun itself, however beneficent, generally, was less kind to Coketown than hard frost, and rarely looked intently into any of its closer regions without engendering more death than life. So does the eye of Heaven itself become an evil eye, when incapable or sordid hands are interposed between it and the thing it looks upon to bless." - Author: Charles Dickens

Quotes About Colored Sky

"I turned faceup on the slab of stone, gazed at the sky, and thought about all the man-made satellites spinning around the earth. The horizon was still etched in a faint glow, and stars began to blink on in the deep, wine-colored sky. I gazed among them for the light of a satellite, but it was still too bright out to spot one with the naked eye. The sprinkling of the stars looked nailed to the spot, unmoving. I closed my eyes and listened carefully for the descendants of Sputnik, even now circling the earth, gravity their only tie to the planet. Lonely metal souls in the unimpeded darkness of space, they meet, pass each other, and part, never to meet again. No words passing between them. No promises to keep." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Maria Theresa

"Nonviolence isnt sitting back with your arms folded. It is first recognizing that the very person who is your oppressor is also your brother or sister. One day he or she may stop being your oppressor, but theyll never stop being your brother or sister. (Jose Maria Pires, p. 225)" - Author: Mev Puleo

Quotes About Alex Ferguson

"I was saluted by Alex Ferguson when I was subbed and that made me very happy." - Author: Cristiano Ronaldo

Quotes About Business Presentations

"I was a general business major, which meant that in any business school and particularly at Smith School, which is a very good school, you do a lot of team projects. Well I was the guy who gave the presentations for the team projects." - Author: Kevin Plank

Quotes About Horcruxe

"The sooner this weddings over the happier Ill be." [Ron]"Yeah" said Harry, "then well have nothing to do except find Horcruxes....Itll be like a holiday, wont it?" - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Friendship George Washington

"So no one cares - and that protects your personal privacy. At least most of the time no one cares. Im not making the argument that if were doing nothing wrong, then we shouldnt be afraid of the government monitoring us. Thats a stupid, bad argument. We should always be afraid of any government monitoring us. The fact that no one cares what were talking about is an argument for keeping it that way. We dont want the government to be able to care. Any power you give the government, the government will abuse. George Washington almost said that." - Author: Penn Jillette