[Frankly, We Actresses Are So Much In A Hurry. We Feel We Have Very Few Years To Shine In Our Career, So We Neglect Our Personal Life. But For Me, Both Aspects Are Equally Important. I Don't Want To Grow Old And Have Regrets.]

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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John Raleigh Mott Quotes

"Extreme nationalism and Bolshevism have broken up the old world, a new world is in the making. It is literally true that old things are passing away; all things may become new, granted we have wise, unselfish, and determined guides."

Saurabh Sharma Quotes

"Fools live life; intellectuals only think thoughts arising from borrowed knowledge.That is why fools enjoy life while so called wise people are busy posting tweets about life. Unfortunately, I am a wise man."

Jose Emilio Pacheco Quotes

"Todos somos hipócritas, no podemos vernos ni juzgarnos como vemos y juzgamos a los demás."

The Cure Quotes

"and if I had your faith/I could make itsafe and clean"

Gustav Flaubert Quotes

"Bourgeois do not even suspect that we serve them our hearts. The race of gladiators has not died: every artist is one. He amuses the public with his afflictions."

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"But Lando was a gambler. A true gambler never folded when he still had cards left to play."

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"I wore ripped jeans and headbands before people wore that. Ive been this guy ever since."

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"Wise Child: Why dont you beat me then?Juniper: I cant be bothered."

Nancy Oliver Quotes

"You Hang on to your pain like it means something; like its worth something. Well, let me tell you, its not worth shit, so let it go. Infinite Possibilities and all you can do is whine.""Well, what am I supposed to do?""What do you think? You can do anything, you lucky bastard; Youre alive!"

Alleen Pace Nilsen Quotes

"In our culture it is a womans body which is considered important while it is a mans mind or his activities which are valued. A woman is sexy. A man is successful."

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"My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession." - Author: Joaquin Phoenix

Quotes About Promising To Love

"From the night into his high-walled room there came, persistently, that evanescent and dissolving sound - something the city was tossing up and calling back again, like a child playing with a ball. In Harlem, the Bronx, Gramercy Park, and along the water-fronts, in little parlors or on pebble-strewn, moon-flooded roofs, a thousand lovers were making this sound, crying little fragments of it into the air. All the city was playing with this sound out there in the blue summer dark, throwing it up and calling it back, promising that, in a little while, life would be beautiful as a story, promising happiness - and by that promise giving it. It gave love hope in its own survival. It could do no more." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"In choosing a companion, it is necessary to study the disposition, the inheritance, and training of the one with whom you are contemplating making lifes journey." - Author: David O. McKay

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"Maybe before a big storm rolls in, youll use it to catch fireflies (see, I did remember something, city mouse. But theyre still lightning bugs down here). And if you do, just remember, the storm doesnt last forever. It can scare you; it can shake you to your core. But it never lasts. The rain subsides, the thunder dies, and the winds calm to a soft whisper. And that moment after the storm clouds pass, when all is silent and still, you find peace. Quiet, gentle peace. Thats what I wish for you. Even if you couldnt find it with me." - Author: S.L. Jennings

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"The sweetest and most inoffensive path of life leads through the avenues of science and learning; and whoever can either remove any obstructions in this way, or open up any new prospect, ought so far to be esteemed a benefactor to mankind. And though these researches may appear painful and fatiguing. It is with some minds as with some bodies, which being endowed with vigorous and florid health, require severe exercise, and reap a pleasure from what, to the generality of mankind, may seem burdensome and laborious. Obscurity, indeed, is painful to the mind as well as to the eye; but to bring light from obscurity, by whatever labour, must needs be delightful and rejoicing." - Author: David Hume

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"Jesus Christ will be the leader of an intergalactic earth evacuation. Were getting some earth leaders up there to check the mother ship. The Bible says that the sky will be glorious and Christ will come back to us all." - Author: Nina Hagen

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"Im very good at delegating - people work much better when they have a real sense of responsibility. But at the same time, I dont like surprises. I dont pore over every shoot, but I do like to be aware at all times of whats going on." - Author: Anna Wintour

Quotes About Best Oneself

"Worse and somehow embarrassing affair are "ghost" dreams, from which the dreamer only remembers fragments, and very short snippets of events, after which the next morning is left only a vague feeling of a messaged received. If the "ghost" is repeated several times, it is certain that it is a dream which is important for some reason. Then the dreamer, through concentration and auto-suggestion tries to force the dream again, this time a more specific "ghost". The best result are to force oneself to dream again immediately after waking up - called "hooking". If the dream does not produce a "hook" they try and produce a vision during one of the following session by concentration and meditation prior to going to sleep. Such pressure programming is called "anchoring"." - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

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"The painful sea of birth-and-death knows no bounds.We have long been submerged.Only the ship of Amidas Vowwill take us aboard and carry us across without fail.(Hymns on the Masters)" - Author: Kentetsu Takamori

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"Charisma is the numinous aura around a narcissistic personality. It flows outward from a simplicity or unity of being and a composure and controlled vitality. There is gracious accommodation, yet commanding impersonality. Charisma is the radiance produced by the interaction of male and female elements in a gifted personality. The charismatic woman has a masculine force and severity. The charismatic man has an entrancing female beauty. Both are hot and cold, glowing with presexual self love." - Author: Camille Paglia