[Frankly, We Actresses Are So Much In A Hurry. We Feel We Have Very Few Years To Shine In Our Career, So We Neglect Our Personal Life. But For Me, Both Aspects Are Equally Important. I Don't Want To Grow Old And Have Regrets.]

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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"Every man is a potential genius until he does something."

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"No one to notice No one to stareNo one to compromise withNo one to care"

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"Nessuno ha la vita che si aspettava, ma è il modo in cui ci si adatta alle difficoltà a determinare se si è felici o no."

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"Theater is an engagement between the actor and the audience. Film is a different sort of medium. Its not immediate, but in some ways its more involving."

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"The childs face is close to her own now, but there is still no detail. It is a blur, a watercolor painting left out in the rain, the shades running, blending into one another. Only the eyes remain clear; black and hungry, jealous of life."

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"We are each what never leaves us, what we never seethe back ofis the self. But what loves usis at the back, as Eurydice wasescorting him outwithout his knowing."

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"Find the beliefs that are strangling your feelings, challenge them for your sake as well as theirs, and see how it feels to love someone without a thought about the future, simply for who they are today."

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"One of the recent arguments from design, that based on the so-called fine-tuning life of some fundamental physical constants, founders on the following objections: an extremely small prior probability merited by the God of theism in light – if that is the right word – of the Problem of Evil; the fact that it is not unreasonable to place a substantial probability on the hypothesis that a future theory will fix those values; and the sheer incoherence of computations of the ‘chances of fine-tuning were there no fine-tuner."

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"...in the unique case of a countrys geographic position, it is difficult to consider this factor as anything other than a cause, unless we assume that in prehistoric times peoples migrated to climates that fit their concepts of power distance, which is rather far-fetched."

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"Take care lest perchance you fall into the mistake of thinking to gain more by being merciful than by being just; for to pardon him too easily that has transgressed is to wrong him that transgresses not."

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