[Friendship Is Also About Liking A Person For Their Failings, Their Weakness. It's Also About Mutual Help, Not About Exploitation.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Malorie Blackman Quotes

"The status quo is never news, only challenges to it."

Judith Lewis Herman Quotes

"Many abused children cling to the hope that growing up will bring escape and freedom. But the personality formed in the environment of coercive control is not well adapted to adult life. The survivor is left with fundamental problems in basic trust, autonomy, and initiative. She approaches the task of early adulthood――establishing independence and intimacy――burdened by major impairments in self-care, in cognition and in memory, in identity, and in the capacity to form stable relationships. She is still a prisoner of her childhood; attempting to create a new life, she reencounters the trauma."

Milton Rokeach Quotes

"Leon reads aloud from an article in the Readers Digest about voting to select a national flower. Leon votes for dandelions. Joseph and Clyde vote for grass."

George Matthew Adams Quotes

"There are high spots in all of our lives and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else. I dont care how great, how famous or successful a man or woman may be, each hungers for applause."

Amanda Browning Quotes

"You stupid, conceited fool! You know nothing! Youre like a child, blind to everything but its own empty stomach! Well, grow up, Carl, and join the real world. Until you do, for Gods sake leave me be!"

Yohji Yamamoto Quotes

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I dont bother you - dont bother me"."

Cate Beauman Quotes

"In the end, it doesnt matter, but I wanted you to know; I needed you to know because I read your text to Sarah. You told her I was everything you never thought you could have, and Im telling you, youre everything I never knew I wanted, but Im so glad youre here."

Bill Blass Quotes

"I have a firm belief in such things as, you know, the water, the Earth, the trees and sky. And Im wondering, it is increasingly difficult to find those elements in nature, because its nature I believe in rather than some spiritual thing."

Lauren Hammond Quotes

"A good book will pull you in from the beginning and take you on a journey youll never forget."

Alex Treacher Quotes

"Never blindly believe, never blindly follow."

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"An old racetrack joke reminds you that your program contains all the winners names. I stare at my typewriter keys with the same thought." - Author: Mignon McLaughlin

Quotes About Lilith

"Lilith Bresson, innocent of everything except having a bastard for a father, took her new fate with a calm that was terrifying." - Author: Tabitha McGowan

Quotes About Bar Hopping

"Do you know this place, Lek?" he shouted in her ear. "Stop. Stop here. I want to go shopping." He didnt. He wanted to look for a bar, but he knew the word shopping had more stopping power than the word bar – the word shopping was the verbal equivalent of a 44 Magnum." - Author: Owen Jones

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"Mediante el proceso de trazar símbolos de tinta en una página, enviaba ideas y sentimientos desde su mente a la del lector. Era un proceso mágico, tan ordinario que nadie se detenía a pensarlo. Leer una frase y entenderla era lo mismo; como en el caso de doblar un dedo, nada mediaba entre las dos cosas. No había una pausa durante la cual los símbolos se desenredaban. Veías la palabra castillo y allí estaba, a lo lejos, con bosques que se extienden ante él en pleno verano, con el aire azulado y suave del humo que asciende de la forja de un herrero y un camino empedrado que serpentea hacia la verde sombra..." - Author: Ian McEwan

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"Há uma condescendência devastadora em sacrificar pessoas, especialmente crianças, no altar da "diversidade" e na virtude da preservação de uma variedade de tradições religiosas. O restante de nós vive feliz com nossos carros e computadores, vacinas e antibióticos. Mas vocês, pessoinhas exóticas com seus chapéus e calçolas, suas carroças, seu dialeto arcaico e suas casinhas de banho, vocês enriquecem nossas vidas. É claro que se deve permitir que vocês aprisionem suas crianças em seu túnel do tempo seiscentista, senão perderíamos uma coisa irrecuperável: uma parte da maravilhosa diversidade da cultura humana. Uma pequena parte de mim ver alguma coisa nisso. Mas a maior parte fica é com enjoo." - Author: Richard Dawkins

Quotes About The Earth Dying

"Rest forever, tired heart.The final illusion has perished.The one we believed eternal is gone.Just like that. Out the door desirefollows hope. Rest forever. Enough throbbing. Nothing deserves your attentionnor is the earth worth a sigh.Bitterness and boredom is life,nothing else ever, and the world is mud.Quiet now. Despair for the last time.Fate gives us dying as a gift.Now turn from the hills, the ugly hidden powerwhich rules for the common eviland the infinite vanity of it all." - Author: Giacomo Leopardi

Quotes About Who Cares Anymore

"Im nothing, not a single thing. The only particle I had, the only tiny thing raising me up, is that I was Ed Slatertons girlfriend, loved by you for like ten secs, and who cares, so what, and not anymore so how embarrassing for me." - Author: Daniel Handler

Quotes About React

"I compose with bells a lot. Bells and breath. Both things you react to without thinking about it. Bells traditionally give us orders: come to the desk, the truck is backing up, the ice cream is here, its time to go to church. Theyre sounds our brains are already associated with." - Author: Sxip Shirey

Quotes About Suspicious Behavior

"Not being invited in is one of the boxes on the "suspicious behavior" bingo form that every copper carries around in their head along with "stupidly overpowerful dog" and being too quick to supply an alibi. Fill all the boxes and you too could win an all-­expenses-paid visit to your local police station." - Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Quotes About Alone In A Crowd

"The man who is unable to people his solitude is equally unable to be alone in a bustling crowd. The poet enjoys the incomparable privilege of being able to be himself or some one else, as he chooses. [...] The solitary and thoughtful stroller finds a singular intoxication in this universal communion. [...] What men call love is a very small, restricted, feeble thing compared with this ineffable orgy, this divine prostitution of the soul giving itself entire...to the unexpected as it comes along, the stranger as he passes." - Author: Charles Baudelaire