[Full Sexual Consciousness And A Natural Regulation Of Sexual Life Mean The End Of Mystical Feelings Of Any Kind. In Other Words, Natural Sexuality Is The Deadly Enemy Of Mystical Religion. The Church, By Making The Fight Over Sexuality The Center Of Its Dogmas And Of Its Influence Over The Masses, Confirms This Concept.]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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Milan Kundera Quotes

"Ya hoy la historia no es más que la estrecha hebra de lo recordado sobre el océano de lo olvidado, pero el tiempo sigue su marcha y llegará la época en que los años tengan muchas cifras, y la memoria del individuo, que habrá permanecido igual en su extensión, no será capaz de abarcarlos; por eso irán desapareciendo de ella siglos y milenios enteros, siglos de cuadros y música, siglos de descubrimientos, batallas, libros, y eso será grave, porque el hombre perderá la conciencia de sí mismo y su historia, inconceptuable,incontenible, se encogerá en unas cuantas abreviaturas carentes de sentido"

Peace Gypsy Quotes

"What brings people to how they feel is usually things that they themselves thought."

Holly Mosier Quotes

"Perfection of effort is not required, by the way. It is the consistency of attempting to work these tools that brings the progress. Its like anything else. If I want to tone muscle, lifting a ten-pound weight a few times every day will move me toward my goal much quicker than hoisting a fifty-pound barbell once a week. Yes, it really is true: "Slow and steady wins the race." Just try a little, every day. Youll see."

Francis Darwin Quotes

"In science, the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to whom the idea first occurs."

Sarah McCoy Quotes

"We all tell little lies about ourselves, Our past, our presents. We think some of them are minuscule, unimportant, And others, large and incriminating. But they are the same. Only God Has enough of the story to judge our souls."

Elizabeth Kenny Quotes

"He who angers you conquers you."

Larry Kramer Quotes

"Gay life in 1970 was very bleak, compartmentalized. You didnt take it to work. You had to really lead a double life. There were bars, but you sort of snuck in and snuck out. Activism and gay pride simply didnt exist. I dont even think the word gay was in existence."

Kellie Elmore Quotes

"I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanky."

McFly Quotes

"But for each high, theres a low. Periods of such despair and listlessness that you dont ever see a way of getting out of it. Everythings bad. Nothings ever going to be all right again. Theres no reason to get out of bed in the morning. You dont want to talk to anybody, and when you do you end up pissing them off. You cant remember what its like to be happy."

Philippe Grimbert Quotes

"Des années après que mon frère avait déserté ma chambre, après avoir mis en terre tous ceux qui métaient chers, joffrai enfin à Simon la sépulture à laquelle il navait jamais eu droit. Il allait y dormir, en compagnie des enfants qui avaient connu son destin, sur cette page portant sa photo, ses dates si rapprochées et son nom, dont lorthographe différait si peu du mien. Ce livre serait sa tombe."

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"Everyone will have gone then except us, because were tied to this soil by a roomful of trunks where the household goods and clothing of grandparents are kept, and the canopies that my parenrs horses used when they came to Macondo, fleeing from the war. Weve been sown into this soil by the memory of the remote dead whose bones can no longer be found twenty fathoms under the earth. The trunks have been in the room ever since the last days of the war; and theyll be there this afternoon when we come back from the burial, if that final wind hasnt passed, the one that will sweep away Macondo, its bedrooms full of lizards and its silent people devastated by memories." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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"This is a very difficult question. If you take a look at the aging population and demographics, we are going to have a big increase in the number of health care jobs needed in the state and in the country." - Author: Dave Obey

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"Fábulas fantásticas y animales míticosEL KAHIREl kahir es un pájaro de cinco centímetros de largo dotado de la facultad de hablar, pero que siempre habla de sí mismo en tercera persona, diciendo por ejemplo: <>" - Author: Woody Allen

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"I suppose there may be a branch president or a high councilor or an elders quorum president or a visiting teacher in the room who wants to know what it is we are to accomplish as Church members when we get together, even if its only in a home evening group or an opportunity to pray together. Well, this passage indicates that it may have something to do with remembering each other. We all count. Everyone matters. We have a name and its recorded and we need to remember that here. No one must get lost. "And their names were taken, that they might be remembered and nourished by the good word of God. . . to keep them continually watchful unto prayer, relying alone upon the merits of Christ . . . to fast and to speak with one another concerning the welfare of their souls . . . to observe that there should be no iniquity among them"--what a great thought about meetings and what they are supposed to do, what a Sunday School class can be, what a scriptural discussion in an apartment can be." - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland

Quotes About Separarsi

"Fece una risata e mi circondò con un braccio, mentre rimanevamo seduti luno accanto allaltra. Poi aggiunse: "Continuo a pensare a un fiume da qualche parte là fuori, con lacqua che scorre velocissima. E quelle due persone nellacqua, che cercano di tenersi strette, più che possono, ma alla fine devono desistere. La corrente è troppo forte. Devono mollare, separarsi. E la stessa cosa per noi. E un peccato, Kath, perché ci siamo amati per tutta la vita. Ma alla fine non possiamo rimanere insieme per sempre."" - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro

Quotes About Your Home City

"When you lose a friend [in battle] you have an overpowering desire to go back home and yell in everybodys ear, "This guy was killed fighting for you. Dont forget him--ever. Keep him in your mind when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. Dont think of him as the statistic which changes 38,788 casualties to 38,789. Think of him as a guy who wanted to live every bit as much as you do. Dont let him be just one of Our Brave Boys from the old home town, to whom a marble monument is erected in the city park, and a civic-minded lady calls the newspaper ten years later and wants to know why that unsightly stone isnt removed." - Author: Bill Mauldin

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"If a blind man were to ask me "Have you got two hands?" I should not make sure by looking. If I were to have any doubt of it, then I dont know why I should trust my eyes. For why shouldnt I test my eyes by looking to find out whether I see my two hands? What is to be tested by what?" - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein

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"He shoved the phone at her again. "What does this do?" Hand shaking, she took it from him. "Um. Its called a Smartphone. You can talk to people or send messages. Its got Internet too." She pointed to a collection of funny looking symbols on the glossy surface. Inter-net. Is that used for some sort of fishing? And why is the phone called smart? Were prior ones stupid?" - Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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"On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, it is some consolation that the man most responsible for that terrible morning will not be smiling smugly to himself as satellite TV brings to the leafy boulevards of Abbottabad the somber images of New Yorkers commemorating those who perished in the Twin Towers." - Author: Bobby Ghosh

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"Drama read to oneself is never drama at its best, and is not even drama as it should be." - Author: George Pierce Baker