[Go On Failing. Go On. Only Next Time, Try To Fail Better.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Charlene Costanzo Quotes

"Use your gifts well and you will discover others, among them a gift that is uniquely you. See these noble gifts in other people. Share the truth and be ready for the miracle to unfold"

Dobria Cesaric Quotes

"U tvojim očima kadikadTajanstven jedan pogled sine.Al tek što sine već i mine.Što skriva u svom čudnom sjajuTaj odraz bogate dubine?Da l bol, što neće da se smiri?Ne znam, gonetam uzaman.Il bljeskom tuge iz njeg viriNesretni, davni neki dan?Ili je san, duboko snivan,Nikad neostvaren al divan,što svagda će mi ostat skrit,A tvoga bića on je bit."

Rodrigo Hasbun Quotes

"Nos volvemos importantes para alguien y luego dejamos de serlo, y dejar de serlo es tan doloroso que se nos ocurre que hubiera sido preferible no serlo nunca. Si vas a ponerle muebles a un cuarto vacío, luego no los quites"

William Wallace Quotes

"As Governor of my country, I have been an enemy to its enemies; I have slain the English; I have mortally opposed the English King; I have stormed and taken the towns and castles which he unjustly claimed as his own."

Niklaus Wirth Quotes

"A good designer must rely on experience, on precise, logic thinking; and on pedantic exactness. No magic will do."

Mark Mothersbaugh Quotes

"I write all the time. I do artwork thats part of a diary, and I write short stories to go with them pretty much every day."

James Carlos Blake Quotes

"Men tend to remember the best things about the women theyve loved and to forget the worst, which is why so many men make the same mistakes with women again and again. Women tend to forget the best things about the men theyve loved and to remember the worst, which is why so many women become bitter about men."

Omar Khayyam Quotes

"The moving hand once having writ moves on. Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line."

Ray Dalio Quotes

"I dont get caught up in the moment."

Marianne Curley Quotes

"Darkness at Blacklands is scary."

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Quotes About Smirt

"Puck turned to Sabrina. "What is she doing down there?"Hiding, I guess."Puck leaned down and poked his head under the seat. "I found you."Ms. Smirt shrieked.Puck lifted himself up to his full height and laughed. "Shes fun."He leaned back down and she screamed again. "I could do this all day. Can I keep her?" - Author: Michael Buckley

Quotes About Life And Friends

"Like every experience that marks us for a lifetime, I found myself turned inside out, drawn and quartered. this was the sum of everything Id been in my life--and more: who I am when I sing and stir-fry vegetables for my family and friends on Sunday afternoons; who I am when I wake up on freezing nights and want nothing more than to throw on a sweater, rush to my desk, and write about the person I know no one knows I am; who I am when I crave to be naked with another naked body, or when I crave to be alone in the world; who I am when every part of me seems miles and centuries apart and each swears it bears my name." - Author: André Aciman

Quotes About Being Dragged Down

"An intense cold swept over them all. Harry felt his own breath catch in his chest. The cold went deeper than his skin. It was inside his chest, it was inside his very heart. . . .Harrys eyes rolled up into his head. He couldnt see. He was drowning in cold. There was a rushing in his ears as though of water. He was being dragged downward, the roaring growing louder . . .And then, from far away, he heard screaming, terrible, terrified, pleading screams. He wanted to help whoever it was, he tried to move his arms, but couldnt . . . a thick white fog was swirling around him, inside him —" - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Igraj

"Dok god muzika svira, igraj dok te noge nose. Razumes li sta ti govorim? Igraj dok te noge nose. Ne smes da razmisljas zasto igras. Ne smes da razmisljas o znacenju toga. Jer, u osnovi, znacenja nema. Pocnes li da razmisljas, noge ce ti se zaustaviti. Zaustave li ti se jednom noge, ja tu vise nista ne mogu. Tvoje veze ce nestati. Nestace zauvek! I vise neces moci da zivis nigde drugde osim u ovom svetu. Brzo ces biti uvucen u ovaj svet. Zato noge ne smeju da ti se zaustave. Koliko god ti se cinilo besmisleno, ne smes da mislis na to. Prati korake i igraj dok te noge nose. A ono otvrdlo razmeksaj, makar malo. Mora da je ostalo i nesto za sta jos nije prekasno. Upotrebi sve sto se moze upotrebiti. Ucini sve sto mozes. Nema cega da se plasis. Svakako si umoran. Umoran si i uplasen. Svi imaju takve trenutke. Cini ti se da je sve pogesno. I noge ti se zaustave." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Media

"Es lo habitual en esos lugares; se juzga excéntrico al hombre de verdad, porque las facultades no son más que centros que cuidan de una clase media sin personalidad, de esa clase media que tiene su perfecta expresión en las inmediaciones de las universidades, en esas hileras de casas de gente acomodada, con céspedes y un televisor en cada sala de estar con todo el mundo pensando lo mismo al mismo tiempo, mientras los Japhy del mundo merodean por el yermo, para escuchar la voz que clama en el desierto, para descubrir el éxtasis de las estrellas para dar con el misterioso y sombrío secreto del origen de la crapulosa civilización sin rostro ni fantasía." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Free Trade

"Before we move forward with new efforts to lower the barriers to international free trade, we must review the consequences of the policies of the past and address the problems of the present." - Author: Bob Ney

Quotes About Damian

"Growing up, I was inspired by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Damian Rice was a huge influence for me musically." - Author: Ed Sheeran

Quotes About Distilling

"When he craved contact, he stopped in to visit the Cézannes and Monets at the Musée du Luxembourg, believing they had already done what he was striving for—distilling places and people and objects to their essential qualities." - Author: Paula McLain

Quotes About Anticipating Love

"Lia aimed, shifted and waited, watching one man peek out time and time again. She let her arrow fly anticipating his next peek at us and it pierced his eye."Okay thats just going to make em mad " I said."Three hundred and ninety-two " she said to Luca tossing her braid over her shoulder and taking aim again."Saints in heaven " he said to me rolling his eyes "how much deeper in love can I yet fall?" - Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Quotes About First Drafts

"There would seem to be four stages in the composition of a story. First comes the germ of the story, then a period of more or less conscious meditation, then the first draft, and finally the revision, which may be simply ‘pencil work as John OHara calls it — that is, minor changes in wording — or may lead to writing several drafts and what amounts to a new work." - Author: Malcolm Cowley