[God Gifted Us Only One Life & It Is Solely Our Choice To Make It Dull With One Color, Or Beautiful With Many Colors!]

Author: Swati Jain Quotes

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Floriano Martins Quotes

"A constant human error: to believe in an end to ones fantasies. Our daydreams are the measure of our unreachable truth. The secret of all things lies in the emptiness of the formula that guard them."

Emil Zatopek Quotes

"To boast of a performance which I cannot beat is merely stupid vanity. And if I can beat it that means there is nothing special about it. What has passed is already finished with. What I find more interesting is what is still to come."

Glenwood McNabb Quotes

"Do dogs understand death? Do they have souls? Do they go to heaven? I have alway believed so, but this [event] confirmed that all of Gods creatures , humans and animals, have a soul and that we will all be reunited in heaven. My pastor once told me, "If there are no dogs in heaven, I dont want to go." I agree."

Robert Huber Quotes

"This discovery convinced me of the power of crystallography and led me to continue in this field."

Luang Phaw Dhammajayo Quotes

"Put your time to good use because only the present belong to us, tomorrow is never for sure."

Roger Sherman Quotes

"Let us live no more to ourselves, but to Him who loved us, and gave Himself to die for us."

EE Knight Quotes

"A hot lust for glory, gems, gold or mates,Leads reckless young drakes to the blackest of fates."

Robert Bryndza Quotes

"I came out of the bathroom naked this morning as the computer was ringing and Meryl and Tony appeared via Skype."

Rafe Esquith Quotes

"But to paraphrase Henry Drummond in Inherit the Wind, ignorance and mediocrity are forever busy, and the forces of mediocrity arent content with being mediocre; theyll do everything in their power to prevent even the humblest of teachers and children from accomplishing anything extraordinary. For good work shines a light on the failures of the mediocre, and that is a light which terrifies those who conspire to keep our nations children, like themselves, ordinary."

Rene Cazelles Quotes

"I should like my house to be similar to that of the ocean wind, all quivering with gulls."

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Quotes About Traitor Friends Tagalog

"When we commit daily to offering our love, living in integrity, truth and values, we are more easily in tune to live our purpose …. We live our ethical life in all aspects; family, friends and business. Our spirit and body are always with us. In IHood, we choose to honor spiritual behavior over that of our body." - Author: Jill Little

Quotes About Egoismo

"La certezza che il peggio è passato e la situazione è salda in mano fa perdere il controllo, si comincia di nuovo a osare. A quel punto luomo mette in atto il furbesco egoismo. Non fa tesoro dellesperienza, torna quello che è sempre stato: un coglione." - Author: Mauro Corona

Quotes About Haunting

"The ShellThe sea fills my earwith sand and with fear.You may wash out the sand,but never the soundof the ghost of the seathat is haunting me." - Author: Ted Hughes

Quotes About You Deserve What You Get

"Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?" - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Lipstick Stains

"If this were the fifties, shed be checking Sams collars for lipstick stains. (Did people do that anymore? Why did women kiss collars, anyway? Besides, Sam almost always wore T-shirts.)" - Author: Charlaine Harris

Quotes About Lethargie

"Freneuse is an oddball, an idler, without any aim in life! If you ask me, he has smoked too much opium in the East, and that explains his somnolence, his morbid lethargies. Its the hazardous legacy of bad habits! He has been comprehensively undone; the heavy influence of poisonous opiates never ceases to oppress him. Besides which, his steel-blue eyes are surely the eyes of a smoker of opium. He carries the drunken burden of hemp in his veins. Opium is like syphilis - le Mazel released the word carelessly - it is a thing which stays for years and years in the blood, because the body is unable to purge itself. It must be absorbed, in the long run, by iodide." - Author: Jean Lorrain

Quotes About Logarithmic Functions

"Objects and their functions no longer had any significance. All I perceived was perception itself, the hell of forms and figures devoid of human emotion and detached from the reality of my unreal environment. I was an instrument in a virtual world that constantly renewed its own meaningless image in a living world that was itself perceived outside of nature. And since the appearance of things was no longer definitive but limitless, this paradisiacal awareness freed me from the reality external to myself. The fire and the rose, as it were, became one." - Author: Federico Fellini

Quotes About Feeling Powerless

"But as Derek watched himself holding Ginger in the mirror over the sink, her smaller, trembling body engulfed by his naked arms and chest, he felt the furthest thing from unaffected. Every sob or shudder that moved through her robbed him of breath. Derek wanted to decimate her sadness and anything causing it. Feeling powerless, he rubbed circles on her back with one hand." - Author: Tessa Bailey

Quotes About Alone And Lonely

"Even a good place gets to be a rut, especially if youre standing in it alone... Alone and lonely have the same root." - Author: Nora Roberts

Quotes About Stood

"She wasted and grew so thin that she no longer was a little girl, but the shadow of a little girl. The flame of her life flickered so faintly that it appeared sufficient to blow at it to extinguish it. Stas understood that death did not have to wait for a third attack to take her and he expected it any day or any hour." - Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz