[God Is Not A Scientific Hypothesis That Might Rival Evolution. To Think He Is Reduces The Creator To A Creature, A Highly Creative Force Within The Universe. God Is Not An Occupant Of The Universe At All, But An Answer To The Question "why Is There A Universe?" God And Many Concepts Of Evolution Can Exist Quite Happily.]

Author: George Cardinal Pell Quotes

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"I can do lovers. I can do Sir Galahad types. Im not going to limit myself in voice-overs to irascible old men."

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"Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight."

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"Even today a good many distinguished minds seem unable to accept or even to understand that from a source of noise natural selection alone and unaided could have drawn all the music of the biosphere. In effect natural selection operates upon the products of chance and can feed nowhere else; but it operates in a domain of very demanding conditions, and from this domain chance is barred. It is not to chance but to these conditions that evolution owes its generally progressive course, its successive conquests, and the impression it gives of a smooth and steady unfolding."

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"I lived with a German family. I learned about schnitzel from Ritta Seiffer. When she cooked shed get the oil really hot so that it sealed everything and in the middle was very juicy. Thats the secret to a great schnitzel."

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"NBA games are exciting to watch and have global appeal. They are very popular in China. I do watch NBA games on television when I have time."

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"The road to health is paved with good intestines!"

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"Every word Martone sets down, finally, a choice that limits the universe, their trail across the page a fossil record of some lifes life-story."

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"My heart keeps begging me for a reason to keep beating, but Im running out of lies to tell it"

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"Purr more, hiss less"

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"Trials come to each of us. Living righteously does not mean that our lives will be free of problems or sorrow, but no matter what hardships we face we can always rely on Heavenly Father and His son. They will not forsake us, and They will give each of us the strength to face whatever may come."June 2013 Ensign, "Our God Will Never Us Forsake"

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