[God What An Outfield,' He Says. 'What A Left Field.' He Looks Up At Me, And I Look Down At Him. 'This Must Be Heaven,' He Says.No. It's Iowa,' I Reply Automatically. But Then I Feel The Night Rubbing Softly Against My Face Like Cherry Blossoms; Look At The Sleeping Girl-child In My Arms, Her Small Hand Curled Around One Of My Fingers; Think Of The Fierce Warmth Of The Woman Waiting For Me In The House; Inhale The Fresh-cut Grass Small That Seems Locked In The Air Like Permanent Incense; And Listen To The Drone Of The Crowd, As Below Me Shoelss Joe Jackson Tenses, Watching The Angle Of The Distant Bat For A Clue As To Where The Ball Will Be Hit.I Think You're Right, Joe,' I Say, But Softly Enough Not To Disturb His Concentration.]

Author: W.P. Kinsella Quotes

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Jireh Edchin Traya Quotes

"Love isnt an accident. Love is a choice."

Adam West Quotes

"How many actors have a shot at being a part of something that became a part of pop culture? Its been very rewarding. Im not getting the 20 million bucks for the new movies, but at least Im getting warmth and recognition from people wherever I go."

Veronique Vienne Quotes

"In America, we believe that our happiness depends on getting breaks, even though being American is already the biggest break we will ever get."

KR Loreto Quotes

"Smiling is powerful. Smiling at your problems make you a powerful person."

Ambreen Ali Quotes

"Spread the good and it will return to you. Spread the bad and it will return to you. Choice is yours what you want to receive."

Jarius Raphel Quotes

"If they think first place is the winner, then they dont know a ninja."

L Frank Baum Quotes

"Cant you give me brains?" asked the Scarecrow."You dont need them. You are learning something every day. A baby has brains, but it doesnt know much. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get."

Joe Klein Quotes

"For me, a really radical position for journalism to take is to stop being cynical. Cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre."

Dr Sherwin Nuland Quotes

"There is no way to deter old age from its grim duty, but a life of accomplishments makes up in quality for what it cannot add in quantity."

Jean Paul Gaultier Quotes

"I dont know exactly what is my impact, but I can say I am doing fashion my own way."

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Quotes About Lying Awake At Night

"By then I wasnt just asking questions; I was being changed by them. I was being changed by my prayers, which dwindled down nearer and nearer to silence, which werent confrontations with God but with the difficulty--in my own mind, or in the human lot--of knowing what or how to pray. Lying awake at night, I could feel myself being changed--into what, I had no idea." - Author: Wendell Berry

Quotes About Disrespectful Teenagers

"Why did so many teenagers fall for Stanley Horowitzs tricks?""These were impressionable teenagers," Nick explained. "Many of them were devoted fans of romantic Vampyre stories. They over-romanticized what it means to be a Vampyre, and that gave Stanley a way to manipulate them.""Ive read Twilight," Tamara said. "My daughter is a huge fan. Is she in any danger?""The danger arises from wanting to belong to the in crowd so badly, you lose sight of whats real and whats fantasy.""Surely todays teenagers know that vampires are fantasy," Tamara said."Possibly. But remember, Vampyres are not romantic. Vampyres are dead. They are walking reminders of tragedy. Loving one is necrophilia. And wanting to be one is the first step on the road to catastrophe." - Author: Abramelin Keldor

Quotes About Presidential Elections

"Weve got 50 percent voter turnout for presidential elections. Thats appalling. We can do so much better." - Author: Joan Blades

Quotes About Unfair Treatment At Work

"As long as the number one worry for people, keeping them up at nights, is whether theyre going to have a job in the morning, then they are less likely to resist unfair changes, or unfair treatment, or cuts in real pay at work." - Author: Frances OGrady

Quotes About Tide Pools

"The tide goes out imperceptibly. The boulders show and seem to rise up and the ocean recedes leaving little pools, leaving wet weed and moss and sponge, iridescence and brown and blue and China red. On the bottoms lie the incredible refuse of the sea, shells broken and chipped and bits of skeleton, claws, the whole sea bottom a fantastic cemetery on which the living scamper and scramble." - Author: John Steinbeck

Quotes About Round Tables

"Already, the brain consumed more than a quarter of the bodys blood supply... an organ accounting for only a small percentage of body mass. If brains grew larger, and better, then perhaps they would consume more - perhaps so much that, like an infection, they would overrun their hosts and kill the bodies that transported them. Or perhaps, in their infinite cleverness, they would find a way to destroy themselves and each other. There were times when, as he [Stone] sat at State Department or Defense Department meetings, and looked around the table, he would see nothing more than a dozen gray, convoluted brains sitting on the table... Just brains, sitting around, trying to decide how to outwit other brains, at other conference tables.Idiotic." - Author: Michael Crichton

Quotes About Emotional Wounds

"You read all kinds of books and see all kinds of movies about the man who is obsessed and devoted, whose focus is a single solid beam, same as the lighthouse and that intense, too. It is Heathcliff with Catherine. It is a vampire with a passionate love stronger than death. We crave that kind of focus from someone else. Wed give anything to be that "loved." But that focus is not some soul-deep pinnacle of perfect devotion - its only darkness and the tormented ghosts of darkness. Its strange, isnt it, to see a persons gaping emotional wounds, their gnawing needs, as our romance? We long for it, I dont know why, but when we have it, it is a knife at our throat on the banks of Greenlake. It is an unwanted power youd do anything to be rid of. A power that becomes the ultimate powerlessness." - Author: Deb Caletti

Quotes About Pilot Training

"As we drank champagne in the lounge, I explained that I had earned special privileges by being particularly vigilant and observant of rules and procedures on previous flights, and by making a substantial number of helpful suggestions regarding check-in procedures, flight scheduling, pilot training, and ways in which security systems might be subverted. I was no longer expected to offer advice, having contributed "enough for a lifetime of flying." - Author: Graeme Simsion

Quotes About Pharisees

"My work with teenagers has convinced me that one of the main reasons teenagers are not excited by the gospel is that they do not think they need it. Many parents have successfully raised self-righteous little Pharisees. When they look at themselves, they do not see a sinner in desperate need, so they are not grateful for a Savior. Sadly, the same is true of many of their parents." - Author: Timothy Lane

Quotes About Suza

"Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by You can spend the night beside her And you know that shes half crazy But thats why you want to be there And she feeds you tea and oranges That come all the way from China And just when you mean to tell her That you have no love to give her Then she gets you on her wavelength And she lets the river answer" - Author: Leonard Cohen