[Golosh Street Is An Interesting Locality. All The Oddities Of Trade Seemed To Have Found Their Way Thither And Made An Eccentric Mercantile Settlement. There Is A Bird-shop At One Corner. Immediately Opposite Is An Establishment Where They Sell Nothing But Ornaments Made Out Of The Tinted Leaves Of Autumn, Varnished And Gummed Into Various Forms. Further Down Is A Second-hand Book-stall. There Is A Small Chink Between Two Ordinary-sized Houses, In Which A Little Frenchman Makes And Sells Artificial Eyes, Specimens Of Which, Ranged On A Black Velvet Cushion, Stare At You Unwinkingly Through The Window As You Pass, Until You Shudder And Hurry On, Thinking How Awful The World Would Be If Everyone Went About Without Eyelids. Madame Filomel, The Fortune-teller, Lives At No. 12 Golosh Street, Second Storey Front, Pull The Bell On The Left-hand Side. Next Door To Madame Is The Shop Of Herr Hippe, Commonly Called The Wondersmith.("The Wondersmith")]

Author: Fitz James O'Brien Quotes

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