[Good Works Gathered In A Thousand Ages, Such As Deeds Of Generosity, Or Offerings To The Blissful Ones, A Single Flash Of Anger Shatters Them.]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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SJD Peterson Quotes

"Arrogant, rude bastard had insulted me, creeped me out, pissed me off, and made me restless all weekend. Now he was fucking with my orgasms. ~Danny Marshal~"

Paul McKenna Quotes

"Ive noticed a funny thing about people who are over-weight. They spend all their time thinking about food -except when theyre actually eating it"

Cephy Hakim Quotes

"Logika adalah keadilan dan dialektika adalah kebijaksanaan"

Chester A Arthur Quotes

"I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobodys damned business."

Anna Quindlen Quotes

"Here is one of the worst things about having someone you love die: It happens again every single morning."

Caroline Forbes Quotes

"Anyone capable of love is capable of being saved."

Hester Lucy Stanhope Quotes

"My roses are my jewels, the sun and moon my clocks, fruit and water my food and drink."

Cambria Hebert Quotes

"The road ahead holds many tests challenging everything she ever believed. I whispered a prayer for her inner strength to guide her on her path. She was going to need it."

Bob Livingston Quotes

"I wasnt really living anywhere... I was just kinda hanging out. I would live from week to week in places."

All Time Low Quotes

"Manage me, Im a mess Turn a page, Im a book Half unread"

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Quotes About Being Loved Unconditionally

"I almost fell off my stool. Not because I didnt think he loved Shaw, or that he would make an awesome husband, but because he was my impulsive, wild, unhinged little brother. Rule was not a guy that I ever thought would settle into the role of responsible homeowner and faithful husband. I just stared at him until he got mad and snapped." - Author: Jay Crownover

Quotes About Horses Ears

"The house was dark. Upstairs, behind the black open window with the pale curtain flapping in the spartan air, slept Arthur Morrison, trainer of the forty-three racehorses in the stables below. Morrison habitually slept lightly. His ears were sharper than half a dozen guard dogs, his stable-hands said." - Author: Dick Francis

Quotes About Ruth May

"Maybe the truth cant be buried. Or maybe it cant stay buried. Maybe the very nature of truth is that it will ultimately reveal itself." - Author: Delia Ephron

Quotes About Tatum

"You really cant do a remake. I mean, King Kong needed its turn to be remade. It needed an update. But the Bad News Bears, or The Shaggy D.A., those are classic movies. I think they did a good job of remaking them, but its just not the same thing. Nobody can top Tatum ONeal. It just isnt the same." - Author: Carly Schroeder

Quotes About Age Restrictions

"Arranged marriages are big business in the U.K. Second- and third-generation immigrant families, with no extended family structure, limited networks and religious restrictions on acceptable ways to meet future spouses, are turning to external matchmakers for help." - Author: Jemima Khan

Quotes About Dating Best Friend

"Uh-uh, dude. I tried it your way with the dating and the girls and the kissing and the drama, and man, I didnt like it. Plus, my best friend is a walking cautionary tale of what happens to you when romantic relationships dont involve marriage. Like you always say, kafir, everything ends in breakup, divorce, or death. I want to narrow my misery options to divorce or death - thats all." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Hating People

"It may be the kind where, at the age of thirty, you sit in some bar hating everybody who comes in looking as if he might have played football in college. Then again, you may pick up just enough education to hate people who say, Its a secret between he and I. Or you may end up in some business ofice, throwing paper clips at the nearest stenographer." - Author: J.D. Salinger

Quotes About Money And Love

"Eudora Welty singles out for praise Austens "habit of seeing both sides of her own subject - of seeing it indeed in the round". ... Both men and women can be vain about their appearances, selfish about money, overawed by rank, and limited by parochialism; both men and women can function capably, think profoundly, feel deeply, create imaginatively, laugh wittily, and love faithfully. Without vindicating the rights of anyone directly, Austen posits a humanism far ahead of her time. "How really modern she is, after all," Welty concludes of Austen." - Author: Emily Auerbach

Quotes About Homemade Things

"Clyde had a theory that women had a book, a homemade, photocopied three-ring binder called "Surprising Things to Do in a Relationship," which they passed around to one another, adding pages from time to time, hiding it under the bed. He figured that Desiree could run home tonight and add a new page." - Author: Neal Stephenson

Quotes About Seldon

"Seldon, Hari—It is customary to think of Hari Seldon only in connection with psychohistory, to see him only as Mathematics and as social change personified. There is no doubt that he himselfEncouraged this for at no time in his formal writings did he give any hint as to how he came to solve the various problems ofPsychohistory. His leaps of thought might have all been plucked FromAir, for all he tells us. Nor does he tell us of the blind alleysInto which he crept or the wrong turnings he may have made.…As for his private life, it is a blank. Concerning his parent and Siblings,We know a handful of factors, nor more. His only son,Raych Seldon, is known to have been adopted, but how thatCame about is not known. Concerning his wife, we onlyKnow that she existed. Clearly, Seldon wanted to a cipherExcept where psychohistory was concerned. It is as though he felt--Or wanted it to be felt—that he did not live, he merely psychohistorified." - Author: Isaac Asimov