[Great Actors Are So Easy To Direct. It's Like They're Big 747s That You Just Have To Move Left And Right, And I Don't Really Need To Direct. I Need To Put Them In The Right Costume, With The Right Haircut, In The Right Location, And With The Right Actor To Act With. And Then My Job Is Almost Done, With A Great Script, Obviously.]

Author: Louis Leterrier Quotes

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"I am a seeker for the naked truth."

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"To realize that we are just a breath away from eternity takes a lot of guts and brain power. So, spend your breath wisely."

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"Youre NOT Norway!!! Youll never BE Norway!!! And BECAUSE of your not being Norway, you will be CRUELLY and UNFORGIVINGLY PUNISHED!!!"

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"I probably only cried five or six times in my life and I think four of those times was from my daddy kicking my butt."

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"At XL we are continually focused on the rate of change, the increasingly interconnected world and the need to help our clients advance wherever their business occurs."

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"Close your mouth Lily, you look like a codfish.""I cant help it. This place looks like something out of medieval times. Im surprised there arent rushes on the floor or half-dressed serving wenches carrying trenchers of food.""Read Harlequin much?""Shut up. Theres nothing wrong with romance novels. You could learn something from them you know."Seans mouth curved into a slow, seductive grin. He let his fingers drift casually along the side of her arm, deliberately grazing the edge of her breast. "Could I now?"

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"...to many of us prayer is more like talking to a chocolate pudding than participating in an amazing relationship with a living being."

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"Goodreads.com is actually about fiction not dreading goo. But I have a profile there, anyway..." [tweeted 3/19/2013 from @MikeArnzen]"

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"The bleached ceilings, walls, and floors gleam in perfection. Drained of color, wiped of contamination, forever untainted they exist; a cold reminder of my purity."

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"If theres any interaction between genes and languages, it is often languages that influence genes, since linguistic differences between populations lessen the chance of genetic exchange between them."

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