[Great Praxis Demands Great Piety.]

Author: Sallie McFague Quotes

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David Crosby Quotes

"My songs emerge from my life, or wherever they do, unbidden and unplanned and completely on a schedule of their own."

Henry Fuseli Quotes

"Blake is damned good to steal from."

Abby Lee Miller Quotes

"Every child in South Florida can dance. And every child there is amazing."

Alessandra Thomas Quotes

"There came a time in every relationship when, if someone had kissed and licked and sucked every part of you enough times, you became pretty damn sure they liked your body. Even if you didnt."

Ov Grace Quotes

"they said when you are in love you will be happy but when the day comes i fell in love with someone.i regret the day that i met him.. it gives to much pain inside i feel everything is wrong.knowing that loves is happiness.but in me it has a reversed meaning.it makes my life unhappy."

E Y Harburg Quotes

"Follow the fellow who follows a dream."

Arthur Goldberg Quotes

"Law not served by power is an illusion; but power not ruled by law is a menace which our nuclear age cannot afford."

Friedrich Der Groe Quotes

"„Eine Regierung muss sparsam sein, weil das Geld, das sie erhält, aus dem Blut und Schweiß ihres Volkes stammt. Es ist gerecht, dass jeder einzelne dazu beiträgt, die Ausgaben des Staates tragen zu helfen. Aber es ist nicht gerecht, dass er die Hälfte seines jährlichen Einkommens mit dem Staate teilen muss."

Brian Walker Quotes

"Remember, I am not trying to orbit the earth. It is a simple elevator ride for 20 minutes."

Joseph F Merrill Quotes

"Suffering has its place in the scheme of things. It serves a purpose even though the sufferer may be entirely free from the taint of sin... Among the gentlest and sweetest souls are sometimes found those who suffer much. A person that accepts his lot, does his best, loving both God and man, is a success and will experience a joy in living."

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Quotes About Think Positive In Life

"When you focus your thinking to the positive influences in your life, they will grow stronger and more influential every day. Remind yourself often of what works well and why, and youll naturally find ways to make lots of other things work well too. The most efficient way to enjoy more success in life is not to obsess yourself with what hasnt worked in the past, but instead to extend and expand upon the success you already know. For more tips, read "The Angel Affect." - Author: The Angel Affect

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"― Eu te amo demais, demais pra te bajular ou adular." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"By August 2008, we had left Voikovskaya and moved into a wooden dacha in the artists colony of Sokol in north-west Moscow. The house was a haven amid the madness of the city: lily of the valley grew near our front gate, Virginia creeper decked the green picket fence." - Author: Luke Harding

Quotes About Dreamers

"All political movements are basically anti-creative — since a political movement is a form of war. "Theres no place for impractical dreamers around here," thats what they always say. "Your writing activities will be directed, kindly stop horsing around." "As for the smoking of marijuana, it is the exploitation for the workers." Both favor alcohol and are against pot." - Author: William S. Burroughs

Quotes About Consumer

"The once-unthinkable loss of the AAA rating will constitute a further hit to already fragile business and consumer confidence." - Author: Mohamed El Erian

Quotes About Ask And You Shall Receive

"Ask and you shall receive; everyone that asks receives.  This is the fixed eternal law of the kingdom:  If you ask and receive not, it must be because there is something amiss or wanting in the prayer. Hold on; let the Word and Spirit teach you to prat aright, but do not let go the confidence he seeks to waken:  Everyone who asks receives....Let every learner in the school of Christ therefore take the Masters word in all simplicity....Let us beware of weakening the word with our human wisdom." - Author: Andrew Murray

Quotes About Choice And Destiny

"We all have certain desires and undesired outcomes related to whatever possible course and attitude we take in life, whether it be at the larger macro scale (what shall I do with the rest of my life?) or at the micro level (as in, what route shall I take to work this morning). These include all the myriad choices we make each hour and each day. These choices determine our karma and our destiny. Its no accident, nor any great mystery, how this evolves; although one would have to utterly omniscient to understand all the many gross and subtle interconnections and causative links that determine happenings and outcomes." - Author: Lama Surya Das

Quotes About Development Of A Country

"Similarly, establishing a firm timeline for bringing our troops home could accelerate the development of Iraqi security forces and deepen their commitment to defending their own country and their own government." - Author: Peter DeFazio

Quotes About Spoiler

"Spoiler alert. Mayhem lives." - Author: Hazel Grace Lancaster

Quotes About Merit

"Nu există decît o problemă filosofică cu adevărat impor­tantă : sinuciderea. A hotărî dacă viaţa merită sau nu să fie trăită înseamnă a răspunde la problema fundamentală a filosofiei. Restul, dacă lumea are trei dimensiuni, dacă spiritul are nouă sau douăsprezece categorii, vine după aceea. Aces­tea sînt doar jocuri; dar mai întîi trebuie să răspunzi. Şi dacă e adevărat, după cum susţine Nietzsche, că un filosof, pentru a fi vrednic de stimă, trebuie să dea primul exemplul, înţele­gem cît de important este răspunsul, de vreme ce el va pre­cede gestul definitiv. Iată nişte evidenţe sensibile inimii, dar pe care trebuie să le adîncim pentru câ mintea noastră să le vadă limpede." - Author: Albert Camus