[Great Praxis Demands Great Piety.]

Author: Sallie McFague Quotes

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Kat Lieu Quotes

"My pulses quicken. The thunderous sound of my heart beating fills my eardrums. Im jealous of a dead girl. Why? Because I think Im in love with her boyfriend."

Jack Dee Quotes

"Well, I dont ever get excited. I havent been excited since I got a Chopper bicycle when I was about 12. Once you get older you realise theres always a catch to everything. So when I get, say, a commission to make a TV show, the catch is that you have to deliver something and then the sense of responsibility overwhelms the joy of the occasion."

Catherine OHara Quotes

"Im afraid of needles, except acupuncture needles."

Pamela Aares Quotes

"This kiss was different from the first one under the olive tree. That one had been unplanned, she was pretty sure. This kiss had intention and hunger branded all over it. It was like one of those kisses you read about in fairy tales—but Alana had never imagined that such a kiss could cause bone-trembling shivers as well as bliss. Shed never considered the downside of the awakening kiss, of how the princess felt when the hero tore through the thorns or scaled the tower and speared heat and sex and life-changing energy into the princesss world."

Eli Esseriam Quotes

"La beauté est une chose très surfaite. Ça ne requiert aucune compétence, pas le moindre talent ou mérite. Jen veux pour preuve la quantité de belles filles totalement idiotes à déplorer ou la masse de jolis garçons bêtes comme une valise sans poignée."

Carolyn McCulley Quotes

"Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting."

Nigel Kneale Quotes

"Id never seen any television before I started."

Faraaz Kazi Quotes

"Love me, even if its a lie. Leave me yet never say goodbye."

Eartha Kitt Quotes

"Its all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit."

Eiji Yoshikawa Quotes

"Kita manusia ini semua melihat satu bulan saja, tetapi banyak jalan yang dapat kita tempuh untuk sampai ke puncak yang terdekat dengannya. Kadang-kadang kalau kita tersesat, kita memutuskan untuk mencoba jalan orang lain, tapi tujuan akhirnya menemukan penyempurnaan hidup."

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Quotes About Stetind

"Som skodden skapes, ændres og forsvinder - slik skummer også livsformerne for fjeldets fot. Det er ikke menneskealdre Stetinden har skuet ned på fra sin ensomme høide, men jordaldre." - Author: Peter Wessel Zapffe

Quotes About Classic Novels

"I grew up reading the classic novels of Cold War espionage, and I studied Russian history and Soviet foreign policy." - Author: Daniel Silva

Quotes About Life My Life

"Anyway, here." He handed me a bag. "Thought you might be hungry. Since youre our guests, it would be impolite if we didnt share our food with you. Thats your rations for the week. Try to make it last." At my surprised look, he rolled his eyes. "Not all of us live on oil and electricity, you know.""What about Ash and Puck?""Well, Im pretty sure eating our food wont melt their insides to gooey paste. But you never know." (Glitch)-----------------Puck sat and gazed mournfully into the bowl I handed him. "Not an apple slice to be found," he sighed, picking through the gooey mess with his fingers. "How can mortals even pass this off as fruit? Its like a peach farmer threw up in a bowl."Ash picked up the spoon, gazing at it like it was an alien life form." - Author: Julie Kagawa

Quotes About Switch

"One by one he would conjure up the worlds major electronic papers; he knew the codes of the more important ones by heart, and had no need to consult the list on the back of his pad. Switching to the display units short-term memory, he would hold the front page while he quickly searched the headlines and noted the items that interested him." - Author: Arthur C. Clarke

Quotes About Saxophone Players

"I like what Oliver Lakes does on the saxophone. The saxophone comes pretty close to the sound of the human voice and when Oliver plays with other sax players, its like a dialogue." - Author: Yusef Komunyakaa

Quotes About Gods Sufficiency

"How could Quing-jao know what the gods meant by anything?" - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Exes Downgrading

"Ressentiment is always to some degree a determinant of the romantic type of mind. At least this is so when the romantic nostalgia for some past era (Hellas, the Middle Ages, etc.) is not primarily based on the values of that period, but on the wish to escape from the present. Then all praise of the "past" has the implied purpose of downgrading present-day reality." - Author: Max Scheler

Quotes About Shakespeares Julius Caesar

"The suspect nature of these stories can be seen in the anecdote Jefferson told of Hamilton visiting his lodging in 1792 and inquiring about three portraits on the wall. "They are my trinity of the three greatest men the world has ever produced," Jefferson replied: "Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, and John Locke." Hamilton supposedly replied, "The greatest man that ever lived was Julius Casar." - Author: Ron Chernow

Quotes About Tri Delta

"If you have heard a Jewish cantor sing, if he has touched you and made your own sorrow seem trivial when compared with his, you will know my feeling when I follow the curves of her profile, like mobile rivers, to their common delta." - Author: Jean Toomer

Quotes About Blindness And Sight

"Tilting her face back, he looked into her eyes. They were unfocused, unable to settle on his face. And the same terrifying feeling stole over him once again. An acute fear—a final, painful realization—that her world was one of utter blackness. At last he realized the magnitudeof her blindness. He couldnt imagine never seeing her again.It was like a death, the inevitable conclusion when someone was gone. Why it should hit him now, after all these years, he could not fathom, but it was there, and finally he understood her private hell. Hed told her he would die without sight. Selfish, arrogant bastard, concernedwith his own needs, his own perversions to watchhimself pleasure her, to study her as she accepted him, to watch their bodies joined. How carelessly he had said that, not thinking of Elizabeth and what she would die for. What she wanted in this life." - Author: Charlotte Featherstone