[Grieving Is Messy And Horrible, And It Takes Too Long, And Everyone Tells You What You Need.]

Author: Katherine Lampe Quotes

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Charles Bukowski Quotes

"I want so much that is not here and do not knowwhere to go."

Antonio Mendez Quotes

"I liked to put young and old in the same room, because they would certainly have different takes on the same problem."

Felicity Jones Quotes

"Theres such a sense of theatre in getting glammed up; its like putting on a play or short film."

JW Ironmonger Quotes

"No two people can ever step into the same stream"

Keith Miller Quotes

"Intimacy, as I am using it, is sharing my reality with you."

Shinedown Quotes

"DAMN! damn it all downtook one to the chest without even a sound soWHAT! what are you worththe things you love or the people you hurtHEY! its like deja vua suicidal maniac with nothing to loseso wait, its the exception to the ruleeveryone of us in EXPENDABLE"

Chad Kultgen Quotes

"It was shaping up to be one of a handful of days in my life that filled me with the kind of anticipation and excitement that makes your anus tingle ever so slightly."

Victoria Malin Gregory Quotes

"There is no elegance in hate, but there is tremendous beauty in the unintended revenge of living well and being happy."

Stan Rice Quotes

"For the book unwritten is the book burned."

Charles Cumming Quotes

"Worrying about how youll be remembered is pointless. Better to try to live your life in such a way that people will respect you while youre still alive."

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Quotes About Wannop

"The man looked down at his feet. Tietjens said to himself that it was Valentine Wannop doing this to him. He ought to turn the man down at once. He was pervaded by a sense of her being. It was imbecile. Yet it was so." - Author: Ford Madox Ford

Quotes About Cafeteria Food

"We cant tweak the genes of the food we eat without suspicion," Erskine added. "We can pick and choose the naturally mutated ones until a blade of grass is a great ear of corn, but we cant do it with purpose. Vic had dozens of examples like these. He rattled them off in the cafeteria that day." Erskine ticked his fingers as he counted. "Vaccines versus natural immunities, cloning versus twins, modified foods. Or course he was perfectly right. The bastard always was. It was the manmade part that would have caused the chaos. It would be knowing that people were out to get us, that there was danger in the air we breathed." - Author: Hugh Howey

Quotes About Parrots

"Harvey wasnt interested in the clothes, it was the masks that mesmerized him. They were like snowflakes: no two alike. Some were made of wood and of plastic; some of straw and cloth and papier-mâché. Some were as bright as parrots, others as pale as parchment. Some were so grotesque he was certain theyd been carved by crazy people; others so perfect they looked like the death masks of angels. There were masks of clowns and foxes, masks like skulls decorated with real teeth, and one with carved flames instead of hair." - Author: Clive Barker

Quotes About Clouds And Love

"After a long night at a tropical beach and bar,I helped a drunken couple find their cabin in the early morning darkness. The husband remarked that he is only happy when he is drunk. (I am not sure what to make of that.)When I hear birds serenading the gift of a new day,When I watch the trees sway like fields of wheat,and feel a warm wind ruffle my hair and caress my face,When I see clouds slowly drift and turn like leaves floating on a meandering stream,I know joy. When I hear your sweet voice and see your generous smile, When I gently pull you closer and inhale your perfume,which harks back wonderful memories of love and joy,When I gaze into your eyes, azure pools that draw me in,and gently kiss your crimson lips, When you are lying next to me with your hand on my chest and we feel intimately connected, as if your body is my body, your heart is my heart and our souls are intermingled,I know happiness,I know love." - Author: Jeffrey A. White

Quotes About Serious Guys

"I approach serious subjects, and I like to have the good guys win and have the parents among the good guys." - Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Quotes About Sweet Girlfriend

"So what are we, then?" I asked. "When someone asks who I am, what am I supposed to say?""You say, ‘Hi, Im Liv, Deans very hot and sexy lady." I couldnt smother a giggle. "Seriously.""Paramour?""No.""Cuddle bunny?""God, no.""Valentine? Sweetheart? Girlfriend?""Girlfriend." I rested my forehead against his chest. "I guess." "Not the best word, but itll do in public." He kissed mytemple. "In private, you can just be my beauty." - Author: Nina Lane

Quotes About Transforming Yourself

"And doing a film in that period, and having to really celebrate what they wore back then, how they sat and how they spoke. You know, what the etiquette was back then for a lady. All of those things are like putting on a wig and transforming yourself, which I love." - Author: Charlize Theron

Quotes About Technological Innovation

"Candor does not provide us with protection, sustenance, or technological innovation. Therefore you are expendable to us." - Author: Veronica Roth

Quotes About Forcing Your Beliefs On Others

"Of course, he showed me this one afternoon when he was skipping class. When trolls cut classes, you think they are losers. When the beautiful and/or reasonably erudite do the same thing to sit on the library steps and read poetry, you think they are on to something deep. You see only deep brown wavy hair and strong legs, well honed by years of Ultimate Frisbee. You see that book of T. S. Eliot poems held by the hand with the long, graceful fingers, and you never stop to think that it shouldnt take half a semester to read one book of poems... that maybe he is not so much reading as getting really high every morning and sleeping it off on the library steps, forcing the people who actually go to class to step or trip over him." - Author: Maureen Johnson

Quotes About Broken Hearted Twitter

"But there, in that remarkable room, surrounded by a laughing, rollicking, unseeing collection of Londons brightest and wickedest, Pippas knowledge of anatomy expanded.It seemed there was such a thing as a broken heart." - Author: Sarah MacLean