[Had Been Deeply Struck.... By The Damage Wreaked Upon Mathematics In France By The First World War, When "a Misguided Notion Of Equality In The Face Of Sacrifice" Led To The Slaughter Of The Country's Young Scientific Elite. In The Light Of This, He Believed He Had A Duty, Not Just To Himself But Also To Civilization, To Devote His Life To Mathematics. Indeed, He Argued, To Let Himself Be Diverted From The Subject Would Be A Sin. When Others Raised The Objection "but If Everybody Were To Behave Like You...", He Replied That This Possibility Seemed To Him So Implausible That He Did Not Feel Obliged To Take It Into Account.]

Author: Edward Frenkel Quotes

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"The language of intrinsic human rights represented a significant advance beyond the previous language of world religions in terms of its universal applicability and its thiswordliness."

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"all about that action boss"

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"You must not fall. / When you lose your balance, resist for a long time before turning yourself toward the earth. Then jump. / You must not force yourself to stay steady. You must move forward."

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"No, not out here." His intense voice sliced through air. "But I want you so much. I dont think I had anything to do with the thunder and lightning. Who knows? Your energy field is strong. Maybe were at the right place at the right time."I stared incredulously. He was serious, standing like a dream, beautiful and mesmerizing...and leaving me too soon."

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"No hay nada más sublime en la vida que dar, y cuanto más das, más recibes, y esa es la felicidad que uno tiene, con la que cuenta, y es mucha. Ahí reside el auténtico sentido, todo el sentido."

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"I think women get caught up too much in having a plan - Im going to get married at this age; Im going to have a kid at this age - and then they just try to find a guy who will fit into that picture. I dont want my life to be based on that."

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"You build a thing of beauty, and then the peasants storm the castle, hooting and chanting and calling you a heretic."

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