[Hate Is Nothing But A Feeling That Consumes Us All In A Moment Of Despair And Sorrow; A Moment Of Regret And Envy.]

Author: Joan Ambu Quotes

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Tolstoi Liev Quotes

"Isso não é amor. Eu já estive apaixonado, mas isso não é a mesma coisa. Não se trata de um sentimento meu, mas de uma força exterior que se apoderou de mim. Veja, eu fugi porque decidi que tal coisa não poderia acontecer, entende, como uma felicidade que não pode existir na terra; mas lutei contra mim mesmo e vejo que sem isso não existe vida."

DR Caithness Quotes

"Arguments are never won by reason, but by men, who refuse to be reasonable"

Brett Hull Quotes

"Sometimes guys need to cry. Some hockey players think theyre too tough to cry."

Jane Glazer Quotes

"Final DispositionOthers divided closets full of mothers things.From the earth, I took her poppies.I wanted those fandango foldsof red and black chiffon she doted on,loving the wild and Moorish music of them,coating her tongue with the thin skinof their crimson petals.Snapping her fingers, flamenco dancer,shed mock the clack of castanetsin answer to their gypsy cadence.She would crouch toward the flounce of flowers,twirl, stamp her foot, then kick it outas if to lift the ruffles, scarletalong the hemline of her yard.And so, I dug up, soil and all,the thistle-toothed and gray-green clumpsof leaves, the testicle seedpods and hairy stemsboth out of season, to transplant them in my less-exotic garden. There, they bloomher bloods abandon, year after year,roots holding, their poppy heads noddinga carefree, opium-ecstatic, possibly forever sleep."

Brian Hodge Quotes

"Let me see what I can come up with, she said, and seemed to take a new satisfaction in it now. Something wrong to do, a law to break, and if she was lucky she might even get to steal, and it must have been then that everything changed between us and each of us didnt just have a neighbor to pass the time with but the closest thing either of us could find to a friend. ("Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls")"

CC Alma Quotes

"I welcome reviews from all readers. I take criticism well; but please . . . no comments on my author face!"

Aboagye Williamson De Graft Quotes

"The good people of a nation always vote a bad leader as a president in Africa"

Jesse Petersen Quotes

"Support your partner in their interests. You never know when batting practice, kung fu movie moves, or even a poker night might come in handy during a zombie infestation."

Jessie Elliot Quotes

"Good female friendships are the strongest relationships in the world."

Carolyn G Heilbrun Quotes

"All good marriages are remarriages."

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Quotes About Dislocation

"The desire to avoid short-term hardships leads to major dislocations in [housing] markets." - Author: Richard A. Epstein

Quotes About Fitting Into Society

"Over the years, Americans in particular have been all too willing to squander their hard-earned independence and freedom for the illusion of feeling safe under someone elses authority. The concept of self-sufficiency has been undermined in value over a scant few generations. The vast majority of the population seems to look down their noses upon self-reliance as some quaint dusty relic, entertained only by the hyperparanoid or those hopelessly incapable of fitting into mainstream society." - Author: Cody Lundin

Quotes About Athena

"I think I like em better like that...divinely dull...just the quiet bearers of their own beauty, like the priestesses in a Panathenaic procession." - Author: Edith Wharton

Quotes About Hungry

"you have wisdom that another person knows that he needs, you give it freely. But when the other person doesnt yet know that he needs your wisdom, you keep it to yourself. Food only looks good to a hungry man. Qing-jao" - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Poema

"Un poema sólo es tal cuando existe en lo habitual. Desde el momento en que un poema se convierte en algo habitual, no emociona, no maravilla, no inquieta más, y deja, por lo tanto, de ser un poema, pues inquietar, maravillar, emocionar nuestras raíces es lo propio de la poesía." - Author: Vicente Huidobro

Quotes About Social Constructions

"The most thoroughly and relentlessly damned, banned, excluded, condemned, forbidden, ostracized, ignored, suppressed, repressed, robbed, brutalized and defamed of all Damned Things is the individual human being. The social engineers, statisticians, psychologists, sociologists, market researchers, landlords, bureaucrats, captains of industry, bankers, governors, commissars, kings and presidents are perpetually forcing this Damned Thing into carefully prepared blueprints and perpetually irritated that the Damned Thing will not fit into the slot assigned it. The theologians call it a sinner and try to reform it. The governor calls it a criminal and tries to punish it. The psychologist calls it a neurotic and tries to cure it. Still, the Damned Thing will not fit into their slots." - Author: Robert Anton Wilson

Quotes About Ferocity

"The sensuality, delicacy of literature does not exist for me; only the passion, energy and struggle… Most of my friends deplore this: they are always telling me what I should leave out in order to have success. But I know that nothing has more success in the end than an intelligent ferocity." - Author: Christina Stead

Quotes About Friendship Facebook Status

"Much like books, she could tell how voiceless things had provided a brand of companionship more compatible to his nature than human friendship had ever been. These things, locked in their inanimate ways, fed him ideas, she thought. They whispered their tales to him through unmoving lips and he listened, opening himself to their world so much more than any normal passerby. That much was evident in the way hed taken the photos, as if hed caught each soulless thing in a candid moment of secret animation. Like theyd sensed him coming and so turned themselves his way because they knew that he held the power to translate their silence into words." - Author: Kelly Creagh

Quotes About After

"What is the value of sticking a microphone in a mans face right after he has learned of his wifes death?" - Author: Jessica Savitch

Quotes About Avatar

"Ive given up men."At that, he arched a brow.Be strong. Be confident. Be… Neytiri from Avatar. Okay, so Neytiri was a mythical creature, not to mention animated, but still. She was strong andconfident, and thats all that matters at the moment. "Its true. At first, I was just going to give up attorneys, but that seemed immature—and far tooexclusive, so Im playing it safe and giving up all the penis-carrying humans." Because that was so much more mature." - Author: Jill Shalvis