[Hatred Does Not Cease By Hatred, But Only By Love; This Is The Eternal Rule.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Clark Gregg Quotes

"The Avengers is exciting on the level The Matrix or Indiana Jones was when I was kid. I think it will be timeless."

Martin L Kutscher Quotes

"Forgive your child and yourself nightly. You didnt ask to live with the effects of ADHD any more than did your child."

Audrina Patridge Quotes

"I knew how to swim by the time I turned 4."

Marilyn Frye Quotes

"It seems sometimes that people take a deliberately myopic and fill their eyes with things seen microscopically in order not to see macrosopically."

Samuel Johnson Quotes

"El patriotismo es el último refugio de los canallas"."

Curt Siodmak Quotes

"Its good for you to see your friends arrested. It hardens you. Theres no place in our New Order for sentimentalists."

Eavan Boland Quotes

"I began to watch places with an interest so exact it might have been memory. There was that street corner, with the small newsagent which sold copies of the Irish Independent and honeycomb toffee in summer. I could imagine myself there, a child of nine, buying peppermints and walking back down by the canal, the lock brown and splintered as ever, and boys diving from it. It became a powerful impulse, a slow intense reconstruction of a childhood which had never happened. A fragrance or a trick of light was enough. Or a house I entered which I wanted not just to appreciate but to remember, and then I would begin."

Andre Boucourechliev Quotes

"At the end of the competition, I played the Liszt concerto and I felt my head was on the block. Well, I won."

Lucien Bourjeily Quotes

"Theatre has so many competitors, its no longer enough to see and hear a play. You want to be able to touch and smell it too"

Rory Bremner Quotes

"But lets be clear. Were talking about a country where theres no opposition. As leader he can ignore Parliament and - sorry thats Tony Blair isnt it? Um, so he doesnt even have to ask the country before he goes to war - sorry thats still Tony Blair."

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Quotes About Satisfaction In God

"As theologian David F. Wells states so powerfully, We have turned to a God that we can use rather than a God we must obey; we have turned to a God who will fulfill our needs rather than to a God before whom we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us and for our satisfaction, and we have come to assume that it must be so in the church as well. And so we transform the God of mercy into a God who is at our mercy. We imagine that he is benign, that he will acquiesce as we toy with his reality and co-opt him in the promotion of our ventures and careers." - Author: R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Quotes About Having A Loyal Boyfriend

"To begin with, I turn back time. I reverse it to that quaint period, the thirties, when the huge middle class of America was matriculating in a school for the blind. Their eyes had failed them, or they had failed their eyes, and so they were having their fingers pressed forcibly down on the fiery Braille alphabet of a dissolving economy." - Author: Tennessee Williams

Quotes About Bronte

"Then youd better listen, because me sounding like Bronte is one of the signs of the apocalypse-and if the end fo the world is coming, good deeds could earn you Judgment day brownie points." - Author: Neal Shusterman

Quotes About Empowerment And Education

"I sat down in 1989 and I made up my mind at that point that I was going to spend the rest of my life assisting women and youth to gain social and political empowerment through business and education. I convinced myself economic empowerment of women was going to be key, especially in a country like this where most women didnt go to school." - Author: Joyce Banda

Quotes About Natural Beauty

"When we dislike someone, or feel threatened by someone, the natural tendency is to focus on something we dislike about the person, something that irritates us. Unfortunately, when we do this--instead of seeing the deeper beauty of the person and giving them energy--we take energy away and actually do them harm. All they know is that they suddenly feel less beautiful and less confident, and it is because we sapped their energy." - Author: James Redfield

Quotes About Finest

"The U.S. has the finest research scientists in the world, but we are falling far behind other countries, like South Korea and Singapore, that are moving forward with embryonic stem cell research." - Author: Louise Slaughter

Quotes About Social Movements

"Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals." - Author: Margaret Mead

Quotes About Mocha

"Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted." - Author: Cherise Sinclair

Quotes About Reason To Live

"[On Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz]The answer is unknowable, but it may not be unreasonable to see him, at least in theological terms, as essentially a deist. He is a determinist: there are no miracles (the events so called being merely instances of infrequently occurring natural laws); Christ has no real role in the system; we live forever, and hence we carry on after our deaths, but then everything — every individual substance — carries on forever." - Author: Peter Loptson

Quotes About Weight Watchers

"Excuse me? Tonight you represent every dateless woman in this city, every woman whos about to sit down to a lonely meal of Weight Watchers past primavera shes just nuked in the microwave. Every woman who will get into bed tonight with a book or reruns of Sex and the City as her only companion. You are our shining hope....But no pressure." - Author: Nora Roberts