[Having Bad Experiences Sometimes Helps; It Makes It Clearer What It Is Youshould Be Doing. I Know That Sounds Very Pollyannaish But It's True. People Who Have Had Only Good Experiences Aren't Very Interesting. They May Be Content, And Happy After A Fashion, But They Aren't Very Deep. It May Seem A Misfortune Now, And It Makes Things Difficult, But Well—it's Easy To Feel All The Happy, Simple Stuff. Not That Happiness Is Necessarily Simple. But I Don't Think You're Going To Have A Life Like That, And I Think You'll Be The Better For It. The Difficult Thing Is To Not Be Overwhelmed By The Bad Patches. You Mustn't Let Them Defeat You. You Must See Them As A Gift—a Cruel Gift, But A Gift Nonetheless.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Max Schneider Quotes

"I bring my ukulele everywhere I go, play a little music in the park, always have it with me."

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"pretending to be good might be the same with pretending to be right, its just you are selfish on your own because you think only for yourself.."

Bernard Werber Quotes

"«Souviens-toi que tu nes quunhomme.»"

Fred Hoyle Quotes

"Life cannot have had a random beginning ... The trouble is that there are about 2000 enzymes, and the chance of obtaining them all in a random trial is only one part in 10^40,000, an outrageously small probability that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup."

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"I think NASCARs coming to Canada now so itll take on a whole new relevance. Be afraid."

Clark Gregg Quotes

"The Avengers is exciting on the level The Matrix or Indiana Jones was when I was kid. I think it will be timeless."

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"One day my grandson said to me, grandpa were you a hero in the war? And i said to him no Im not a hero, but I have served in a company full of them."

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"My father, Fred Carter, Jr., is definitely an extraordinaire."

Richard W Hamming Quotes

"Does anyone believe that the difference between the Lebesgue and Riemann integrals can have physical significance, and that whether say, an airplane would or would not fly could depend on this difference? If such were claimed, I should not care to fly in that plane."

Rene Redzepi Quotes

"Ive never had anything but the freedom to do what I wanted just as long as it made me happy."

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"She was quiet for a moment or two. Then she said: Cruel words are a terrible thing, Quash. Sometimes you regret them. But whats been said cannot be unsaid." - Author: Edward Rutherfurd

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"Being ambivalent doesnt mean that youre a relevatist, that anything goes; it just means that you show the complexity of life. Life is always complex." - Author: Etgar Keret

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"A journal of the subjective kind I have always thought foolish, as nurturing a morbid self -consciousness in the writer; and yet, alone so much as I am, it is well to have some sort of a ventilator from the interior." - Author: Lucy Larcom

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"Indoors, the evening gets youd say festive, with Maxine riding Horst for the better part of an hour, not that its anybodys business of course, and coming a number of times, at last fiercely in sync with Horst, not long after which, owing to some extrasensory cue from the television, whose mute feature has been engaged, they surface from their post-orgy daze in time to witness Derek Jeters clutch tenth-inning homer and another trademark Yankee win. "Yes!" Horst beginning to scream in delighted disbelief. "And it better be Keanu Reeves in the biopic!" - Author: Thomas Pynchon

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"Like flats of today, terraces of houses gained a certain anonymity from identical facades following identical floor plans and heights." - Author: Stephen Gardiner

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"My letters seeking a job, though truthful, diminished the full truth. Face would blanch if the facts had been complete: "Dear Sir," I thought. "Do you have a position for a journeyman burglar, con man, forger and car thief; also with experience as armed robber, pimp, card cheat and several other things. I smoked marijuana at twelve (in the 40s) and shot heroin at sixteen. I have no experience with LSD and methedrine. They came to popularity since my imprisonment. Ive buggered pretty young boys and feminine homosexuals (but only when locked up away from women). In the idiom of jails, prisons and gutters (some plush gutters) Im a motherfucker! Not literally, for I dont remember my mother. In my world the term, used as I used it, is a boast of being hell on wheels, outrageously unpredictable, a virtuoso of crime. Of course by being a motherfucker in that world Im a piece of garbage in yours. Do you have a job?" - Author: Edward Bunker

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"The over-ripe, golden autumn which had taken hold of the town tugged at our heartstrings. The nomadic life makes you sensitive to the seasons: you rely on them, even become part of the season itself, and each time they change, it seems to have to tear yourself away from a place where you have learned to live." - Author: Nicolas Bouvier

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"A mother should give her children a superabundance of enthusiasm; that after they have lost all they are sure to lose on mixing with the world, enough may still remain to prompt fated support them through great actions." - Author: Augustus Hare