[Having Marshalled The Men In Battle Order, As Shown In The First Diagram, You Will Observe That Each Party Has Two Ranks Of Men, On The First Of Which Stand The Superior Pieces, And On The Next The Eight Pawns.]

Author: Howard Staunton Quotes

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Alfred Bester Quotes

"Theres got to be mnore to life than just living," Foyl said to the robot. "Then find it for yourself, sir. Dont ask the world to stop moving because you have doubts.""Why cant we all move forward together?""Because youre all different. Youre not lemmings. Some must lead, and hope that the rest will follow.""Who leads?""The men who must... driven men, compelled men.""Freak men.""Youre all freaks, sir. But you always have been freaks. Life is a freak. Thats its hope and glory.""Thank you very much.""My pleasure, sir.""Youve saved the day.""Always a lovely day somewhere, sir," the robot beamed. Then it fizzed, jangled, and collapsed."

Stephen Dillane Quotes

"I couldnt work my way into being a good-looking guy."

Victoria Finlay Quotes

"Human life is fragile: we live in the space between one breath and the next. We often try to maintain an illusion of permanence, through what we do, say, wear, buy, and how we enjoy ourselves and who and how we love. Yet it is an illusion that is constantly being undermined by change and death. We can use diamonds in whatever way we like. They are empty things, pretty as water, yet within them—if we want to see it—there is blood, dust, love, curses, and suffering. There is desire to make someone happy, there is admiration, there is ostentation…and there is a companys profit curve."

Adlai E Stevenson II Quotes

"Speaking as a Christian, I find the Apostle Paul appealing and the apostle Peale appalling."

J William T Youngs Quotes

"Behind tranquillity lies conquered unhappiness."

Agota Kristof Quotes

"Posso persino dire daver avuto uninfanzia felice perché non sapevo che esistessero altre infanzie."

Sellapan Ramanathan Quotes

"You are slowly developing some multinationals of your own. We certainly hope that some of them will look in this direction when they look for opportunities because the progress of Southeast Asia is important to China, just as Chinas progress is important to us."

Ivana Hruba Quotes

"It began with a perfect plan. Shape-wise we had a circle, a simple uncomplicated curve to guide us comfortably from one thing to another, an easy predictable ride promising a natural progression from A to B, C and D, and so on until we reached our destination. But somewhere down that smooth line, I think around F, it all went pear-shaped."

Muhammad Ibn Zakariya Al Razi Quotes

"If the people of this religion are asked about the proof for the soundness of their religion, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to kill their adversaries. This is why truth became thoroughly silenced and concealed."

Rachel Firasek Quotes

"Hey, did you--""Read your mind?" Osiris shrugged. "Its like an open book full of blank pages. Wasnt very hard."

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Quotes About Teki

"Seventig tot negentig procent van de kippen in de winkel heeft een andere potentieel dodelijke ziektekiem onder de leden, de campylobacter. De kippen worden vaak door een chloorbad gehaald om slijk, stank en bacteriën weg te spoelen. Grote kans dat het de consument opvalt dat hun kip niet helemaal smaakt zoals het hoort - hoe lekker kan een met medicijnen volgepropte, van ziektes vergeven en met stront overdekte vogel in vredesnaam smaken? - dus wordt het vlees geïnjecteerd met kunstmatige geur- en smaakstoffen en zoutoplossingen zodat het oogt, ruikt en smaakt zoals we het intussen gewend zijn. (Uit onderzoek van consumentenorganisaties is gebleken dat kip- en kalokoenproducten, vaak zelfs met het predicaat natuurlijk, voor tien tot dertig procent bestaan uit toegevoegde geur- en smaakstoffen en water." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Being Eaten

"One year I went as a pirate, but from then on I went as a hobo. Its a word you dont hear anymore. Along with tramp, its been replaced by homeless person, which isnt the same thing. Unlike someone who was evicted or lost his house in a fire, the hobo roughed it by choice. Being at liberty, unencumbered by bills and mortgages, better suited his drinking schedule, and so he found shelter wherever he could, never a bum, but something much less threatening, a figure of merriment, almost." - Author: David Sedaris

Quotes About Letting Go Of Old Friends

"But the stars that marked our starting fall away.We must go deeper into greater pain,for it is not permitted that we stay." - Author: Dante Alighieri

Quotes About Teacher Growth

"Teaching, therefore, asks first of all the creation of a space where students and teachers can enter into a fearless communication with each other and allow their respective life experiences to be their primary and most valuable source of growth and maturation. It asks for a mutual trust in which those who teach and those who want to learn can become present to each other, not as opponents, but as those who share in the same struggle and search for the same truth." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

Quotes About Flushing The Toilet

"And one of the hidden secrets of science, passed down from a few rare teachers to their grad students, is how to avoid flushing new ideas down the toilet the instant you hear one you dont like." - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Quotes About Impromptu Speaking

"Bush is a very poor impromptu speaker. He does fine in small groups but when speaking without a script in front of large groups or answering questions he wasnt prepped for, he has problems." - Author: Peter Schuyler

Quotes About Ending Life

"The white saucer like some full moon descendsAt last from the clouds of the table above;She sighs and dreams and thrills and glows,Transfigured with love.She nestles over the shining rim,Buries her chin in the creamy sea;Her tail hangs loose; each drowsy pawIs doubled under each bending knee.A long, dim ecstasy holds her life;Her world is an infinite shapeless white,Till her tongue has curled the last holy drop,Then she sinks back into the night,Draws and dips her body to heapHer sleepy nerves in the great arm-chair,Lies defeated and buried deepThree or four hours unconscious there." - Author: Harold Monro

Quotes About Tourism In Lebanon

"Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the UN Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the worlds security. You couldnt make this thing up." - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu

Quotes About Fashion And Business

"I am especially grateful that I have been able to keep my own style over the decades, in spite of the many changes that have taken place in the world of fashion and in its business." - Author: Valentino Garavani

Quotes About Answering Questions

"Most people are really cool and I really dont mind talking to them and answering their questions." - Author: Jimmy Carl Black