[Having Now Finished The Work Assigned Me, I Retire From The Great Theatre Of Action; And Bidding An Affectionate Farewell To This August Body Under Whose Orders I Have So Long Acted, I Here Offer My Commission, And Take My Leave Of All The Employments Of Public Life. (Address To Congress On Resigning Commission Dec 23, 1783)]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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Elton Gallegly Quotes

"Consular cards were not designed to be identification and no treaty recognizes them as such. Legal travelers, visitors and long-term residents carried passports, visas or green cards for that purpose."

Marion Motley Quotes

"If I dont get you now, Ill get you later."

Cherie Harder Quotes

"The author indicts "our cultures rush toward efficiency, speed, quantification, and distraction" and counters with the value of "the time and attention required to find the best words and images and then hold them together in ways that illuminate. This, she diagnoses, "is now wildly countercultural. It is inefficient. Its value is not readily quantifiable. Its utility is intangible."

Bernard Law Montgomery Quotes

"In one short sentence, it is captaincy that counts"

David S Goyer Quotes

"Call Of Duty initially cut its teeth on World War II simulation stuff, and then we gradually advanced to the end of the Cold War, but you cant keep doing the same thing over and over again. And I think that because Call Of Duty cut its teeth on presenting realism, in quotes... verisimilitude."

Emma Lazarus Quotes

"The particular article ought in my opinion to be treated with absolute contempt. It is too vile to touch."

Andrea Koehle Jones Quotes

"Im planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots."

Baba Ram Das Quotes

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

Emmanuel DAlzon Quotes

"Prayer is our yearning for God, the cry of our poverty and misery, stretching out toward the throne of His divine mercy."

JR Rain Quotes

"When youre sick and dying, the ego is and should be the first thing to go. I know therere gurus who teach people how to release the ego, to conquer the ego. I get it now, but I didnt back when I was healthy. Its moot now. The guy who falls off the toilet and knocks himself out no longer has an ego."

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Quotes About Soundtracks

"I think Ive done more recording in the past 10 years than most people, but its all been directed toward film composing and soundtracks. Just the same, its been great." - Author: Stanley Clarke

Quotes About Missional Church

"As a leader it is your job to protect the missional integrity of the Jesus gathering to which you have been called. It is your responsibility to see to it that the church under your care continues as a gathering of people in process; a place where the curious,the unconvinced, the sceptical, the used-to-believe and the broken, as well as the committed, informed and sold-out come together around Peters declaration that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God." - Author: Andy Stanley

Quotes About Financial Analysis

"Anyone who knows how difficult it is to keep a secret among three men - particularly if they are married - knows how absurd is the idea of a worldwide secret conspiracy consciously controlling all mankind by its financial power; in real, clear analysis." - Author: Oswald Mosley

Quotes About Disguise

"The impression somehow prevails that the true believer, particularly the religious individual, is a humble person. The truth is the surrendering and humbling of the self breed pride and arrogance. The true believer is apt to see himself as one of the chosen, the salt of the earth, the light of the world, a prince disguised in meekness, who is destined to inherit the earth and the kingdom of heaven too. He who is not of his faith is evil; he who will not listen will perish." - Author: Eric Hoffer

Quotes About Hinduism

"Americas freedom of religion, and freedom from religion, offers every wisdom tradition an opportunity to address our soul-deep needs: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, secular humanism, agnosticism and atheism among others." - Author: Parker Palmer

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"Reading: What people use to do for a hobby before Facebook." - Author: ME.

Quotes About Doctorate Degrees

"By 2009, 17.4 million college graduates had jobs that didnt even require a degree. There are 365,000 cashiers and 318,000 waiters and waitresses in America who have bachelors degrees, as do one-fifth of those working in the retail industry. More than 100,000 college graduates are janitors and 18,000 push carts. (There are 5,057 janitors in the United States who have doctorates and professional degrees!)" - Author: Ken Ilgunas

Quotes About Lesson In Life

"....You should keep dental floss on you at all times; when your eyesight goes, quit driving; dont keep too many secrets, eventually theyll eat away at you. But the most valuable lesson he taught me was this: Every day we get older, and some of us get wiser, but theres no end to our evolution. We are all a mess of contradictions; some of our traits work for us, some against us. And this is what I figured out on my own: Over the course of a lifetime, people change, but not as much as youd think. Nobody really grows up." - Author: Lisa Lutz

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"The physical impact of taiko music, along with the sheer visual poetry of a choreographed ensemble presenting its music in perfect synchrony, is so powerful and inviting that taiko is beginning to catch on as Japans most influential and lasting gift to world music." - Author: Gil Asakawa

Quotes About Polarized

"But nirvana is a radical transformation of how it feels to be alive: it feels as if everything were myself, or as if everything---including "my" thoughts and actions---were happening of itself. There are still efforts, choices, and decisions, but not the sense that "I make them"; they arise of themselves in relation to circumstances. This is therefore to feel life, not as an encounter between subject and object, but as a polarized field where the contest of opposites has become the play of opposites." - Author: Alan Wilson Watts