[He Came To Chat With Me The Day Of My Being Discharged, Advising That I Not Stay At The Dog Fight Until The Last Dog Was Dead. I Was A Kid And Made Little Counsel. Now That I Am A Bigger Kid, I See The Value--belatedly--added. Yet I Also See The Loss Of Life In The Protecting, First Of All, Of Oneself. Better To Give Oneself Away. Dead F*ck The Dog And So On.]

Author: Gordon Lish Quotes

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Matteo Manassero Quotes

"Playing with Tom Watson, I grew up a little bit. Even if he didnt say something to you, even if he didnt give you advice, you have grown up just watching him. It was great."

LJ Sealey Quotes

"But dont ever let me hear those words leave those beautifully pink lips of yours." He warned her playfully. "Evos just fine."

Meredith Vieira Quotes

"My most embarrassing moment was when I was a student at Tufts University and decided to go streaking with a group of girls in the middle of January. Somehow I lost them and ended up being chased by the campus police."

Bert V Royal Quotes

"Bear no malice for the ones who leave you."

Jud Tylor Quotes

"Skydiving is a rush. Doing it naked could be more of a rush, but its nothing I would ever consider."

Anna Timofeeva Egorova Quotes

"I was amongst them – the first female pilot who had got admission to the Sturmoviks…Since my childhood Id been lucky enough to meet good people. Wherever I studied, wherever I worked I would meet loyal friends, kind-hearted tutors. I was trained at the factory school by the old craftsman Goubanov, I was assisted by the engineer Aliev, who was the shift boss, in my transfer to the most important sector of operations – the tunnel. I was trained by the superb instructor Miroevskiy in the aeroclub, the secretary of the Ulyanovsk District Comsomol Committee gave me a hand at a very hard moment of my life, then there was Maria Borek from Leningrad, the Secretary of the Smolensk District Comsomol Committee, the Commissar of the Smolensk aeroclub…Was it really possible to count all those who had warmed my soul with their sympathy and human kindness and helped me to realize my dream!"

Sierra Cartwright Quotes

"I want a man who is sunny-side up, with a large sausage, and two hot buns."

Emory Austin Quotes

"Some days there wont be a song in your heart. Sing anyway."

Dan Beachy Quick Quotes

"Wonder, as a point of concern, denies its own consideration. It has the remarkable capacity to hide in the midst of its revelation. Wonder, to preserve itself, withdraws. It withdraws from the mind, from the willing mind, which would make of mystery a category."

Alcee Hastings Quotes

"Nearly 60 years ago, the international community made a commitment to put an end to the crime of genocide by ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide."

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"Heres my tip: Have your production hire the best hair stylists on the planet to do your films and commercials, then casually hint about how great it would be to get a trim during lunch break." - Author: Mark Romanek

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"The infrastructure for linking environmental health and public health is not working as well as it should." - Author: Samuel Wilson

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"There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed." - Author: Sun Tzu

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"I dont think youve ever realized how strong, how necessary the bond is between Warlord Princes and Queens. We need you to stay whole. Thats why we serve. Thats why all Blood males serve." "But its always seemed so unfair that a Queen can lay claim to a man and control every aspect of his life if she chooses to without him having any say in the matter." Saetan laughed. "Who says a man has no choice? Havent you ever noticed how many men who are invited to serve in a court decline the privilege? No, perhaps you havent. Youve had too many other things occupying your time, and that sort of thing is done very quietly." He paused and shook his head, smiling. "Let me tell you an open secret, my darling little witch. You dont choose us. We choose you." Jaenelle thought about this and growled, "Lucivars never going to give that damn Ring back, is he?" - Author: Anne Bishop

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"Personality must be educated, and personality cannot be educated by confining its operations to technical and specialized things, or to the less important relationships of life. Full education comes only when there is a responsible share on the part of each person, in proportion to capacity, in shaping the aims and policies of the social groups to which he belongs." - Author: John Dewey

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"There are a number of World War II historians I admire: Cornelius Ryan, Mark Stoler, Antony Beevor, to name a few. As for generals, there are those I admire as combat leaders and others I admire because theyre great fun to write about." - Author: Rick Atkinson

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"If the Pentateuch is inspired, the civilization of of our day is a mistake and crime. There should be no political liberty. Heresy should be trodden out beneath the bigots brutal feet. Husbands should divorce their wives at will, and make the mothers of their children houseless and weeping wanderers. Polygamy ought to be practiced; women should become slaves; we should buy the sons and daughters of the heathen and make them bondmen and bondwomen forever. We should sell our own flesh and blood, and have the right to kill our slaves. Men and women should be stoned to death for laboring on the seventh day. Mediums, such as have familiar spirits, should be burned with fire. Every vestige of mental liberty should be destroyed, and reasons holy torch extinguished in the martyrs blood." - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll

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"V?""What?""I will die rather than hurt you."~Vutch moments~" - Author: J.R. Ward

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"Oh no, I never do much ironing, except the outside clothes. We must not iron out the fresh air and sunshine, you know. It is much more healthful not to, the doctors say." Seriously, there is something very refreshing about sheets and pillow slips just fresh from the line, after being washed and dried in the sun and air. Just try them that way and see if your sleep is not sweeter." - Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder