[He Came To Chat With Me The Day Of My Being Discharged, Advising That I Not Stay At The Dog Fight Until The Last Dog Was Dead. I Was A Kid And Made Little Counsel. Now That I Am A Bigger Kid, I See The Value--belatedly--added. Yet I Also See The Loss Of Life In The Protecting, First Of All, Of Oneself. Better To Give Oneself Away. Dead F*ck The Dog And So On.]

Author: Gordon Lish Quotes

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"In the sea of my emotions, his presence is like a pearl in the oyster. Very hard to locate, yet very precious and still beautiful."

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"I didnt choose you, my heart did."

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"As above in consciousness, so below in matter"

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"Youre only as big as your last hit."

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"Show me the man you honor and I will know what kind of man you are."

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"It has a really timeless feel."

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"Truly a good horse, good ground to gallop on, and sunshine, make up the sum of enjoyable travelling."

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"Men, and women too, are unpredictable creatures. You have seen little of this. I wonder now if your innocence is enough protection for you."

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"Often, the pretexts for starting a war are not real shortages of land, food or fuel, but rather perceptions - like fear, honor and perceived self-interest."

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"I feel sad for the people who I hear always plan, plan, plan the next days event to occur. Life only stands still for them."

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