[He Looked Nearly Inconspicuous, A Handsome Man In Faded Levi's And Tennis Shoes. A Yankees Baseball Cap Covered His Dark Hair, The Bill Shadowing His Features. Casual. Beautiful. A Day's Growth Of Beard On His Jaw Did Little To Detract From His Excruciating Attractiveness. "She's Eight Months Old, But She Knows How To Flirt," The Baby's Mother Said. "Let Go Of The Nice Man's Shirt, Gabbi." She Dislodged The Child's Hand, Then Told Adrian, "I'm Sorry. She Must Like The Colors On Your T-shirt." Eight-month-old Gabbi's Big Blue Eyes Were Fixed On Adrian's Face, Not On His T-shirt. Billie Released A Shaky Breath. Good God. Even Babies Weren't Immune.]

Author: Shelby Reed Quotes

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