[He Loved Three Things In This Life:Vespers, White Peacocks,And Old Maps Of America,Didn't Love Children Crying,Raspberries With Tea, Or Feminine Hysteria...And I Was His Wife.]

Author: Anna Akhmatova Quotes

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Jennifer Weiner Quotes

"I think its a very old and deep-seated double standard that holds that when a man writes about family and feelings, its literature with a capital L, but when a woman considers the same topics, its romance, or a beach book - in short, its something unworthy of a serious critics attention."

Roger Maris Quotes

"I think the most privacy I had was when the game was going on."

John H Tobe Quotes

"Disease is the biggest money maker in our economy."

Toni Jordan Quotes

"But the human mind has a talent for ignoring what is inconvenient for it to notice. A built-in delete key to soften the blows of regret or guilt."

John Hull Quotes

"Our starting point then was trying to find a way to incorporate mean reversion into the HoLee model."

Ben Galley Quotes

"For the brief moments the song lasted, it was pure joy, stirred up from deep within, in that place not a soul can find, not until it comes alive with music and laughter."

David Amerland Quotes

"A pair of eyes attached to a human brain can quickly make sense of the content presented on a web page and decide whether it has the answer its looking for or not in ways that a computer cant. Until now."

Michelle Colston Quotes

"Its the awareness beneath the thoughts, the stillness inside that creates space to connect with the magic on the outside."

Marie Hall Quotes

"Love is the cruelest myth of all."

Joe Simon Quotes

"When I and the other young artists were working in comics, our work carried with it a particularly American slant. After all, we were Americans drawing and writing about things that touched us. As it turned out, the early work was, you might say, a comic book version of Jazz."

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Quotes About Force Majeure

"Latent brain functions can be enabled by force majeure when we are facing the weirdness of an unknown reality." - Author: Toba Beta

Quotes About Killer Smile

"I used to be a little boySo old in my shoesAnd what i choose is my choiceWhats a boy supposed to do?The killer in me is the killer in youMy loveI send this smile over to you" - Author: Billy Corgan

Quotes About Endearing

"Party lights hang over the street, yellow and red and green. Sadie stumbles over someones chair, but Im ready for this and I catch her easily by the arm."Sorry, clumsy," she says."You always were, Sadie. One of your more endearing traits."Before she can ask about that I slip my arm around her waist. She slips hers around mine, still looking up at me. The lights skate across her cheeks and shine in her eyes. We clasp hands, fingers folding together naturally, and for me the years fall away like a coat thats too heavy and too tight. In that moment, I hope on thing above all others: that she was not too busy to find at least one good man …She speaks in a voice almost too low to be heard over the music. But I hear her – I always did. "Who are you, George?""Someone you knew in another life, honey." - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Carefully

"I dont like food thats too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture Id buy a painting." - Author: Andy Rooney

Quotes About Who I Am

"It is night at the front, a shadow, a shot. The Jew who has just firedhears a moan..."And then, mother, the hair stands up on his head, for only a few feet from him in the darkness the enemy voice is reciting in Hebrew the prayer of the dying. Ai, God, the soldier has cut down a Jewish brother! Ai, misery! He drops his rifle and runs into no mans land, insane with shame and grief. Insane, you understand? The enemy fires at him, his comrades shout at him to come back. But he refuses; he stays in no mans land and dies. Ai, misery, ai...!" - Author: André Schwarz Bart

Quotes About Slow Starts

"The film [Stalker] needs to be slower and duller at the start so that the viewers who walked into the wrong theatre have time to leave before the main action starts." - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky

Quotes About Nostalgia Friends

"He was filled with loss and an off-brand of nostalgia for events that were supposed to become part of his past but now wouldnt at all. In the minds special processes, a ten-mile run takes far longer than the minutes reported by a grandfather clock. Such time, in fact, hardly exists in the real world; it is all out on the train somewhere, and you only go back to it when you are out there. He and Mize had been through two solid years of such regular time-warp escapes together. There was something different about that, something beyond friendship; they had a way of transferring pain back and forth, without the banality of words." - Author: John L. Parker Jr.

Quotes About Arranjar

"Os homens de espírito livre, que vivem só para o conhecimento, em breve acharão ter alcançado a sua definitiva posição relativamente à sociedade e ao Estado e, por exemplo, dar-se-ão de bom grado por satisfeitos com um pequeno emprego ou com uma fortuna que chegue à justa para viver; pois arranjar-se-ão para viver de maneira que uma grande tansformação dos bens materiais, até mesmo um derrube da ordem política, não deite também abaixo a sua vida. Em todas essas coisas eles gastam a menor energia possível, de modo a poderem imergir, com todas as forças reunidas e, por assim dizer, com um grande fôlego, no elemento do conhecimento. Podem, assim, ter esperança de mergulhar profundamente e também de, talvez, verem bem até ao fundo." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About The Christmas Tree

"I hadnt known Chancel very well, but ten days earlier I had seen him laughing with the others around the Christmas tree. Maybe Robert was right; the distance between the living and the dead really isnt very great. And yet, like myself, those future corpses who were drinking their coffee in silence appeared ashamed to be so alive." - Author: Simone de Beauvoir

Quotes About Equal Access To Justice

"He cared little for commonly experienced emotions, for everyday associations of ideas, now that the closing of his mind had grown more pronounced, and he allowed access only to the most highly refined sensations, to crises of faith and to violent disorders of the senses." - Author: Joris Karl Huysmans