[He Must Have Given Up On Image Making Because His Eyes Had Failed To See Something They Had Yearned For; His Mind Had Failed To Capture Whatever It Had Hoped, And That Probing Gaze Perhaps Expressed Alarm At The Emptying Of His Vision, At The Dissolution Of The Things See, Observed, Into A Meaningless Vastness.]

Author: Josip Novakovich Quotes

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TS Welti Quotes

"Are you saying the end of human suffering began with an amusement park?""Im saying the end of human suffering is a myth.""But everyones happy.""You think that just because a person doesnt question the way the system works that means they agree with it? And if they do agree that must mean theyre happy? Are you happy?"

Theo Van Gogh Quotes

"I want to warn against the Fifth Column which is trying to hinder our free way of life in Holland."

Jack Whitehall Quotes

"Part of doing stand-up is to get things off your chest. Its a bit like being in a psychiatrists chair - but more enjoyable."

Edmund Barton Quotes

"I say further that our system of education should be unsectarian."

Mauricio Lasansky Quotes

"Dignity is not a symbol bestowed on man, nor does the word itself possess force. Mans dignity is a force and the only modus vivendi by which man and his history survive. When mid-twentieth century Germany did not let man live and die with this right, man became an animal. No matter how technologically advanced or sophisticated, when man negates this divine right, he not only becomes self-destructive, but castrates his history and poisons our future. This is what The Nazi Drawings are about."

When The World Leave You Quotes

"when the world leave you,don`t worry and remember there is great person care about you and can`t never leave you."

Neil Turok Quotes

"Quantum physics is one of the hardest things to understand intuitively, because essentially the whole point is that our classical picture is wrong."

Steven James Quotes

"Even if you know youre sleeping, youre still at the mercy of your dreams. People who are asleep cant simply decide to wake up. Nightmares dont let you off that easily. They hold you in their clutches until they decided, in their own good time, to let you go."

LeighAnn Kopans Quotes

"But no guy was worth being a girl guys cheated with."

AJ Dalton Quotes

"Why were there no words that spoke positively about being concerned about the self? Why was there only negative connotation in terms like "selfish", "self-interested", "self-centred", "self-obsessed" and so on? Why was it so much better to be without a self: "selfless", "self-sacrificing", "self-effacing", etc?"

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Quotes About Tradition

"Although "traditional marriage" was a form of slavery, I do support peoples decision to make a modern contractual agreement of commitment toward each other, especially because there are so many social and tax incentives. When I say people I mean all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or number of consenting adults who want to enter this union." - Author: Christy Leigh Stewart

Quotes About Recount

"No, it was not the money that I valued—what I wanted was to make all this mob of Heintzes, hotel proprietors, and fine ladies of Baden talk about me, recount my story, wonder at me, extol my doings, and worship my winnings." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Papers Funny

"I suppose I could have been nicer when I was at Columbia. I could have been polite, respectful, turned in my papers on time. Funny thing is, I knew a guy like that. English major. Loved to read. Never got in any trouble, just hung out in Butler Library reading poetry and English history. Ran into him the other day. Guy has three masters degrees, taught high school, even did a few years in the Marines. Know what he does today? He makes $9.75 an hour as a librarian.I was a jerk when I went to Columbia. But I was never a sucker." - Author: Ted Rall

Quotes About Rid

"I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle." - Author: Marilyn Monroe

Quotes About Bloodstream

"Males who do extreme amounts of exercise, such as professional soccer players and runners who cover more than 40 or 50 miles a week, have less LHRH, LH, and testosterone in their circulation, smaller testes, less functional sperm. They also have higher levels of glucocorticoids in their bloodstreams, even in the absence of stress. (A similar decline in reproductive function is found in men who are addicted to opiate drugs.)" - Author: Robert M. Sapolsky

Quotes About Empowerment Of Others

"And are you suspicious of me? (Maggie)Woman, Im suspicious of anyone who acts altruistically. Ive only known a handful of people in my entire life who were actually kind. The vast majority of people only help others when they know itll benefit them in some manner. (Sin)" - Author: Kinley MacGregor

Quotes About Finding Love Fast

"The riot had taken on a beauty of its own now. Arcs of gasoline fire under the crescent moon. Crimson tracer in mystical parabolas. Phosphorescence from the barrels of plastic bullet guns. A distant yelling like that of men below decks in a torpedoed prison ship. The scarlet whoosh of Molotovs intersecting with exacting surfaces. Helicopters everywhere: their spotlights finding one another like lovers in the Afterlife.And all this through a lens of oleaginous Belfast rain." - Author: Adrian McKinty

Quotes About Harsh Reality

"And whats wrong with dimming the harsh reality of life a little, anyway? In essence, being alive is a bloody long and hard walk to death. Why not make it as pleasant along the way as you can?" - Author: Lucinda Riley

Quotes About Envy Me

"No one is adequate to comprehending the misery of my lot! Fate obliges me to be constantly in movement: I am not permitted to pass more than a fortnight in the same place. I have no Friend in the world, and from the restlessness of my destiny I never can acquire one. Fain would I lay down my miserable life, for I envy those who enjoy the quiet of the Grave: But Death eludes me, and flies from my embrace. In vain do I throw myself in the way of danger. I plunge into the Ocean; The Waves throw me back with abhorrence upon the shore: I rush into fire; The flames recoil at my approach: I oppose myself to the fury of Banditti; Their swords become blunted, and break against my breast: The hungry Tiger shudders at my approach, and the Alligator flies from a Monster more horrible than itself. God has set his seal upon me, and all his Creatures respect this fatal mark!" - Author: Matthew Gregory Lewis

Quotes About Mcchrystal

"McChrystal had organized a jaw-dropping counterterrorism campaign inside Iraq, but the tactical successes did not translate into a strategic victory. This was why counterinsurgency - blanketing the population in safety and winning them over - was necessary." - Author: Bob Woodward