"He Never Really Voice Pure, Raw Outrage To Me About Watergate Or What It Represented. The Crimes And Abuses Were Background Music. Nixon Was Trying To Subvert Not Only The Law But The Bureau. So Watergate Became Felt's Instrument To Reassert The Bureau's Independence And Thus Its Supremacy. In The End, The Bureau Was Damaged, Seriously But Not Permanently, While Nixon Lost Much More, Maybe Everything - The Presidency, Power, And Whatever Moral Authority He Might Have Had. He Was Disgraced. But Surviving And Enduring His Hidden Life, In Contrast And In His Own Way, Mark Felt Won."

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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...it isn't a bad thing to remember that you have some wildness in you, that not every inch of your soul is honorable and responsible and presentable and tamped and tamed."
Author: Brian Morton