[He Smiled. "I Suppose I Thought We'd Have A Madly Impractical, Terrifyingly Modern Sort Of Marriage. One Based On Love. Not To Mention Dangerous Undertakings And Hair's-breadth Escapes From Burning Buildings, High Ledges And Exploding Sewers.""And Bickering.""Always That, Yes.""Assuming I Want To Marry At All.""True. I Know Of No Good Way Of Forcing You To Do Anything.""And You're Mad Enough To Think It Could Work - One Day?"He Cupped Her Face In His Hands. His Smile Was So Brilliant It Seemed To Illuminate The Room. "I Think It Would Be Heaven."She Trembled, Then. "You Have A Very Strange Idea Of Heaven.""Kiss Me And See.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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Dov Seidman Quotes

"In a rule-based society, we often choose efficiency over value, but, while rules-based governance systems may often serve well the values of fairness and representation, their seeming efficiency hides a deep and important flaw: We often rely on rules when they are not, in fact, the most efficient or effective solution to getting the result that we desire."

Tess Callahan Quotes

"You need to start doing whats uncomfortable for you, April. Because your idea of what feels right took a left turn somewhere."

DB Jackson Quotes

"Any noble cause will encounter its share of setbacks. The strength of that cause is measured in how the men who fight for it respond. We refuse to give up, which is why we will prevail eventually."

Thomas M Cirignano Quotes

"Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained."

Rodrigo Santoro Quotes

"When you shoot a movie, the camera is always taking, taking, taking and not giving anything back."

Jon Davis Quotes

"Of the many forms that silence takes, the most memorable is the dry husk of the cicada."

Raquel Welch Quotes

"Once you get rid of the idea that you must please other people before you please yourself, and you begin to follow your own instincts - only then can you be successful. You become more satisfied, and when you are, other people will tend to be satisfied by what you do."

Mark Pettinger Quotes

"Start with a word. A word leads to a sentence, which leads to a paragraph, which leads to a chapter, which leads to a manuscript, which leads to a book..... just start with a word!"

Marlen Haushofer Quotes

"Und doch sitzt in mir noch immer eine wahnsinnige Hoffnung. Ich kann nur nachsichtig darüber lächeln. Mit diesem verstockten Eigensinn habe ich als Kind gehofft, nie sterben zu müssen. Ich stelle mir diese Hoffnung als einen blinden Maulwurf vor, der in mir hockt und über seinem Wahn brütet. Da ich ihn nicht aus mir vertreiben kann, muss ich ihn gewähren lassen."

Matthew Inman Quotes

"Anything that smiles often needs to be reminded that the world is a cruel, dark place."

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Quotes About Nitpicking

"You next saw her when the incident occurred?" "Thats correct." "Did you try to figure out what was happening?" "Youre not military, you dont understand how we work. Im not supposed to ask questions. I was just following orders." "What orders were those?" "We have a duty to protect civilians." "So there wasnt a specific order that drove your decision?""Now youre nitpicking." "Were being exact, Major. Wed appreciate it if you tried to do the same." - Author: Amie Kaufman

Quotes About Dugaan

"Saya harap saya bisa melatih keberanian bicara dengan melatih keberanian bertanya: benarkah pikiran dan dugaan-dugaan saya sendiri?" - Author: Goenawan Mohamad

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"When you are lying in bed angry with your backs turned towards each other, imagine Satan sleeping in the space between you." - Author: Mark Driscoll

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"But Annabeth just smiled and put us in jail. As she was heading back to the front line, she turned and winked. "See you at the fireworks?"She didnt even wait for my answer before darting off into the woods.I looked at Beckendorf. "Did she just...ask me out?"He shrugged, completely disgusted. "Who knows with girls? Give me a haywire dragon, any day."So we sat together and waited while the girls won the game." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Cm Punk

"By many peoples standards, my playing is very primitive but by punk standards, Im a virtuoso." - Author: Robert Quine

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"Raw Living: Picking blackberries, beneath late afternoon sun; a sunset reminiscent of watermelon sangria, as the scent of honeysuckle accosts me and the ducks waddle into the lake. Thanking Mama Nature for her abundance. Loving this candied-sweet southern life." - Author: Brandi L. Bates

Quotes About Bible Enthusiasm

"Accordingly the Northern races of Europe found their inspiration in the Bible; and the enthusiasm for it has not yet quite faded away." - Author: Lafcadio Hearn

Quotes About Unclear Feelings

"Whenever he was unclear about some idea or emotion, uncertain in his perception of someone or vague about a memory, he sat to his journal and wrote as precisely as he could what he thought or felt or remembered, and thereby gave those thoughts and feelings and memories the solidity and authority of words recorded on a page. And by that simple act made of them his abiding truth." - Author: James Carlos Blake

Quotes About Deceivers

"Science, which is only another name for truth, now holds religious charlatans, self-deceivers and God agents in a certain degree of check--agents and employees, I mean, of a mythical, medieval, man-made God, anthropomorphic in constitution." - Author: Luther Burbank

Quotes About Cautionary

"In the Scotland of the early seventeenth century, an old woman living alone in Kirkcudbrightshire was accused of witchcraft and on conviction was rolled downhill in a blazing tar barrel. One of the charges against her was that she walked withershins round a well near her cottage which was used by other people. The well was afterwards known as the Witchs Well. These episodes must surely serve as cautionary tales to anyone tempted to transgress the usual custom of walking deasil round a holy well." - Author: Colin Bord