[He Was Such A Fabulous Drama Coach. What Better Person To Have Than Alfred Hitchcock? His Work As A Director Was Impeccable. I Learned So Much.]

Author: Tippi Hedren Quotes

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Nathan Lane Quotes

"Sure I think it is healthy to speak the truth, and be who you are, and be proud of that."

Ruggero Leoncavallo Quotes

"This new art made a deep impression on me, and I began to study it ardently."

John G D Clark Quotes

"If we turn to palaeontology to tell us about our biological evolution it is to prehistory that we look for evidence of the evolution of specifically human patterns of behaviour."

Amar Bose Quotes

"The food we ate was Indian, and both my mother and father were very deep into the ancient philosophy of India, so it could well have been an Indian household."

Leticia Wierzchowski Quotes

"O que eu sei é que somos trágicos. Os deuses escolheram assim. Somos todos uma brincadeira deles, marionetes que envelhecem rápido demais, uma experienciazinha carnal - de modo que não lhes interessa a parcimônia: criam uns num caldo de fúria e outros na doçura total."

Louise Bates Ames Quotes

"Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little person, and bipolarity is the name of his game."

Thuan Quotes

"... Ban ngày mọi thứ đều gớm ghiếc. Người ta lịch sự, mơn trớn, tô son đánh phấn, rắc nước hoa, đi xe đạp. Mẹ kiếp, xi-líp cũng cần mác xịn. Mình muốn đập tan tất cả các tôn giáo (phải ngu lắm mới thờ một thằng ngoẻo từ đời tám hoánh, một thằng chắc chắn không biết giấy toa-lét là gì). Nhưng đạo Phật không đến nỗi. Nếu nhà chùa cho tự do tình dục thì mình cũng trùm áo cà sa mấy năm. Tiện, chẳng cần mặc quái gì bên trong. Mà đầu cũng đã trọc sẵn..."

Henry Fonda Quotes

"I found myself facing a Christian Science Reading Room. My God! It had been eight years. There had never been any renunciation of religion on my part, but like so many people, it was a gradual fading away."

Louis Auchincloss Quotes

"Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life."

Brad Holland Quotes

"Many of the contradictions in Postmodern art come from the fact that were trying to be artists in a democratic society. This is because in a democracy, the ideal is compromise. In art, it isnt."

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Quotes About Shelter From The Storm

"I also enjoy canoeing, and I suppose you will smile when I say that I especially like it on moonlight nights. I cannot, it is true, see the moon climb up the sky behind the pines and steal softly across the heavens, making a shining path for us to follow; but I know she is there, and as I lie back among the pillows and put my hand in the water, I fancy that I feel the shimmer of her garments as she passes. Sometimes a daring little fish slips between my fingers, and often a pond-lily presses shyly against my hand. Frequently, as we emerge from the shelter of a cove or inlet, I am suddenly conscious of the spaciousness of the air about me. A luminous warmth seems to enfold me. Whether it comes from the trees which have been heated by the sun, or from the water, I can never discover. I have had the same strange sensation even in the heart of the city. I have felt it on cold, stormy days and at night. It is like the kiss of warm lips on my face." - Author: Helen Keller

Quotes About Animal Torture

"In the world of animals, pain serves an equivocal role. Parental nips and swipes are common tools in upbringing. And socially, pain is sometimes used to maintain hierarchies of dominance. But this animal use of pain seems somewhat restrained, at least in contrast with the human situation. Here the capacity for pain is often used to systematically exploit and oppress at intensities often far beyond those seen in the behaviour of our nearest primate relatives. At the same time, at least in western culture, pain is rarely used for pleasure. Is it little wonder that all pain is viewed as intrinsically evil? Or that the pain-pleasure of leatherspace has been labelled torture?" - Author: Geoff Mains

Quotes About Makishima

"Everyone is alone. Everyone is empty. People no longer have need of others. You can always find a spare for any talent. Any relationship can be replaced. I had gotten bored of a world like that. But for some reason... The thought that someone other than you might kill me never occurred to me. (Makishima Shogo)" - Author: Urobuchi Gen

Quotes About Photography Memories

"Over the last few millennia weve invented a series of technologies - from the alphabet to the scroll to the codex, the printing press, photography, the computer, the smartphone - that have made it progressively easier and easier for us to externalize our memories, for us to essentially outsource this fundamental human capacity." - Author: Joshua Foer

Quotes About Morning Jog

"No one answers when I knock. But I left a cake and a card on the porch last night, and this morning when I was jogging I noticed that it was gone.""That could mean anything. Maybe raccoons took it," I suggest and then want to do a forehead smack. Discovering vampires has really thrown a wrench in my concept of reality if my first theory is cake-stealing raccoons." - Author: A.M. Robinson

Quotes About Point Of View In Literature

"I made a point of answering the question I received with some frequency from journalists, Do you think books can change peoples lives? (which really meant, Do you actually think anything you could write could mean anything to anyone?), with a little airtight thought experiment in which I asked the interviewer to imagine the sort of person he might be if all of the literature hed read in his life were somehow excised from his mind, his mind and soul, and as the journalist contemplated this nuclear winter I sat back with a self-satisfied smile, saved again from facing the truth." - Author: Nicole Krauss

Quotes About Theatre Lighting

"I was never a hugely successful theatre designer. I painted a lot of scenery and did the lighting, and my lighting business grew out of that." - Author: Kevin McCloud

Quotes About Fiends

"Never stay in a bad marriage, and dont hang around with psycho coke fiends." - Author: Joe Rogan

Quotes About Trade Secrets

"this was the man who would not submit to her need for probing intimacy, overintimacy, the urge to ask, examine, delve, draw things out, trade secrets, tell everything. it was a need that had the body in it, hands, feet, genitals, scummy odors, clotted dirt, even if it was all talk or sleepy murmur. she wanted to absorb everything, childlike, the dust of stray sensation, whatever she could breathe in from other peoples pores. she used to think she was other people. other people have truer lives." - Author: Don DeLillo

Quotes About Touching Her

"Pepper spray," he said, lightly touching her back. "Give it a second.""Pepper spray?""You were a casualty of your own rescue."He pointed and she turned to look at the scene behind her. Over a dozen old ladies were beating the man with their purses and dousing him with pepper spray. Several police officers hovered nearby, as if they couldnt get close enough to help the guy. They didnt look like they were trying very hard."What kind of sicko pervert are you?" one woman demanded. "Liz Sutton is one of us. You try to hurt her, you answer to all of us. You got that?""Seniors to the rescue," Ethan told her." - Author: Susan Mallery