[He Was Weary Of Himself, Of Cold Ideas And Brain Dreams. Life A Poem? Not When You Went About Forever Poetizing About Your Own Life Instead Of Living It. How Innocuous It All Was, And Empty, Empty, Empty! This Chasing After Yourself, Craftily Observing Your Own Tracks--in A Circle, Of Course.This Sham Diving Into The Stream Of Life While All The Time You Sat Angling After Yourself, Fishing Yourself Up In One Curious Disguise Or Another! If He Could Only Be Overwhelmed By Something--life, Love, Passion--so That He Could No Longer Shape It Into Poems, But Had To Let It Shape Him!]

Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen Quotes

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"We have, unlike many of our competitors, continued to meet our various financial obligations."

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"Though we became experimental creatures of our own devising, its important to bear in mind that we had no inkling of this process, let alone its consequences, until only the last six or seven of our 100,000 generations. We have done it all sleepwalking. Nature let a few apes into the lab of evolution, switched on the lights, and left us there to mess about with an ever-growing supply of ingredients and processes. The effect on us and the world has accumulated ever since. Lets list a few steps between the earliest times and this: sharp stones, animal skins, useful bits of bone and wood, wild fire, tame fire, seeds for eating, seeds for planting, houses, villages, pottery, cities, metals, wheels, explosives. What strikes one most forcefully is the acceleration, the runaway progression of change - or to put it another way, the collapsing of time. From the first chipped stone to the first smelted iron took nearly 3 million years; from the first iron to the hydrogen bomb took only 3,000."

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"Although the reasons for Michigans malaise are varied, one big reason is our states almost uniquely uncompetitive tax structure, which one General Motors official called the costliest of all jurisdictions where GM operates."

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"Poems, to me, do not come from ideas, they come from a series of images that you tuck away in the back of your brain. Little photographic snapshots. Then you get the major vision of the poem, which is like a giant magnet to which all these disparate little impressions fly and adhere, and there is the poem!"

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"My 12 years in New York were very, very special, the fans were very special, and its something I will take with me wherever I go and into retirement."

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"Youve got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and youre not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice."

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"Wisdom is not guaranteed with age but is realized through ones sensitivity to humanity and the universe"

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"Arguments are never won by reason, but by men, who refuse to be reasonable"

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"It may be that my most helpful contributions to music arent my compact discs but my articles about other great singers of the past for American Heritage magazine."

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"Southern trees bear strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.Pastoral scene of the gallant south,The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh. Here is the fruit for the crows to pluck, For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck, For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,Here is a strange and bitter crop."

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