[He Who Can Not Support Himself, Can Not Take His Own Decision.]

Author: Gamal Abdel Nasser Quotes

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Connie Fletcher Quotes

"We get a lot of calls where the person is murdered at home, but is not found for a period of time. And so the animals have already started to take the body apart because they havent been fed in that period. So your evidence is being chewed up by the family pet.I tell you - Dogs are more loyal than cats. Cats will wait only a certain period of time and theyll start chewing on you. Dogs will wait a day or two before they just cant take the starving anymore. So, keep that in mind when choosing a pet. You know how a cat just stares at you, maybe at the top of the TV, from across the room? Thats because theyre watching to see if youre gonna stop breathing."

Dorothy Stratten Quotes

"In a way, Im like Will Rogers, never having met a man I really disliked. Im not a vamp. I just like men."

Spike Jonze Quotes

"If I can make one generalised statement, and generalised statements are never entirely true, nobody wants to be talked down to, kids included."

Ron Broussard Quotes

"stretching yourself brings you maximum effort with effortless flow, aligning with spirit and purpose."

Robert W Chambers Quotes

"I cannot forget Carcosa where black stars hang in the heavens; where the shadows of mens thoughts lengthen in the afternoon, when the twin suns sink into the lake of Hali; and my mind will bear for ever the memory of the Pallid Mask."

Charles Curtis Quotes

"Fraud is the homage that force pays to reason."

Tony Schwartz Quotes

"Let go of certainty. The opposite isnt uncertainty. Its openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow."

Alice Bag Quotes

"The longer you live, the more dreams you should have to keep you occupied."

Alf Landon Quotes

"Wherever I have gone in this country, I have found Americans."

Paul Henderson Quotes

"When fairy tales are written in the west, theyre known as folklore. In the east, fairy tales are called religions."

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Quotes About Sparkle In Your Life

"Jesus girls! Wake up! If a guy wants to drain you of your energy, emotions, and life force he wont sparkle in the sunshine, hell just marry you." - Author: Nick Shamhart

Quotes About Draft Dodgers

"Even the draft dodgers are not pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets, most of them... unless they are breaking Canadian laws .. are getting American dollars from Ma and Pa at home to spend here." - Author: Gordon Sinclair

Quotes About Child Innocence

"A woman will always remain as princess as long as she keeps her childhood innocence and goodwill; a man will always remain as prince as long as he keeps his childhood innocence and goodwill!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Happiness Because Of Her

"Humans are most imaginative when they need a means of self-destruction. If the world existed in an overflowing amount of happiness; a utopian state, then the suicide rate would dwarf any extinction level threat. Humans cannot be trusted with their own survival. Their minds have been trained to be blindly and unconsciously subjugated. In a time related to Heaven-on-Earth, the smallest amount of worry, will drive a human into the arms of death. This is how weak and fragile the human mind and will is. Its funny, because the best friend of humanity, is none other than Chaos itself." - Author: Lionel Suggs

Quotes About Craziness

"Its the only dish I serve my craziness for color in." - Author: Josef Albers

Quotes About Titanic Love

"Jack Hogenbaum, a.k.a. "Leo D. Nardo, Your Titanic Lover," was the star of Ladies Nights at the club. Hed been packing them in since the movie. He looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, sort of. At least his brown hair hung down over his forehead on the left side, he had soulful eyes, and when he danced, he could do stuff with a life preserver you never dreamed." - Author: Elaine Viets

Quotes About Learning Valuable Lessons

"Education is a choice. We dont become educated by watching television, and we dont learn a whole lot having similar conversations with the same, safe people day after day. Our education comes from pushing up against boundaries, from taking risks that may seem at first to be overwhelming, and by persevering past the first disappointments or shortfalls until we reach a point at which actual learning takes place. Determination and perseverance are absolutely vital to developing a true education--rarely, if ever, do we learn the most valuable lessons in the first few steps of the journey." - Author: Tom Walsh

Quotes About Viaje

"el espacio interior del alma es igual de infinito y enigmático que el espacio cósmico exterior, y (...) tanto los cosmonautas del espacio exterior cuanto los del interior no pueden permanecer allí, sino que tienen que regresar a la tierra, a la conciencia cotidiana. además, ambos viajes exigen una buena preparación, para que puedan desarrollarse con un mínimo de peligro y convertirse en una empresa realmente enriquecedora." - Author: Albert Hofmann

Quotes About Universal

"The universal narrator knows all and can enter a characters head any time he chooses." - Author: Arthur Herzog

Quotes About Yosi

"Two chemicals called actin and myosin evolved eons ago to allow the muscles in insect wings to contract and relax. Thus, insects learned to fly. When one of those paired molecules are absent, wings will grow but they cannot flap and are therefore useless. Today, the same two proteins are responsible for the beating of the human heart, and when one is absent, the persons heartbeat is inefficient and weak, ultimately leading to heart failure.Again, science marvels at the way molecules adapt over millions of years, but isnt there a deeper intent? In our hearts, we feel the impulse to fly, to break free of boundaries. Isnt that the same impulse nature expressed when insects began to take flight? The prolactin that generates milk in a mothers breast is unchanged from the prolactin that sends salmon upstream to breed, enabling them to cross from saltwater to fresh." - Author: Deepak Chopra