[Her Face Was A Grimace Of Surprised Pain As She Slid Unconscious Down The Back Of The Tub And Under The Water. I Held Her Under For Several Minutes After The Blow, Watching As The Water Went Pink, Then Red, And Finally Crimson With Blood.]

Author: Alistair Cross Quotes

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"Friendship isnt about whom you have known the longest... Its about who came, and never left your side. ♥"

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"As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success."

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"Dinner was served on mismatched plates with paper napkins and silverware that looked like it had been stolen from a school cafeteria. The spaghetti was from a box that was still poking out of the garbage pail, the sauce from a jar that was sitting beside the sink. I got the definite impression that he chose to make dinner because he couldnt afford to take me out."

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"Ive had a good day when I dont fall out of the cart."

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"People who stop laughing are always the ones who get hurt."

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"On the other hand, chess is a mass sport now and for chess organisers shorter time control is obviously more attractive. But I think that this control does not suit World Championship matches."

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"Shut Up! Why do you think were fighting? Because were still gonna have a snowball fight & watch fireworks together! Thats why were fighting! Thats why were getting stronger! I still want to laugh with everyone,BUT IF YOU DIE ITS USELESS!"

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"The first commercial routers came out about 1986, and services came in 1987."

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"We could all use the power of prayer now and then, but it seems to me that the people who are sure they have a direct line to heaven are most often calling collect with bad news."

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"Its simple to love someone. But its hard to know when to say it out loud."

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"You gotta eat right, you gotta have healthy habits, you know, and balance out your decadence with a healthy lifestyle during the day." - Author: Talib Kweli

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"He, Jeff, and Troy Lee carried Super Soakers loaded with Grandma Lees Vampire Cat Remedy, other Animals had garden sprayers slung on their backs, except for Gustavo, who thought that making him carry a garden sprayer was racial stereotyping. Gustavo had a flame thrower. He wouldnt say where he got it."Second Amendment, cabrones." (The guy who sold Gustavo his green card had included two amendments from the Bill of Rights and Gustavo had chosen Two and Four, the right to bear arms and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. [His sister Estrella had had seizures as a child. No bueno.] For five bucks extra he threw in the Third Amendment, which Gustavo bought because he was already sharing a three-bedroom house in Richmond with nineteen cousins and they didnt have any room to quarter soldiers.)" - Author: Christopher Moore

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"Whether it appears in a story about a man killing his girlfriend while calling her a whore or in trying to battle conservative claims that emergency contraception or the HPV vaccine will make girls promiscuous, the purity myth in America underlies more misogyny than most people would like to admit" - Author: Jessica Valenti

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"When youre a sportswriter, you learn how to use your imagination and to flex your literary muscle, because its the same game played over and over again. Theres nothing unique or marvelous. Its not an earthquake, or a weird mass murder. Its just the same old game played over and over, and you have to bring out the personalities. You have to drag them kicking and screaming out into the light of day, or youre not a good sportswriter." - Author: Rick Bragg

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"When service members are discharged, we should express our gratitude for their profound personal sacrifice, not hand them a bill for their hospital food." - Author: Barbara Boxer

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"He said that there would be more information available in the narthex. I leaned over to Matthew and whispered, "The Narthex? Isnt that a Dr. Suess character that speaks for the trees??" - Author: Nadia Bolz Weber

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"Being No. 1. Its talked about all of the time in hip-hop. Im still No. 1! Im the best! Im the greatest of all time! Its the same mentality in sports." - Author: Michael Rapaport

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"There was a sergeant at a desk. I knew he was a sergeant because I recognized the marks on his uniform, and I knew it was a desk because its always a desk. Theres always someone at a desk, except when its a table that functions as a desk. You sit behind a desk, and everyone knows youre supposed to be there, and that youre doing something that involves your brain. Its an odd, special kind of importance. I think everyone should get a desk; you can sit behind it when you feel like you dont matter." - Author: Steven Brust

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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate." - Author: Henry Miller

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"Obedience to commandments is the way we build a foundation of truth. Here is the way that works, in words so simple that a child could understand: The truth of most worth is to know God our Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and Their plan for us to have eternal life with Them in families. When God communicates that priceless truth to us, He does it by the Spirit of Truth. We have to ask for it in prayer. Then He sends us a small part of that truth by the Spirit. It comes to our hearts and minds. It feels good, like the light from the sun shining through the clouds on a dark day. He sends..." - Author: Henry B. Eyring