[Her Majesty Victoria, By The Grace Of God, Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland Queen, Defender Of The Faith, Had A Lamp Shade On Her Head. Again.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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Athol Dickson Quotes

"Nothing stood between Sheryls heart and skin. She was whole in her sorrow, perfectly connected inside and out, soul and body united, swaying with complete abandon to a dirge that only she could hear."

Stella Payton Quotes

"Change will force you to step off the path, to venture from the nest, to close your eyes and dive right in, knowing that the greatest opportunities in life are found in the sink or swim, do or die moments."

Fernanda Garwin Quotes

"when you dare to dream, you must be dare to reach it."

Hubert H Humphrey Quotes

"Lifes unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scales for others, if not always for ourselves."

Derrick Brown Quotes

"Stop ruining love by wanting it so bad."

Nilam Suri Quotes

"Lo tahu nggak kenapa tempat ini gue bilang tempat kebahagiaan semu?"Gue menggeleng"Karena menurut gue orang-orang yang sedang menaiki berbagai wahana ini sebenarnya sedang setengah mati ketakutan." Dia memeluk kakinya. "Mereka sebenarnya sedang setengah mati ketakutan dan berusaha menutupinya dengan ketawa."

Richard Matheson Quotes

"Robert Neville looked out over the new people of the earth. He knew he did not belong to them; he knew that, like the vampires, he was anathema and black terror to be destroyed. And, abruptly, the concept came, amusing to him even in his pain. ... Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend."

Edward D Hess Quotes

"Badaracco, Joseph. Leading Quietly. Boston: HBS Press,"

AJ Ayer Quotes

"... when one buys a pair of shoes, one is buying three things, the right shoe, the left shoe and the pair."

Finley Peter Dunne Quotes

"Th newspaper does ivrything fr us. It runs th polis foorce an th banks, commands th milishy, controls th ligislachure, baptizes th young, marries th foolish, comforts th afflicted, afflicts th comfortable, buries th dead an roasts thim aftherward."

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Quotes About Fireman

"I tend to get comfortable with the dialogue and find out who the person is in the script and try to hit that. People are sort of independent of their occupations and their pastimes. You dont play a politician or a fireman or a cowboy - you just play a person." - Author: Billy Campbell

Quotes About Helicopters

"The thing is helicopters are different from airplanes An airplane by its nature wants to fly, and if not interfered with too strongly by unusual events or incompetent piloting, it will fly." - Author: Harry Reasoner

Quotes About Looking On The Bright Side

"Up ahead stands the fun house, which you enter through a clowns smiling mouth."I would kill myself if I was prisoner here," Shelby says."No, you wouldnt, just out of courtesy," I say, "because your body would be trapped in there after you die, and your friends would have to watch your corpse rot.""Hmm," Shelby says. "Smell it too.""Well, now were looking on the bright side," Packard says." - Author: Carolyn Crane

Quotes About Crear

"El consenso más importante de la sociedad moderna es la organización del tránsito. La manera como puede interrelacionarse una marea de desconocidos que comparten un mismo camino y viajan casi todos sin incidentes. Con un conductor disidente hay suficiente para crear anarquía." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Musicians And Singers

"A lot of cats in New Orleans, very soulful, very soulful musicians and they assume that theyre singers. And they just make that assumption. And so when theres a little intonation problem, people are very forgiving of them because they heard how soulful they play." - Author: Wendell Pierce

Quotes About Owed Money

"Look, Im very much in favor of tax cuts, but not with borrowed money. And the problem that weve gotten into in recent years is spending programs with borrowed money, tax cuts with borrowed money, and at the end of the day that proves disastrous. And my view is I dont think we can play subtle policy here." - Author: Alan Greenspan

Quotes About Practical

"Now I have very little respect for the electoral system in the United States. I could have respected it in the early days, when the country was small and we had small population. The system that we have in the United States was set up at a time when the total population was the population of Tennessee. Weve stretched it to try to make it work for different kind of problems and in stretching and adapting it, weve lost its meaning. We still have the form but not the meaning. Theres a lot of things that we have to look at critically that might have been useful at one time that are no longer useful I think theres some good in everything. Theres some bad in everything. But theres so little good in some things that you know for practical purposes theyre useless. Theyre beyond salvation. Theres so much good in some things, even though theres bad, that we build on that." - Author: Myles Horton

Quotes About Pleasant Memories

"The Babar the Elephant book is sitting in front of me. I pick it up and start reading it. I remember reading it as a small Boy and enjoying it and imagining that I was friends with Babar, his constant Companion during all of his adventures. He went to the moon, I went with him. He fought Tomb Raiders in Egypt, I fought alongside him. He rescued his elephant girlfriend from Ivory Hunters on the Savanna, I coordinated the getaway. I loved that goddamn Elephant and I loved being his friend. In a childhood full of unhappiness and rage, Babar is one of the few pleasant memories that I have. Me and Babar, kicking some motherfucking ass." - Author: James Frey

Quotes About Conserving Energy

"Theres this very vulnerable planet of ours with finite resources. Architects and designers have, I think, a fair responsibility for conserving energy and materials, and making things durable." - Author: Robin Day

Quotes About Cape Verde

"I would wear a full-length cape if I could get away with it - I do love a good swirl in a fog." - Author: Martin Freeman