[Her Palace Shimered With Onyx, Garnet, And Gold, But Was Richer Still In Political And Sexual Intrigue.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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"Dissents speak to a future age."

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"Every day is a new adventure so embrace it fully with with your whole heart and soul."

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"Shamas stands in the open door and watches the earth, the magnet that it is, pulling snowflakes out of the sky towards itself."

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"Dreams are pathways for the heart. - Reminim the gnome"

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"Without atmosphere a painting is nothing."

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"Whos a** is this?" Mo asked..."Mine!" Mykel shouted.Mo stilled and then laughed. Mykel thought about what he said and then felt his face heat up from embarrassment. "I mean yours." "God, I love you," Mo said..."

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"I tend to worry about the minutiae of life. But living in the mountains of Idaho and having retreated from fame, I am more in tune with life."

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"If I never saw another airport again, Id be happy!"

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"we are not born to be PERFECT!but to be TRUE !"

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"There must be a goal at every stage of life! There must be a goal!"

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Quotes About Store Sales

"It was the American middle class. No ones house cost more than two or three years salary, and I doubt the spread in annual wages (except for the osteopath) exceeded more than five thousand dollars. And other than the doctor (who made house calls), the store managers, the minister, the salesman, and the banker, everyone belonged to a union. That meant they worked a forty-hour week, had the entire weekend off (plus two to four weeks paid vacation in the summer), comprehensive medical benefits, and job security. In return for all that, the country became the most productive in the world and in our little neighborhood it meant your furnace was always working, your kids could be dropped off at the neighbors without notice, you could run next door anytime to borrow a half-dozen eggs, and the doors to all the homes were never locked -- because who would need to steal anything if they already had all that they needed?" - Author: Michael Moore

Quotes About Massive Change

"I find that when people laugh its usually because theyre connecting and identifying in a way that they hadnt considered. Thats my payoff. Im not interested in other people thinking differently. I dont care. Im just like yeast - I eat sugar and I shit alcohol. And theres a huge culture that goes with that. Alcohol creates massive shifts in world history, and it changes peoples lives. People get pregnant because of alcohol. But the yeast doesnt give a fuck. The yeast isnt going, "I really want to help people loosen up and bring passion into Irish peoples lives"." - Author: Louis C.K.

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"Nasa isip ng lahat na ang gobyerno, bilang isang institusyong likha ng tao, ay nangangailangan ng tulong ng lahat, nangangailangan ito ng magpapakita at magpapaalam sa mga tunay na pangyayari." - Author: José Rizal

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"I suspect that beneath your offensively and vulgarly effeminate façade there may be a soul of sorts. Have you read widely in Boethius?""Who? Oh, heavens no. I never even read newspapers.""Then you must begin a reading program immediately so that you may understand the crises of our age," Ignatius said solemnly. "Begin with the late Romans, including Boethius, of course. Then you should dip rather extensively into early Medieval. You may skip the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. That is mostly dangerous propaganda. Now that I think of it, you had better skip the Romantics and the Victorians, too. For the contemporary period, you should study some selected comic books.""Youre fantastic.""I recommend Batman especially, for he tends to transcend the abysmal society in which hes found himself. His morality is rather rigid, also. I rather respect Batman." - Author: John Kennedy Toole

Quotes About Technicians

"There is no seamen in the world who prefers a slow ship to a fast one. The painters painted better, the cooks took a little more time with the meals, and the technicians tightened the bolts just a little more. Their ship was no longer a cripple, and pride broke out in the crew like a rainbow after a summer shower." - Author: Tom Clancy

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"Why will people persist in reading strange meanings into the simplest of story? Is it not enough that a writer can entertain for a few hours with narrative without being suspected of significances or symbolism or social trends?" - Author: Margaret Mitchell

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"If manta rays are going to be harmless, they should look more harmless, Pardee thought. Fuckers look like aquatic Draculas." - Author: Christopher Moore

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"That narrow stretch of sand knows nothing in the world better than it does the white waves that whip it , caress it , collapse on to it . The white foam knows nothing better than those sands which wait for it , rise to it and suck it in .but what do the waves know of the massed, hot, still sands of the desert just twenty , no , ten feet beyond the scalloped edge ? And what does the beach knows of depths, the cold, the currents just there, where-do you see it? - Where the water turns a deeper blue." - Author: Ahdaf Soueif

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"In cio, ci allineiamo, non si sa quanto consapevoli, a unidea di fondo, squisitamente barbara, che in teoria non condividiamo, ma in realta pratichiamo senza nessuna difficolta: il senso delle cose non alberga in un loro tratto originario e autentico, ma nella traccia che da esse sprigiona quando entrano in connessione con altri pezzi di mondo." - Author: Alessandro Baricco

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"Sweet little thing says she still wants to marry him. Breaks your heart: She sighed and sounded sincere, so Tracy nodded in a way she hoped denoted that she, too, was a little bit heartbroken — even though she thought that if her (hypothetical) boyfriend were in a coma for more than a few weeks, shed probably just cut her losses and move on, not stick around to watch him shit in his pants for the next fifty years." - Author: Belinda Bauer