[Here's The Thing, Effective Parenting And, More Specifically, Effective Discipline, Don't Require Punishment. Equating Discipline With Punishment Is An Unfortunate, But Common Misconception. The Root Word In Discipline Is Actually Disciple Which In The Verb Form Means To Guide, Lead, Teach, Model, And Encourage. In The Noun Form Disciple Means One Who Embraces The Teaching Of, Follows The Example Of, And Models Their Life After.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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"Suddenly I felt that determination well up, which had helped me to accomplish things in the past, even when I was only six years old."

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"Al Zarqawi had a long history of terrorism. He was responsible for several bombings and beheadings in Iraq, including Pennsylvania native Nicholas Berg."

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"One of your inalienable rights as a human being should be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life. —Rob Brezsny"

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"THINGS will change, If not TIME Will"

Francis Assikinack Quotes

"In my opinion, it was chiefly owing to their deep contemplation in their silent retreats in the days of youth that the old Indian orators acquired the habit of carefully arranging their thoughts.They listened to the warbling of birds and noted the grandeur and the beauties of the forest. The majestic clouds—which appear like mountains of granite floating in the air—the golden tints of a summer evening sky, and the changes of nature, possessed a mysterious significance.All of this combined to furnish ample matter for reflection to the contemplating youth."

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"The worlds a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed."

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"If I could be in any band, I think it would have to be The Beatles. That would have been a lot of fun."

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"Its surreal working with people you admire. I dont think it ever goes away, no matter how human people are; theres always that moment of Oh wow, thats still George Clooney! But I find that the most talented people tend to be the nicest."

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"Real folk music long ago went to Nashville and left no known survivors."

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"The tide will turn, Miss Willow." A smile lurked around his mouth, but no, that was not possible, that the earl of Tiern-Cope should smile, and at her."It hasnt yet.""You may find the sea casts you onto the shores of paradise." His voice was low and soft, and Olivia felt her heart stir at the sound. "Or through the very gates of hell.""So it might." She gave herself a mental shake. Lord Tiern-Cope could not possibly be flirting with her. Impossible. "But that wont stop me from embracing this moment in all its beautiful perfection.""With but one flaw, Miss Willow.""Whatever could that be?""Dont even try to tell me I dont spoil the present perfection of your moment." The corner of his lip twitched and then gave up. He smiled, and she, perverse creature that she was, felt like shed been tossed off a cliff with him standing at the bottom to catch her."

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"Theres a lot we can do to improve Americans retirement security, but its wrong to replace the guaranteed benefit that Americans have earned with a guaranteed benefit cut of forty percent or more." - Author: Harry Reid

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"Thus when I come to shape here at this table between my hands the story of my life and set it before you as a complete thing, I have to recall things gone far, gone deep, sunk into this life or that and become part of it; dreams, too, things surrounding me, and the inmates, those old half-articulate ghosts who keep up their hauntings by day and night; who turn over in their sleep, who utter their confused cries, who put out their phantom fingers and clutch at me as I try to escape—shadows of people one might have been; unborn selves." - Author: Virginia Woolf

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"No one likes a show-off, but if parallel parking was an Olympic sport, I would get gold, no probs." - Author: Miranda Hart

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"Hed discovered that his memories of that summer were like bad movie montages - young lovers tossing a Frisbee in the park, sharing a melting ice-cream cone, bicycling along the river, laughing, talking, kissing, a sappy score drowning out the dialogue because the screenwriter had no idea what these two people might say to each other." - Author: Richard Russo

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"Aos frangalhos eu choro sobre o sangue derramado feixes de dor." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"He gave me the brochure. It was about the Hunters of Artemis. The front read, A WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR FUTURE! Inside were pictures of young maidens doing hunter stuff, chasing monsters, shooting bows. There were captions like: HEALTH BENEFITS: IMMORTALITY AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU! and A BOY-FREE TOMORROW!"I found that in Annabeths backpack," Grover said.I stared at him. "I dont understand.""Well, it seems to me… maybe Annabeth was thinking about joining."Id like to say I took the news well.The truth was, I wanted to strangle the Hunters of Artemis one eternal maiden at a time." - Author: Rick Riordan

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"I saw someone peeing in Jermym Street the other day. I thought, is this the end of civilization as we know it? Or is it simply someone peeing in Jermyn Street?" - Author: Alan Bennett

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"If I behave like a good boy and take my Prozac...then I wont be able to write anymore. Ill have Writers block from not being able to communicate with the characters in my mind." - Author: Timothy Pina

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"A country that cannot feed itself cannot have self-pride, and in the mid-60s 20 percent of all the wheat produced in America came into India. We were agriculturally a basket case. And 15 years later, 20 years later, we have become an agricultural power. This is the famous Green Revolution." - Author: Jairam Ramesh

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"The problem began with his telomeres. What is a telomere? Picture the little plastic bits on the end of your shoelaces. Imagine each time you tie your shoes, you have to clip off a little bit of that plastic part to get it to go through the lace holes. After youve done this enough times, the plastic tip is gone and the shoelace starts to unravel. Once the laces unravel enough, its impossible to tie your shoes, and you walk around looking like a goober." - Author: Scott Sigler