[He's Never Fought With Religion; What Is The Point Of Railing Against Such Beauty, Such Intimate Theatre, Such Chime Of Eternity? He Can Treasure It Without Believing In It.]

Author: Ian McDonald Quotes

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Robert McChesney Quotes

"The public gets not one penny from them in return for those airwaves."

Thea Nishimori Quotes

"Character is how you treat people who cant do anything for you in return.Integrity is how you act when you think nobody is looking."

Donna Marie Quotes

"Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime."

Kathleen ODell Quotes

"If she also heard Mrs. Glendoveers voice warning her against this ill-advised adventure, she did not listen. She felt too bright inside."

Saif Alsaegh Quotes

"Wisdomis in the insane asylums.The endis in the everyday-pale smiles"

Eric Temple Bell Quotes

"These estimates may well be enhanced by one from F. Klein (1849-1925), the leading German mathematician of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Mathematics in general is fundamentally the science of self-evident things. ... If mathematics is indeed the science of self-evident things, mathematicians are a phenomenally stupid lot to waste the tons of good paper they do in proving the fact. Mathematics is abstract and it is hard, and any assertion that it is simple is true only in a severely technical sense—that of the modern postulational method which, as a matter of fact, was exploited by Euclid. The assumptions from which mathematics starts are simple; the rest is not."

Odette Annable Quotes

"I like second chances. Ive given people second chances. You have fall-outs with friends, and forgiveness is a great thing to have. Its not easy to forgive. I definitely dont forget, but I do forgive."

Claudia Black Quotes

"My boyfriends idea of a lesson was to take me on a black diamond run in the middle of a hail storm and say, Go! Ski patrol had to escort me to another lift to get me down the mountain. No, that wasnt humiliating, not at all."

Sara Teasdale Quotes

"I went back to the clanging city, I went back where my old loves stayed, But my heart was full of my new loves glory, My eyes were laughing and unafraid.I met one who had loved me madly And told his love for all to hear -- But we talked of a thousand things together, The past was buried too deep to fear.I met the other, whose love was given With never a kiss and scarcely a word -Oh, it was then the terror took me Of words unuttered that breathed and stirred.Oh, love that lives its life with laughter Or love that lives its life with tears Can die - but love that is never spoken Goes like a ghost through the winding years…I went back to the clanging city, I went back where my old loves stayed, My heart was full of my new loves glory, - But my eyes were suddenly afraid."

Jenna Woginrich Quotes

"You can put off your dreams, your desires, your careers, your farms. You can avoid your responsibilities, obligations, promises, and sovereign rights. But any person who wants to make music, and doesnt, is a goddamned fool."

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Quotes About Appreciating The Little Things In Life

"Good programming, like good books, asks a little more of the viewer. But no executive today will risk having the viewer bored for even a minute." - Author: Fareed Zakaria

Quotes About Warrior Code

"Our code is different from the warrior code. It reaches across boundaries. To us, every cat is simply that — a cat, with the same right to life as any other. We made a promise to heal and protect, remember?" - Author: Erin Hunter

Quotes About Repeating History Mistakes

"An important book for understanding the history of our economic boom & bust cycles. Its an eye-opening account of how we are repeating the mistakes of the 1760s, 1850s, and 1920s. The author is a brilliant writer and is so good at explaining even the most complex subjects in a compelling & easy to understand way. The next crash will be painful but its important to understand what is being done to us, and how we can learn from history and take action." - Author: Thom Hartmann

Quotes About Vanna

"If thou hadst thy will what wouldst thou reserve?" said Manwe. "Of all thy realm what dost thou hold dearest?"All have their worth," said Yavanna, "and each contributes to the worth of the others. But the kelvar can flee or defend themselves, whereas the olvar that grow cannot. And among these I hold trees dear. Long in the growing, swift shall they be in the felling, and unless they pay toll with fruit upon their bough little mourned in their passing. So I see in my thought, would that the trees might speak on behalf of all things that have roots, and punish those that wrong them!" - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Emotionless

"emotionless tone hurting as much as the news" - Author: Dan Brown

Quotes About Calendula

"Living as a couple never means that each gets half. You must take turns at giving more than getting. Its not the same as a bow to the other whether to dine out rather than in, or which one gets massaged that evening with oil of calendula; there are seasons in the life of a couple that function, I think, a little like a night watch. One stands guard, often for a long time, providing the serenity in which the other can work at something. Usually that something is sinewy and full of spines. One goes inside the dark place while the other one stays outside, holding up the moon." - Author: Marlena De Blasi

Quotes About Crossing Bridges

"Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own." - Author: Nikos Kazantzakis

Quotes About Seeger

"Thats Pete Seeger, Joy said, indicating the snake with a nod. Baker beaned im, Dad stuffed im, and I named im." - Author: Mohja Kahf

Quotes About Firmness

"Between any trial and the blessing that comes from that trial, there is a pathway we must walk — that pathway is perseverance. Perseverance means having an urgency, firmness, resolve, and consistency. And, while the joy of the blessing may seem a long way off, signposts or mile markers of joy line the way. These will help us persevere with resolve and consistency if we "consider" them." - Author: Lysa TerKeurst

Quotes About Old Fisherman

"Believe me, I know all about bottle acoustics. I spent much of the sixth century in an old sesame oil jar, corked with wax, bobbing about in the Red Sea. No one heard my hollers. In the end an old fisherman set me free, by which time I was desperate enough to grant him several wishes. I erupted in the form of a smoking giant, did a few lightning bolts, and bent to ask him his desire. Poor old boy had dropped dead of a heart attack. There should be a moral there, but for the life of me I cant see one." - Author: Jonathan Stroud