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Author: H.M. Forester Quotes

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Fatima Bhutto Quotes

"My CountryI dont have any caps left made back homeNor any shoes that trod your roadsIve worn out your last shirt quite long agoIt was of Sile clothNow you only remain in the whiteness of my hairIntact in my heartNow you only remain in the whiteness of my hairIn the lines of my foreheadMy country-Nazim Hikmet"

Scopes Trial Quotes

"Q: But what do you think that the Bible, itself, says? Dont you know how it was arrived at?A: I never made a calculationQ: What do you think?A: I do not think about things I dont think about.Q: Do you think about things you do think about?A: Well, sometimes."

Jean Piaget Quotes

"To express the same idea in still another way, I think that human knowledge is essentially active."

Gerald Griffin Quotes

"There cannot be any better cross-section of America and I think the soldiers represent the best we have. Todays soldiers are brighter and smarter, perhaps in a different way, than past generations because theyve been brought up in the computer and information age."

Stan Getz Quotes

"A good quartet is like a good conversation among friends interacting to each others ideas."

MP Shiel Quotes

"The habit is now confirmed in me of spending the greater part of the day in sleep, while by night I wander far and wide through the city under the sedative influence of a tincture which has become necessary to my life"

Ryan Formanes Quotes

"Earth is a place of limited illusions..."

Sophie Hunger Quotes

"Home is where I am. Sadly, I dont need a history to be able to exist somewhere."

Paul Dermee Quotes

"Those letters under the doorA new lifeThe war at a distanceand my drinking glass that smokesA brightness crowns the universe("Two Poems")"

Hugh Bonneville Quotes

"Everyone at some point in their lives feels excluded and misunderstood."

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Quotes About Communist Revolution

"From the point of view of the Chinese Communist Party, the greatest casualties of the Cultural Revolution were the Partys prestige and its ability to govern. Pg. 539" - Author: Nien Cheng

Quotes About Marsh

"We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country -- its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices, its marshes and swamps." - Author: Sun Tzu

Quotes About How Much Friends Mean To Me

"by the time Micah and I managed to find a way to be by ourselves for a few minutes my nerves were raw and I was sort of clinging to him. Id forgotten how much I hated get-togethers like this; it was just too many people who were work friends at best, work acquaintances, or near strangers. Touching Micah helped, but it had been years since Id been at a large party where I didnt have more of my lovers with me, and those parties had also been vampire and wereanimal events, which meant it wasnt the same kind of socializing, or they were already my friends. I hadnt realized how much I relied on touching my lovers, having them help out with the small talk, or having someone to huddle in the corner with and hate the social together. Micah was better at it than I was, but he held me tight, too, his hands stroking my back." - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Quotes About Delany

"I sat on the bench by the willows and at my honey bun and read Triton. There are some awful things in the world, its true, but there are also some great books. When I grow up I would like to write something that someone could read sitting on a bench on a day that isnt all that warm and they could sit reading it and totally forget where they were or what time it was so that they were more inside the book than inside their own head. Id like to write like Delany or Heinlein or Le Guin." - Author: Jo Walton

Quotes About I Have Learnt

"A child will behave as he has been taught. Tolerance is one of the first lessons to be learnt." - Author: Vikrant Parsai

Quotes About Christmas Music

"Our world was Northern, black and white, so it was a great thing for my sisters and me to sit down at Christmastime and watch these fabulous MGM musicals. All that color, all those beautiful costumes." - Author: Tracie Bennett

Quotes About Lonely Wife

"What do you have to worry about? That youre lonely? That you have a mortgage? That your wife doesnt love you? F you, F you. I have to worry about having enough to eat!" - Author: Sherman Alexie

Quotes About Forgeting

"Never Forget Who You Are Beacause Its Like Forgetingg Water Is Wet,The Sun Is Bright,Snow Is Cold.Its Rudunent." - Author: Andrew Fukuda

Quotes About The Woods In The Scarlet Letter

"Screend is this nook oer the high, half-reapd field, And here till sundown, Shepherd, will I be. Through the thick corn the scarlet poppies peep, And round green roots and yellowing stalks I see Pale blue convolvulus in tendrils creep: And air-swept lindens yield Their scent, and rustle down their perfumed showers Of bloom on the bent grass where I am laid, And bower me from the August sun with shade; And the eye travels down to Oxfords towers..." - Author: Matthew Arnold

Quotes About Spiritualita

"Jelikož postrádáme univerzální spiritualitu, redukujeme ji na soupeřící náboženství, což je závažné snižování víry na subjektivní názor, nikoli duchovní moudrost a otevřenost, a na centralistické, autoritářské církevní instituce. Zeptejte se někoho na jeho náboženství a on vám s největší pravděpodobností řekne, ke které organizaci patří, čemu věří nebo do kterého kostela chodí. Nebude mluvit o svých metodách rozjímání ani o své službě lidstvu. Nezmíní se o svém životním poslání ani o své morálce a vizi. Lidé dnes uvažují o náboženství jako o nějaké věci, jako o instituci. Mnozí tudíž opouštějí slovo náboženství a místo toho používají spiritualita." - Author: Thomas Moore