[Hillingham First Saw The Women By The Dwile Flonkers. He Had Spent The Day Walking Around Dover's Hill, The Shallow Amphitheatre Where The Cotswold Olimpick Games Took Place And Had Taken, He Thought, Some Good Photographs So Far. The Place Was Heaving And He Had Captured Some Of That, He Hoped; The Shifting Bustle As People Flocked From Event To Event And Laughed And Shouted And Ate And Drank. The Sound Of Cymbals And Mandolins And Violins And Guitars Filled The Air About The Crowd, Leaping Around The Brightly Costumed Figures And The Smells Of Roasting Meat And Open Fires.("The Cotswold Olimpicks")]

Author: Reggie Oliver Quotes

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"If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately in the world then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel know and value deeply."

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"I think the harder you work, the more luck you have."

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"Freedom like charity, begins at home. No man is worthy to fight in the cause of freedom unless he has conquered his internal masters. He must learn control and discipline over the disastrous passions that would lead him to folly and ruin. He must conquer inordinate vanity and anger, self-deception, fear, and inhibition."

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"Tony knew me both as an athlete and as a person. He cared for me like a father."

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"Love transforms pleasure into pain."

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"What if times not linear, the way people think it is? What if the past, present and future are all going on at the same time, only theyre separated by- oh, I dont know- a kind of gauze or something. And maybe there are people that can see through that gauze."

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"By the time I was a young man, I was pretty independent."

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"A cold wind raced across the surrounding fields of wild grass, turning the land into a heaving dark-green ocean. It sighed up through the branches of cherry trees and rattled the thick leaves. Sometimes a cherry would break loose, tumble in the gale, fall and split, filling the night with its fragrance. The air was iron and loam and growth. He walked and tried to pull these things into his lungs, the silence and coolness of them.But someone was screaming, deep inside him. Someone was talking. ("Hunger")"

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"Money may be a good servant, but for sure it is a bad master"

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"But there is one cool thingabout having a weirdo mother.She works so hard at rememberingwhere she left herselfshe doesnt have timeto work on me."

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"All children, as long as they still live in the mystery, are continuously occupied in their souls with the only thing that is important, which is themselves and their enigmatic relationship with the world around them. Seekers and wise people return to these preoccupations as they mature. Most people, however, forget and leave forever this inner world of the truly significant very early in their lives. Like lost souls they wander about for their entire lives in the multicolored maze of worries, wishes, and goals, none of which dwells in their innermost being and none of which leads them to their innermost core and home." - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"So that the new generation that will be born can enjoy happiness. To pay the cost we will have to shoulder corpses and cross a river of blood(Riza Hawkeye -- Fullmetal Alchemist)" - Author: Hiromu Arakawa

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"Ebola haunted Zaire because of corruption and political repression. The virus had no secret powers, nor was it unusually contagious. For centuries Ebola had lurked in the jungles of central Africa. Its emergence into human populations required the special assistance of humanitys greatest vices : greed, corruption, arrogance, tyranny, and callousness." - Author: Laurie Garrett

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"Treating Abuse Today 3(4) pp. 26-33TAT: No. I dont know anymore than you know theyre not. But, Im talking about boundaries and privacy here. As a therapist working with survivors, I have been harassed by people who claim to be affiliated with the false memory movement. Parents and other family members have called or written me insisting on talking with me about my patients cases, despite my clearly indicating I cant because of professional confidentiality. I have had other parents and family members investigate me -- look into my professional background -- hoping to find something to discredit me to the patients I was seeing at the time because they disputed their memories. This isnt the kind of sober, scientific discourse you all claim you want." - Author: David L. Calof

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"I had survived the work gangs in the ghetto. Baked bread under cover of night. Hidden in a pigeon coop. Had a midnight bar mitzvah in the basement of an abandoned building. I had watched my parents be taken away to their deaths, had avoided Amon Goeth and his dogs, had survived the salt mines of Wieliczka and the sick games of Trzebinia. I had done so much to live, and now, here, the Nazis were going to take all that away with their furnace!I started to cry, the first tears I had shed since Moshe died. Why had I worked so hard to survive if it was always going to end like this? If I had known, I wouldnt have bothered. I would have let them kill me back in the ghetto. It would have been easier that way. All that I had done was for nothing." - Author: Alan Gratz

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"As a newborn baby breathes and cries, so the signs of life in a newborn Christian are faith and repentance, inhaling the love of God and exhaling an initial cry of distress. And at that point what God provides, exactly as for a newborn infant, is the comfort, protection, and nurturing promise of a mother."If God is our father, the church is our mother." The words are those of the Swiss Reformer John Calvin ... it is as impossible, unnecessary, and undesirable to be a Christian all by yourself as it is to be a newborn baby all by yourself." - Author: N.T. Wright