[His Eyes Beheld Beauty Not In Reality But In The Printed Word. Standing In The Waiting-room, He Realized That In His Life He Had Accepted Secondary Experience -- The Experience Of Reading Someone Else's Thoughts -- Over Real Life.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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JB McGee Quotes

"Our tears are the rain, our cries are the thunder, and the lightning is the sword stabbing us right where it hurts the most,"

Gino Segre Quotes

"Some individuals have the courage to make it, even feel the need to do so; for them the quest is a necessity, not an option. Most people setting out on such journeys are never heard from again, but part of the romance of any field lies in keeping the dream alive, in not settling for what is familiar and comfortable."

Mohammed Hanif Quotes

"Alice Bhatti walks the walk of someone who thinks they can overcome their fear by taking measured steps."

Tony Mann Quotes

"Dr. Asa Don Brown has successfully managed to amalgamate his own profound insights with centuries old wisdom and contemporary psychology to produce an unique, lucid and pragmatic work. His book will undoubtedly inspire those seeking inspiration, educate those seeking an education, and edify those seeking an edification. In a world where many are often making more but feeling less, this book will be a welcome addition to aid them in reconciling this frustrating chasm."

Steve Shadrach Quotes

"Jesus spent three decades allowing the Father to prepare Him for three short years of ministry."

Raymond Holliwell Quotes

"You must see first before you can believe."

Wes Montgomery Quotes

"Ive really gone into business since I got the 6 string, which was like starting all over."

Jacques Delors Quotes

"Therefore one should speak at the same time of national citizenship and wider European citizenship."

Dan Bergstein Quotes

"Its curling ribbon, but you dont have to curl it. You dont have to do everything the ribbon tells you to do. Dont live your life like that."

Youka Nitta Quotes

"Fate is but a dying wish... Of a world that is beyond control. Like a single lotus flower, the future blossoms; Upon its petals, two people shall be free."

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Quotes About Symmetry In Art

"I know from grim experience that there is a beauty to her inner layers, too. Marvels of symmetry and craftsmanship sealed away inside her like the jewelled movements of a timepiece, fine works of art never meant to be seen." - Author: Isaac Marion

Quotes About Private Love

"Oh! that look of love!" continued he, between his teeth, as he bolted himself into his own private room. "And that cursed lie; which showed some terrible shame in the background, to be kept from the light in which I thought she lived perpetually! Oh, Margaret, Margaret! Mother, how you have tortured me! Oh! Margaret, could you not have loved me? I am but uncouth and hard, but I would never have led you into any falsehood for me." - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell

Quotes About Musicians And Singers

"A lot of cats in New Orleans, very soulful, very soulful musicians and they assume that theyre singers. And they just make that assumption. And so when theres a little intonation problem, people are very forgiving of them because they heard how soulful they play." - Author: Wendell Pierce

Quotes About Perfectionist Person

"I am they type of person that once I make a decision, I must execute. Maybe I am a perfectionist in this way." - Author: Brad Dourif

Quotes About Tony Blair

"I mean that the time where we need International agreement more than ever on the environment and the rest, poverty we are breaking up our International Institutions and the rule of law and Tony Blair is part of it." - Author: Clare Short

Quotes About Spreading Lies

"Why, lies are like a sticky juice overspreading the world, a living, growing flypaper to catch and gum the wings of every human soul. . . And the little helpless buzzings of honest, liberal, kindly people, arent they like the thin little noise flies make when theyre caught?" - Author: John Dos Passos

Quotes About Account Executives

"I have learned to respect ideas, wherever they come from. Often they come from clients. Account executives often have big creative ideas, regardless of what some writers think." - Author: Leo Burnett

Quotes About Curiosity And Love

"...Grimacing, I plunged a hand into the fouled water to clear the clog, morbid curiosity drawing my youthful eyes to the gray globs of gore floating upon the surface. It was not horror that seized my imagination so much as wonder: sixty years of dreams and desires, hunger and hope, love and longing, blasted away in a single explosive instant, mind and brain. The mind of Erasmus Gray was gone; the remnants of its vessel floated, as light and insubstantial as popcorn, in the water. Which fluffy bit held your ambition, Erasmus Gray? Which speck your pride? Ah, how absurd the primping and preening of our race! Is it not the ultimate arrogance to believe we are more than is contained in our biology? What counterarguments may be put forth, what valid objections raised, to the claim of Ecclesiastes, "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity"?" - Author: Rick Yancey

Quotes About Favourite Singer

"I am back in London in a couple of days and looking forward to Sunday. Here is what we are doing. 1. Going to see my favourite mad transgender folk singer at the Roundhouse. 2. Then I am going to feed you tapas in a little place by Mornington Crescent. 3. Then we will go home in opposite directions and I will stare at my silent phone for weeks, wondering what happened. Or we will go for a dirty hump on Primrose Hill. Or maybe we will just have an awkward kiss/hug loaded with the promise of more next time." - Author: Lucy Robinson

Quotes About Guys You Like

"I usually give guys like tha twenty or fifty euros; whatevers in me wallet, ya know? But youve opened my eyes and so from now on, I think Im gonna just take them out for a meal instead," I said"Really? Well how about if I dress up like a homeless person, will you take me out for a meal?" said Ashling and my heart started to beat a little bit faster because I knew that she wouldnt even be joking about that unless she wanted a second date with me." - Author: Ronan OBrien