[His Soul Really Shone In The Dark Desperation Of Our Prison . . . [Bonhoeffer] Had Always Been Afraid That He Would Not Be Strong Enough To Stand Such A Test But Now He Knew There Was Nothing In Life Of Which One Need Ever Be Afraid.]

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Hideaki Anno Quotes

"God knows Im not perfect, either. Ive made tons of stupid mistakes, and later I regretted them. And Ive done it over and over again, thousands of times; a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself-Misato Katsuragi"

Norm Crosby Quotes

"When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who werent smart enough to get out of jury duty."

Benjamin Whichcote Quotes

"Among politicians the esteem of religion is profitable; the principles of it are troublesome."

MS Golwalkar Quotes

"This is our sacred land, Bharat, a land whose glories are sung by theGods, a land visualized by Mahayogi Aurobindo as the living manifestationof the Divine Mother of the universe, the Jaganmaataa, the Aadishakti,the Mahaamaayaa, the Mahaadurgaa, Who has assumed concrete form toenable us to see Her and worship Her,...a land worshipped by all our seers andsages as Maatrubhoomi, Dharmabhoomi, Karmabhoomi and Punybhoomi, averitable Devabhoomi and Mokshabhoomi" -"

TW Zugger Quotes

"Failure is an experience, not a definition."

George Borrow Quotes

"Theres night and day, brother, both sweet things; sun, moon, and stars, brother, all sweet things; theres likewise a wind on the heath. Life is very sweet, brother; who would wish to die?"

Carlos Mesa Quotes

"Bolivia is not yet a country of equals."

Lily White Quotes

"I capture women. I break them down. And I rebuild them. And I am not a good man."

Isolde Martyn Quotes

"And there are no words left, try as men may, to describe that little death, that incandescent instant when, transacted with mutual love, there is no difference between sweet submission and exquisite conquest."

Florence Weinberger Quotes

"My mothers deathchanged the alchemy of food.Holidays run together nowlike ungrooved rivers. I forgetwhat they are for. I buy bakery goods.They look deadunder the blue lights.I dont do anything the way she taught mebut I get fat.I dont look like her and I dont soundlike her, but I stand like her."

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Quotes About Hum

"Living in a family where all the interactions are superficial and shallow can cause a wound that may limit capacity for meaningful connections with others. Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, rejection, extreme punishment, humiliation, ridicule, and abandonment can also be the source of unhealed wounds." - Author: Linda Bloom

Quotes About Complexity And Simplicity

"History is a litany of injustice, no one denies it. But when has a simple solution ever been anything but evil? Only in complexity do we find answers. Through complexity men struggle towards fairness; it is slow and clumsy, but its the only way. Simplicity demands too great a sacrifice. It always has." - Lestat" - Author: Anne Rice

Quotes About Child Development

"Coonskin caps and silly putty were just not going to cut it anymore. The good mother got her kids toys that were educational, that advanced gross and fine motor skills, that gave them the spatial sensibilities and design aptitude of Frank Lloyd Wright, and that taught Johnny how to read James Joyce at age three. God forbid that one second should pass where your child was idle and that you were not doing everything you could to promote his or her emotional, cognitive, imaginative, quantitative, or muscular development." - Author: Susan Douglas

Quotes About Parent Child Relationship

"Theres a really unique relationship between a single parent and their child. Marriages so easily break up. Theres kind of this temporary deal about marriages. Thats one of the things that makes it stressful, and thats something thats nonexistent in a parent-child relationship." - Author: Jeremy Sisto

Quotes About Because Of You

"(Feedback) People become addicted to it. Thats why journalism is so popular, because you want to hear, every day, what people think of what you just wrote. I think a little patience on that front can be good, too." - Author: Zadie Smith

Quotes About Poorly

"My work is whatever I want it to be, and I report to no one regularly. The head librarian -- the man in charge of the Universitys entire collection -- is a figurehead, well-to-do and poorly read, with whom I have only perfunctory contact." - Author: Martha Cooley

Quotes About Dark Forests

"...that swimming, sloping, elusive something about the dark-bluish tint of the iris which seemed still to retain the shadows it had absorbed of ancient, fabulous forests where there were more birds than tigers and more fruit than thorns, and where, in some dappled depth, mans mind had been born..." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Christianity Being False

"Christianity is realistic because it says that if there is no truth, there is also no hope; and there can be no truth if there is no adequate base. It is prepared to face the consequences of being proved false and say with Paul: If you find the body of Christ, the discussion is finished, let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. It leaves absolutely no room for a romantic answer." - Author: Francis August Schaeffer

Quotes About Destroy

"With its population made up of two categories of people, those who do business and those upon whom they prey, the city has only a painful life to offer the young person who goes there to learn and to study; for sooner or later anyone who lives there, whatever his constitution, becomes disturbed and is eventually deranged and destroyed by the city, often in the most deadly and insidious manner." - Author: Thomas Bernhard

Quotes About Tolstoy Marriage

"Tolstoy meant that, in order to be happy, a marriage must succeed in many different respects: sexual attraction, agreement about money, child discipline, religion, in-laws, and other vital issues." - Author: Jared Diamond