[History Is But The Record Of The Public And Official Acts Of Human Beings. It Is Our Object, Therefore, To Humanize Our History And Deal With People Past And Present; People Who Ate And Possibly Drank; People Who Were Born, Flourished And Died; Not Grave Tragedians, Posing Perpetually For Their Photographs.]

Author: Bill Nye Quotes

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"This is just another man, another fight, another payday."

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"The public relations warriors fought and lost Monte Carlos Battle of the Magazine Covers."

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"Youre too damn beautiful for your own good.Hell,youre too damn beautiful for my own good"

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"Long time I been on my own, but now really Im alone. I survive the killing, the starving, all the hate of the Khmer Rouge, but I think maybe now I will die of this, of broken heart."

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"If you want it to be good girl Get yourself a bad boy"

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"If you love him or her, then act like it!"

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"Dignity is not a symbol bestowed on man, nor does the word itself possess force. Mans dignity is a force and the only modus vivendi by which man and his history survive. When mid-twentieth century Germany did not let man live and die with this right, man became an animal. No matter how technologically advanced or sophisticated, when man negates this divine right, he not only becomes self-destructive, but castrates his history and poisons our future. This is what The Nazi Drawings are about."

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"My wifes hip, beautiful and independent and never jealous."

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"Vielleicht wird unser Vorurteil auch dadurch bestärkt, daß es – von außen gesehen – oft vom Leben Begünstigte zu sein scheinen, […] denen wir daher sozusagen das Recht nicht zusprechen wollen, daß sie erkrankten; kennt man ihre Lebensgeschichte, wird man seine Meinung revidieren müssen; letztlich leiden wir alle an nicht genügend verarbeiteter Vergangenheit; bei wem sie so beschaffen war, daß er sein Leben dennoch fruchtbar gestalten konnte, weil er aus ihr mehr Hilfen als Schädigungen mitbekam, der sollte aus der Dankbarkeit dafür Verständnis und Toleranz gegenüber den weniger Glücklichen aufbringen."

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"Anybody who claims to read the entire paper every day is either the worlds fastest reader or the worlds biggest liar."

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"If librarianship is the connecting of people to ideas – and I believe that is the truest definition of what we do – it is crucial to remember that we must keep and make available, not just good ideas and noble ideas, but bad ideas, silly ideas, and yes, even dangerous or wicked ideas." - Author: Graceanne A. Decandido

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"Near the docks downtown he swerves off the highway and races the cab toward the end of a deserted parking area and it hits me somewhere, now, this moment, when he drives into and then over a dilapidated, rust-covered aluminum fence, heading toward water, that all I have to do is put the Walkman on, blot out the sound of the cabdriver, but my hands are twisted into paralyzed fists that I cant unclench, held captive in the cab as it hurtles toward a destination only the cabdriver, who is obviously deranged, knows. The windows are rolled down partially and I can feel the cool morning air drying the mousse on my scalp. I feel naked, suddenly tiny. My mouth tastes metallic, then it gets worse. My vision: a winter road. But Im left with one comforting thought: I am rich - millions are not." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis

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"My father was in Ataturks closest group. They lived together during the War of Liberation in Turkey." - Author: Ahmet Ertegun

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"You always know more than you think you know without being aware of it. You always remember best what has hurt most.Memory is a reflex of the pain. Knowledge is the memory of the pain combined with the unconsciousness which we rationalize via dreams or by means of reading literature. It is impossible to learn from someone elses experience unless we dont assume this experience as our owns, which we can achieve only by living it anew and from scratch. We can not live our lives at someone elses expense. Only life fraught with dangers and risks and lived as your owns deserves its name. Only selfish people do not live their lives as if they do not belong entirely to them. Cowardice equals a life that you refuse to live at its fullest and at its most dangerous." - Author: Martin Walser

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"As someone who grew up in tough circumstances, I know that being on public assistance is not a spot that anyone wants to be in." - Author: Dean Heller

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"... for me the number one reason is that us people with autism love the greenness of nature. ... Our fondness for nature is, I think, a little bit different to everyone elses. Im guessing that what touches you in nature is the beauty of the trees and the flowers and things. But to us people with special needs, nature is as important as our own lives. The reason is that when we look at nature, we receive a sort of permission to be alive in this world, and our entire bodies get recharged. However often, were ignored and pushed away by other people, nature will always give us a good big hug, here inside our hearts. The greenness of nature is the lives of plants and trees. Green is life. And thats the reason we love to go for walks." - Author: Naoki Higashida

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"Aki tökéletesen okos és komoly, az képtelen élni. Minél jobban eltávolodik tőlem, Balgaságtól valaki, annál kevésbé él. Ugyan miért, mi okból csókolgatjuk, ölelgetjük a kisgyermekeket, ha nem azért, mert olyan csodálatosan balgák még. S mi más teszi az ifjúságot oly vonzóvá?" - Author: Johan Huizinga

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"We are rag dolls made out of many ages and skins, changelings who have slept in wood nests or hissed in the uncouth guise of waddling amphibians. We have played such roles for infinitely longer ages than we have been men. Our identity is a dream. We are process, not reality, for reality is an illusion of the daylight — the light of our particular day." - Author: Loren Eiseley

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"We hold this myth to be potentialNot self-evident but equationalAnother DimensionOf another kind of Living Life" - Author: Sun Ra

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"Wolves regularly attacked their rivals in power, so the idea of killing to gain position was neither alien nor repulsive to her. The use of assassins she had filed as yet another of the curious tools - like swords and bows — that humans created to make up for their lack of personal armament. What she still had to puzzle through was the subtle strategies involved in killing those who were expected to inherit power rather than those who held the power itself." - Author: Jane Lindskold