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Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Colin Nissan Quotes

"Snorkel through our vibrant menagerie of fish and marine life, each one of which has been clearly tagged and labeled for your convenience. Do you think the jokers at Sandals would do that for you? Weve stocked our ivory reef with disparate creatures from all over the world, creating a lavishly unbalanced ecosystem that you have to see to believe. Often the things that nature never intended are the most fun to look at."

Isobelle Carmody Quotes

"Maruman does not loll."

Kathleen Norris Quotes

"Laundry, liturgy and womens work all serve to ground us in the world, and they need not grind us down. Our daily tasks, whether we perceive them as drudgery or essential, life-supporting work, do not define who we are as women or as human beings."

Siddhartha Choudhary Quotes

"life is a video game, only difference is that you dont always get three chances!"

Julia Butterfly Hill Quotes

"Im a poster child for Luddites. It was a challenge for me to open myself up the tech world."

Farish A Noor Quotes

"Odd, some might think. Why someone would need to travel so far to find oneself. Surely a look in the mirror would suffice, and wouldnt that be cheaper too? But the mirror lies, and the eyes that do the looking conspire too."

Liz Armbruster Quotes

"In what you say of another, apply the test of kindness, necessity and truth, and let nothing pass your lips without a 2/3 majority."

Marquez Gabriel Garcia Quotes

"(...) passado dez anos, as mulheres têm três vezes por mês o período."

Pankaj Mishra Quotes

"The hope that fuels the pursuit of endless economic growth – that billions of consumers in India & China will one day enjoy the lifestyles of Europeans and Americans – is as absurd & dangerous a fantasy as anything dreamt up by Al-Qaeda. It condemns the global environment to early destruction & looks set to create reservoirs of nihilistic rage & disappointment among hundreds of millions of have-nots – the bitter outcome of the universal triumph of Western Modernity, which turns the revenge of the East into something darkly ambiguous, and all its victories truly Pyrrhic."

Malin Akerman Quotes

"I love seeing when actors go from one genre to the next because I feel like most of them can pull it off."

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Quotes About Monsoon

"I will insist you be man enough to take it. I wont have you making light of my feelings, or making light of yourself—as if youre not worthy of them. Because you are worthy, Colin. Youre a generous, good-hearted person, and you deserve to be loved. Deeply, truly, well, and often."He looked utterly bewildered. Well, what did he expect, after the power hed given her? He couldnt compare a woman to a torrentially beautiful monsoon, and then look surprised that hed gotten wet. "You reckless man." She laid a touch to his cheek. "You really should be more careful with those compliments." - Author: Tessa Dare

Quotes About Talking With Others

"Public truth telling is a form of recovery, especially when combined with social action. Sharing traumatic experiences with others enables victims to reconstruct repressed memory, mourn loss, and master helplessness, which is traumas essential insult. And, by facilitating reconnection to ordinary life, the public testimony helps survivors restore basic trust in a just world and overcome feelings of isolation. But the talking cure is predicated on the existence of a community willing to bear witness. Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships, write Judith Herman. It cannot occur in isolation." - Author: Lawrence N. Powell

Quotes About Prague

"If Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Cracow, Warsaw, and Berlin belong to Europe, then why not Leningrad, why not Moscow--indeed, why stop before Vladivostok? It is all part of Eurasia, there is no state frontier between...I would like to think of myself as some utopian son of Europe, able to touch the Pacific at San Francisco with one outstretched arm and at Vladivostok with the other, and keeping the peace everywhere within my embrace." - Author: George Konrád

Quotes About Loch Lomond

"Old Woman Nora of Loch LomondTo her three wee Grandaughters one cold night." - Author: Karen Hawkins

Quotes About Leon

"Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks."-Don Vito Corleone" - Author: Mario Puzo

Quotes About Deathblow

"Will was making a speech, something about having been young and careless once, the sort of thing old-timers said when they issued a deathblow, as if they thought their sanctimonious ramblings disguised as empathy would be welcomed, but Evie was only half listening." - Author: Libba Bray

Quotes About Broken Pieces Of The Heart

"Ive been broken and shes my missing pieces, all of them. My heart wants what it wants. She is the other half of my soul. I will never feel whole until shes mine." - Author: Christine Zolendz

Quotes About Pets Death

"A battle cry" Mr. Bennet said "is a warriors calling card. Only it does not say Good afternoon. I have come for tea and crumpets. It says Death has come for you! Flee or be killed where you stand!" - Author: Steve Hockensmith

Quotes About Decebel

"Have you wondered what our babies would have looked like?" Jen asked absently as she frowned inwardly trying to picture the future she might have had with her wolf."Baby this isnt really the time to discuss our babies. Lets focus on who is carrying you so that I can get you back so that we can make babies."Jen groaned and felt the arms around her tighten which brought a gasp from her. Decebel must have sensed her pain as she felt his worry."Im okay, just hurts." Jen actually felt a smile spread across her face, "So you want to make babies with me?"This time when Decebel laughed she swore she could feel his hands run down her sides to her waist."Only you would want to discuss making babies at a time like this.""Well you have to admit that its a better topic than my nearly being killed and now being kidnapped. Seriously Dec, Id much rather think about us making babies." - Author: Quinn Loftis

Quotes About Hell Hath No Fury

"Hell hath no fury like a hustler with a literary agent." - Author: Frank Sinatra