[How Is The Base Sequence, Divided Into Codons? There Is Nothing In The Backbone Of The Nucleic Acid, Which Is Perfectly Regular, To Show Us How To Group The Bases Into Codons.]

Author: Francis Crick Quotes

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"Carmen will always be free."

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"Anh không thể để một chuyện có thể không bao giờ xảy ra hủy hoại cuộc đời anh"

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"Your present is what you live, but your past is what you carry."

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"There probably are, but you would need a thaumaturge for that.They have books upon books of old magic. We only have Google."

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"Now (obviously) a sentences truth—even when we hold the sentences meaning fixed—depends on which world we are considering. "Brown is Prime Minister" is true in the actual world but, since Brown need not have been Prime Minister, there are countless worlds in which "Brown is Prime Minister" is false: in those worlds, Brown did not succeed Tony Blair, or never went into politics, or never even existed. And in some other worlds, someone else is Prime Minister — David Cameron, P. F. Strawson, me, Madonna, or Daffy Duck. In still others, there is no such office as Prime Minister, or not even a Britain; and so on and so forth. So a given sentence or proposition varies its truth-value from world to world."

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"Women are the harshest critics of other women."

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"The dead, Your Honor, do not agonize over their crimes and do not long to be happy, as you know. If from time to time we hear the opposite, then those are just trivial religious and poetical exaggerations and ridiculous rumors, which have nothing to do with the real circumstances of the simple dead."

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"Is a dream the ultimate freedom, or the ultimate prison?"

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"This is just another man, another fight, another payday."

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"What do you mean, my life is at risk?" I questioned. "From one of the other professors?""Oh, it goes much deeper than that, Freddy," he said with a half crazed, wide eyed smile. Leaning in, he whispered, "I stole something."

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"And how old are you, Miss Beckett?" "Seventeen." "What!" There is no way shes seventeen. I inspect her face, studying it intently, but dont know what it is I hope to find. Laugh lines maybe? She watches my face. "Is my age a problem for you?""Hell, yeah, seventeen is a problem." I throw my napkin on the table. All of this has been a waste. "Forget it all. This whole thing is off." "I dont act seventeen. Im very mature for my age.""No way. Youre not even old enough to be drinking that wine." I lean in and whisper so no one will overhear. "Im almost twice your age." "I dont mind. I have daddy issues." She breaks into a huge grin and I hear a girlish giggle. Thats when I realize shes fucking with me and has the ability to lie with a straight face. Ill have to remember that for future reference. Im not amused. "I see I have a comedienne on my hands." - Author: Georgia Cates

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