[However, It Required Some Years Before The Scientific Community In General Accepted That Flexibility And Disorder Are Very Relevant Molecular Properties Also In Other Systems.]

Author: Robert Huber Quotes

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Andrea Kayne Kaufman Quotes

"The talked about their messed-up, dysfunctional families, carefully respecting boundaries, never probing too deep in any one sitting. And they always ended up laughing. Even when the subject matter was intense or macabre, Henrys sick and twisted and often politically incorrect sense of humor was infectious…Gloria laughed more in these first weeks at Oxford then she remembered laughing almost anywhere."

Bohumil Hrabal Quotes

"…и че тук се намира първата европейска станция за благородно човековъдство, че националсоциалистическата партия тук била постигнала за първи път кръстосване на благородна кръв на немски девойки с тази на пълнокръвни войници, както от Heerswaffe, така и от Eseswaffe, и всичко това на научна основа, тук всеки ден се осъществявало не само националсоциалистическо съвкупление, съвсем истинско, така, как то са го правели здравата древните германци, но главното било, че бъдещите родилки носели в утробата си новите хора на Европа, тук те щели да дойдат на бял свят и след година да се пръснат по Тирол, Бавария и Шварцвалд, или край моретата, за да може там в яслите детските градини да се продължи с възпитанието на новия човек, разбира се, вече без майките, а под надзора на новия тип училище."

Josephine Yun Quotes

"Luna Seas music moves quickly but intelligibly, with a darkly frenetic, creative energy."

Phil Donahue Quotes

"The system of volunteerism is divisive. It pits one charity against the others for the charity dollar."

Stuart J Scesney Quotes


Fernando Henrique Cardoso Quotes

"Política não é apenas ideal, é caminho para se aproximar do ideal"

Andrea D Smith Quotes

"Apparently our portmanteau is trending on Twitter." He let out a self-deprecating laugh. "I didnt even know what a portmanteau was before Jukebox Hero. Its a mashup of our names, like Brangelina or Robsten. No idea what ours is -- what do our names make?" He considered this a for a moment before shaking his head."Its probably awful," he decided. "Could be worse, though; I hear the portmanteau for the main characters in The Hunger Games is... well, their names are Peeta and Katniss. Ill let you guys figure that one out on your own."

Johnny Hart Quotes

"Science Fiction: Any scientific acclaim that omits God."

John Redwood Quotes

"At the next General Election, voters face a clear choice: deregulation and less interference in everyday life with the Conservatives, or yet more regulation and interference under Mr Blair."

JC Ryle Quotes

"Laughter, ridicule, opposition and persecution are often the only reward which Christs followers get from the world."

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"people who wanted to change America back to how it used to be. Not an America with the segregation that was part of the past. Americans were all past that. Not an America with discrimination against minorities or women. America was past that, as well. But back to a country where a mans worth was determined by his character and his work ethic, where a mans word was his bond. Where people worked for a living, instead of trying to work the system. Where families lived and worked together on farms and in communities, instead of crowding into huge metropolises where every need was trucked in, piped in, and plugged in, and people were tuned in, turned on, online, and lined up for all their needs but did not speak to each other on the street or know their own neighbors or families." - Author: Mike Foster

Quotes About Love Loss And Moving On

"Loving someone always requires you to not love others." - Author: Koushun Takami

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"The punter sweated on top of Marina, his lips all over her young body, his tongue slipping out from rows of crooked teeth, pushing hungrily from between his shrivelled lips like a clam from a shell, a bottom feeder searching for salty nutrition." - Author: Tom Conrad

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"Christianity revitalized life in Greco-Roman cities by providing new norms and new kinds of social relationships able to cope with many urgent urban problems. To cities filled with the homeless and the impoverished, Christianity offered charity as well as hope. To cities filled with newcomers and strangers, Christianity offered an immediate basis for attachments. To cities filled with orphans and widows, Christianity provided a new and expanded sense of family. To cities torn by violent ethnic strife, Christianity offered a new basis for social solidarity. And to cities faced with epidemics, fires, and earthquakes, Christianity offered effective nursing services." - Author: Rodney Stark

Quotes About Favorites Things

"Because it was enough for one of those favorites of His Distinguished Highness to issue a thoughtless decree. These young smart alecks see it, and they immediately imagine some fatal result and come running to the rescue. They start trying to mend things, straighten things out, patch things up and untangle them. And so instead of using their energy to build their own vision of the future, instead of trying to put their irresponsible, destructive fantasies into action, our malcontents had to roll up their sleeves and start untangling what the minsters had knotted up. And theres always a lot of work to untangling! So they untangle and untangle, drenched in sweat, wearing their nerves to shreds, running around, patching things up here and there, and in all this rush and overwork, in this whirlwind, their fantasies slowly evaporate from their hot heads." - Author: Ryszard Kapuściński

Quotes About God

"Prayer is the spontaneous response of the believing heart to God. Those truly transformed by Jesus Christ find themselves lost in wonder and joy of communion with Him. Prayer is as natural for the Christian as breathing" - Author: John F. MacArthur Jr.

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"Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence." - Author: Niklaus Wirth

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"Soy todo el hombreEl hombre herido por quién sabe quiénPor una flecha perdida del caosHumano terreno desmesuradoSí desmesurado y lo proclamo sin miedoDesmesurado porque no soy burgués ni raza fatigadaSoy bárbaro tal vezDesmesurado enfermoBárbaro limpio de rutinas y caminos marcadosNo acepto vuestras sillas de seguridades cómodasSoy el ángel salvaje que cayó una mañanaEn vuestras plantaciones de preceptorPoetaAntipoetaCultoAnticultoAnimal metafísico cargado de congojasAnimal espontáneo directo sangrando sus problemasSolitario como una paradojaParadoja fatalFlor de contradicciones bailando un fox-trotSobre el sepulcro de DiosSobre el bien y el malSoy un pecho que grita y un cerebro que sangraSoy un temblor de tierraLos sismógrafos señalan mi paso por el mundo." - Author: Vicente Huidobro

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"Suffering should not define you as a woman! And just because youre a man it doesnt mean that it doesnt affect you! HELP HER to remove the taboos and the loneliness surrounding this disease; be understanding, show empathy, and dont accuse her of being sensitive, delicate, or overly dramatic – this is a big opportunity for you guys to show that you care and to be a real man!" - Author: Susan Sarandon

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"Consider the whole thing as occupational therapy. Power as cottage industry for the mad. The shepherd is slave to the sheep. A gardener is in thrall to his carrots. Only a lunatic would want to be president. These lunatics are created deliberately by those who wish to be presided over. Youve seen it a thousand times. We create a leader by locating one in the crowd who is standing up. This may well be because there are no chairs or because his knees are fused by arthritis. It doesnt matter. We designate this victim as a stand-up guy by the simple expedient of sitting down around him." - Author: Katherine Dunn