[Humanity Is An Organism, Inherently Rejecting All That Is Deleterious, That Is, Wrong, And Absorbing After Trial What Is Beneficial, That Is, Right. If So Disposed, The Architect Of The Universe, We Must Assume, Might Have Made The World And Man Perfect, Free From Evil And From Pain, As Angels In Heaven Are Thought To Be; But Although This Was Not Done, Man Has Been Given The Power Of Advancement Rather Than Of Retrogression. The Old And New Testaments Remain, Like Other Sacred Writings Of Other Lands, Of Value As Records Of The Past And For Such Good Lessons As They Inculcate. Like The Ancient Writers Of The Bible Our Thoughts Should Rest Upon This Life And Our Duties Here. "To Perform The Duties Of This World Well, Troubling Not About Another, Is The Prime Wisdom," Says Confucius, Great Sage And Teacher. The Next World And Its Duties We Shall Consider When We Are Placed In It.]

Author: Andrew Carnegie Quotes

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"How quickly I judge, and therefore diminish their humanity."

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"God is as real as a station wagon."

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"Not perfect, but persistent."

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"You see man we are just fucking extras!! Extras in a capitalist blockbuster!~page 75"

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"Barzellette matematiche I (*)Un biologo, uno statistico e un matematico sono seduti un caffè e guardano alla gente che passa.Un uomo e una donna entrano in un palazzo dallaltra parte della strada. Dieci minuti dopo ne escono accompagnati da un bambino."Si sono riprodotti" dice il biologo."No" ribatte lo statistico. "È un errore nellosservazione. In media sono sia entrate sia uscite due persone mezza"."No, no, no" interviene il matematico. "È del tutto ovvio. Se adesso entra qualcuno, il palazzo sarà vuoto".(*) Lo scopo principale di queste barzellette non è farvi ridere, ma mostrarvi che cosè che fa ridere i matematici e consentirvi di sbirciare in un angolo oscuro del loro ambiente culturale."

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"Racism is an effect of slavery, not the other way around. Once slavery was abolished, not only did racism not disappear, neither did the economic system it upheld."

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"...God is not exempt from emotional pain...One the contrary, Gods pain is as infinite as His love."

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"Co kdybych tě drahá oběsil?"Usmála se na něho dolů, snad mu dobře nerozuměla, on se usmál též, kopl do židle a bylo to."

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"Dont lose today by worrying about tomorrow!!!"

Stephen Parrish Quotes

"An old book was a time capsule. When you opened the front cover, you opened a door to another world—a world accessible through a kind of looking glass made of hard-board and cloth. The authors voice resonated in the readers head with the same words that had resonated in his own as he wrote them. He spoke to the reader from the past. What he had witnessed, experienced, learned, and discovered would live forever. You only had to turn a page to travel in time."

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