[Humor Has Bailed Me Out Of More Tight Situations Than I Can Think Of. If You Go With Your Instincts And Keep Your Humor, Creativity Follows. With Luck, Success Comes, Too.]

Author: Jimmy Buffett Quotes

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Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes

"A country like Belgium, or socialist countries in central Europe spend more money on art education than the United States, which is a really puzzling thought."

Whipplesnaith Quotes

"Lest others should attempt the ascent of this terrible climb and perish, they swore themselves to secrecy (telling only enough people to ensure the perpetuation of their epic) and went off to try Everest instead."

Jawad Khalid Quotes

"It is useless to cry over a thing which is not belong to you...."

Bobby Vinton Quotes

"I remember Mick Jagger asking me hey, how do you guys feel about us coming over here and taking all the play from you guys? I said Well, in a way, you have eliminated all my competition."

Azar Nafisi Quotes

"..."readers were born free and ought to remain free."

Deana Carter Quotes

"My father, Fred Carter, Jr., is definitely an extraordinaire."

Charles Evers Quotes

"I love the life I live. The Lord blessed me to be independent. I am independent."

Ken Curtis Quotes

"Im really proud of Gunsmoke. We put on a good show every week - one that families could all watch together without offending anyone."

Henry J Kaiser Quotes

"Having an aim is the key to achieving your best."

Michael Muhammad Knight Quotes

"They need a deen thats not your uncles deen."

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"I live in Santa Barbara. My wifes American, and she lived in England for 11 years and then told me shed had enough." - Author: Martin Gore

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"Its funny how we all live under the same sky, but we dont all have the same horizon." - Author: Habeeb Akande

Quotes About A Secret Pregnancy

"She had what it took: great hair, a profound understanding of strategic lip gloss, the intelligence to understand the world and a tiny secret interior deadness which meant she didnt care." - Author: Douglas Adams

Quotes About Elton John

"I dabbled a little bit in the whole music thing but Ive always thought about Bernie Taupin, who is Elton Johns lyricist; Elton John is the great melody and song writer but Bernie Taupin is the one who writes all the lyrics. I dont write lyrics, and I never wanted to be in the music business if I was just going to be a puppet in it." - Author: Carmen Ejogo

Quotes About Laughing And Having Fun

"Liza had a finely developed sense of sin Idleness was a sin, and card playing, which was a kind of idleness to her. She was suspicious of fun whether it involved dancing or singing or even laughter. She felt that people having a good time were wide open to the devil. And this was a shame, for Samuel was a laughing man, but I guess Samuel was wide open to the devil. His wife protected him whenever she could." - Author: John Steinbeck

Quotes About Commoner

"When meeting royalty, it is very important, no matter how excited you are, not to vomit on them. Instead, vomit on the nearest commoner." - Author: Stephen Colbert

Quotes About Wordsmith

"We marry children who have grown up and still rejoice in being children, especially if were creative. Imaginative people fidget with ideas, including the idea of a relationship. If theyre wordsmiths like us, they fidget a lot in words." - Author: Diane Ackerman

Quotes About Agonistes

"La Culture et lÉtat — quon ne sy trompe pas — sont antagonistes : « État civilisé », ce nest là quune idée moderne. Lun vit de lautre, lun prospère au détriment de lautre. Toutes les grandes époques de culture sont des époques de décadence politique : ce qui a été grand au sens de la culture a été non-politique, et même anti-politique…" - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Lecturing Others

"Martin Luther called the church building the "Mundhaus" (lit. "mouth house" or "speech house") because he believed that the Graeco-Roman "pagan lecture" of the sophist entertainers who took over the Catholic church should be the focus of "the service". Sermons might have been helpful in the later Middle Ages when even many Catholic priests couldnt read. However, modern research has repeatedly proven that lecturing is the worst possible way to educate others because its so boring. Might traditional, so-called-inspired preaching still be the best way to communicate Gods Word?" ~ © gfp 42™" - Author: Gary Patton

Quotes About Batten

"The body is transmuted into other forms, worms batten on it, it helps to feed the grass, and some animal consumes the grass. But as for the survival of the individual spirit of a man, show me one tittle of scientific evidence to support it. Besides, if it did survive, all the evil and malice in it must surely survive too. Why should the death of the body purge that away? Its a nightmare to contemplate such a thing, and oddly enough, unhinged people like spiritualists want to persuade us for our consolation that the nightmare is true.("Monkeys")" - Author: E.F. Benson