[I Actually Never Auditioned For 'Full House.' I Had Done A Guest Appearance On 'Valerie' As The Next Door Neighbor's Niece, And From That I Got Into 'Full House.' I Was Only Five Years Old, And I Was On The Show Until I Was 13.]

Author: Jodie Sweetin Quotes

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"Going to school is an everyday process; it isnt something we accomplish and are all done with."

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"Bravery isnt when you go looking for trouble; bravery is when trouble comes looking for you."

Corita Kent Quotes

"Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed."

Subcomandante Marcos Quotes

"il domani potrà albeggiare solo con una certa dose di delirio e di follia."

Gina McCarthy Quotes

"I love disagreements. I love the democratic process. If Im in a room where everybody agrees, I start to nod off."

J Ralph Audy Quotes

"La santé est une propriété permanente, potentiellement mesurable par la capacité de lindividu à se remettre des agressions, quelles soient chimiques, physiques, infectieuses, psychologiques ou sociales."

Chris Massoglia Quotes

"I love Taco Bell. Whenever I go there, I could get anything on the menu and be totally happy."

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"So much of the worlds suffering results from the sinful action or inaction of ourselves and others. For example, people look at a famine and wonder where God is, but the world produces enough food for each person to have 3,000 calories a day. Its our own irresponsibility and self-centeredness that prevents people from getting fed."

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"În spatele oricărui bărbat de succes se află o femeie, iar in spatele ei se află soţia bărbatului."

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"If I have a choice between looking something up and making it up, Ill make it up every time."

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"Di Indonesia, kekuasaan diperlihatkan secara terang-terangan, tidak pandang bulu, terbuka, selalu segar dalam ingatan." - Author: Barack Obama

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"Lay downYour tired & weary head my friend.We have wept too longNight is fallingAnd you we are only sleepingWe have come to this journeys endIts time for us to goTo meet our friendsWho beckon usTo jump againFrom across a distant skyA C-130 comes to carry usWhere we shall all wait For the final green lightIn the light ofThe pale moon risingI see far on the horizonInto the world of night and darknessFeet and knees togetherTime has ceasedBut cherished memories still lingerThis is the way of life and all thingsWe shall meet againYou are only sleeping." - Author: José N. Harris

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"Lily Owens: If your favorite color is blue, why did you paint the house pink? August Boatwright: [chuckles] That was Mays doing. When we went to the paint shop, she latched on to a color called, "Caribbean Pink." She said it made her feel like dancing a Spanish Flamenco. I personally thought it was the tackiest color I had ever seen, but I figured if it could lift Mays heart, it was good enough to live in. Lily Owens: That was awfully nice of you. August Boatwright: Well, I dont know. Some things in life, like the color of a house, dont really matter. But lifting someones heart? Now, that matters." - Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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"Da anni e anni, come una spettatrice, ella aveva guardato alle leggi degli uomini, alle istituzioni dei legislatori e del clero, con un compiuto distacco: come gli indiani potevano guardare alla toga, alla galera, al focolare, alla chiesa. Il suo destino e le sue sventure lavevano resa libera. La lettera scarlatta era il suo passaporto per talune regioni, nelle quali nessuna altra donna avrebbe osato avventurarsi. Vergogna, disperazione, solitudine: ecco i maestri che avevano rinvigorito la sua forza istintiva sebbene con insegnamenti molto difettosi." - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

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"Homework strongly indicates that the teachers are not doing their jobs well enough during the school day. Its not like theyll let you bring your home stuff to school and work on it there. You cant say, I didnt finish sleeping at home, so I have to work on finishing my sleep here." - Author: Jim Benton

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"The essence of education is, in the words of William James, to teach a person what deserves to be valued, to impart ideals as well as knowledge, to cultivate in students the ability to distinguish the true and good from their counterfeits and the wisdom to prefer the former to the latter." - Author: William J. Bennett

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"In endless space countless luminous spheres, round each of which some dozen smaller illuminated ones revolve, hot at the core and covered over with a hard cold crust; on this crust a mouldy film has produced living and knowing beings: this is empirical truth, the real, the world. Yet for a being who thinks, it is a precarious position to stand on one of those numberless spheres freely floating in boundless space, without knowing whence or whither, and to be only one of innumerable similar beings that throng, press, and toil, restlessly and rapidly arising and passing away in beginningless and endless time." - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer

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"From the subtle to the extreme, our culture and our values are under unrelenting attack from the media." - Author: Tammy Bruce

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"Im almost violent about that stuff - electronic manipulation of pictures. I think its an abomination. I reject it all. I mean, its OK for selling corn flakes or automobiles or for taking pimples out of Elizabeth Taylors face, but it undermines the thing that photography is about, which is about observation and not about manipulation of images." - Author: Elliott Erwitt

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"Hey, wait," I said, pulling back, "you are the son of Satan. Maybe we need a safe word."His grin morphed into something wickedly charming. "Okay, how about, Oh, my god, its so big."Laughter burst out of me before I could stop it. Not that it wasnt. "That would be a safe phrase, but okay." I thought about it, then said, "How about Is that all youve got?" - Author: Darynda Jones