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Author: Boy George Quotes

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Megan Karasch Quotes

"In advising the heads of state to learn from tragedy rather than perpetuate its existence Robert Kennedy excalimed, "Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live." We have a tendency to dwell on tragedy and use it as a justification for tragic occurrences that follow,rather than parse the tragedy, taking from it important lessons and using those lessons to avoid similar tragedies."

Susan J Tweit Quotes

"Stories nurture our connection to place and to each other. They show us where we have been and where we can go. They remind us of how to be human, how to live alongside the other lives that animate this planet. ... When we lose stories, our understanding of the world is less rich, less true."

Sam Stevens Quotes

"Sometimes you hit a point where you either change or self destruct."

Kenny Knight Quotes

"I read the tea leaves as if they were wordsleft over from a conversation between two cups."

Lily Blake Quotes

"Legend has it, dwarves were made to uncover all the riches hidden on earth. Not just golds or precious stones, but the beauty in peoples hearts. -Eric"

Alan Ayckbourn Quotes

"Few women care to be laughed at and men not at all, except for large sums of money."

Charles Leadbeater Quotes

"People may be prepared to buy services from Apple and Amazon if they feel these companies do a good job, but we need to ensure that we can speak up when our content is used by other people for their profit. An activist amateur culture will constantly challenge and say, This is mine, youre not doing that with it."

Erin Farwell Quotes

"Black met black on the distant horizon, the stars alone distinguishing sky from lake. On the sand below, Silver Beach glittered at the waters edge while on the north side of the river the lighthouses beacon signaled safe harbor."

Rupert Friend Quotes

"Everybody has many people inside of them; I think we tend to present the one we feel is most appropriate at first, in order to gain acceptance or achieve what we want. It gets really interesting when this technique fails, and other levels are revealed."

Toby Whithouse Quotes

"Doctor Who: Violence doesnt end violence, it extends it."

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Quotes About Irish Food

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat." - Author: Alex Levine

Quotes About Business Combination

"Business is a combination of war and sport." - Author: Andre Maurois

Quotes About Aggregates

"Wealth aggregates and becomes political power. Simple as that. ‘Corporation is just the most recent name for it." - Author: Daniel Suarez

Quotes About Not Being Wanted Around

"Oh, misanthropy and sourness. Gary wanted to enjoy being a man of wealth and leisure, but the country was making it none too easy. All around him, millions of newly minted American millionaires were engaged in the identical pursuit of feeling extraordinary - of buying the perfect Victorian, of skiing the virgin slope, of knowing the chef personally, of locating the beach that had no footprints. There were further tens of millions of young Americans who didnt have money but were nonetheless chasing the Perfect Cool. And meanwhile the sad truth was that not everyone could be extraordinary, not everyone could be extremely cool; because whom would this leave to be ordinary? Who would perform the thankless work of being comparatively uncool?" - Author: Jonathan Franzen

Quotes About Room

"...nobody was ever really ready to turn off their mothers machine, no matter what they thought; to turn off the light of their childhood and walk away, just as if they were turning out a light and leaving a room." - Author: Fannie Flagg

Quotes About Taj

"Smrtna opasnost ne dotiče se njezine duše. Ne vidi i ne čuje grmeću rastuću bujicu i jače se privija uz njega. On je miran, dok oko njega dozivaju, zapomažu. (...) U njegovu dušu ulazi spokojnost, draga, kao da ga miluje. Stoji na pećini i osjeća kao da je svijetu oteo, ugrabio njezino tijelo. Drži ga u naručju... i ne da ga više nikome. Časovi teku nijemo kao da su čitav život. Sve što je bilo prije toga, nestaje u njegovu sjećanju. Ima samo jednu životnu spoznaju: da na grudima drži nju... Ničim ne mjeri vrijeme, sam je sa svojim srcem i s njom. Osjeća se na pragu prelaza u drugi svijet. (...) Pogleda dolje. Voda opada, a on još uvijek drži svoje blago... Zar ga opet mora ljudima vratiti?" - Author: Marija Jurić Zagorka

Quotes About Zoologist

"I thought I would be an organic chemist. I went off to university, and when I couldnt understand the chemistry lectures I decided that I would be a zoologist, because zoologists seemed like life-loving people." - Author: Peter Carey

Quotes About The Ending Of A Friendship

"Pick an apocalypse, any apocalypse. A sea of black oil and dead things. No wind. No light. Nothing stirring, not even an ant, a spider. A silent universe. Such is the end of the flicker of time, the brief hot fuse of events and ideas set off, accidentally, and snuffed out, accidentally, by man. Not a real ending of course, nor even a beginning. Mere ripple in Times stream." - Author: John Gardner

Quotes About Decent Love

"There have to be moments when you glimpse something decent, something life-affirming even in the most twisted character. Thats where the real art lies. See, I always suspect characters who are painted as lovely, decent human beings. I would always question where the darkness lies." - Author: Martin McDonagh

Quotes About Harrier

"When Galen was first courting Jessamy, Raphael said with a brush of his thumb over her nipple when their lips parted, he began to teach flight skills to the little ones. Over time, it has become a tradition—Galen is always the one who gives basic flight instruction to the babes, and some, like Izak, never stop training with him.The idea of Galen, with his wings akin to a northern harriers, leading a squadron of babies—not all of whom could fly exactly straight—had Elena shaking her head. Im sorry, I need to see to believe this. Its like you just told me the sky turns purple every Wednesday." - Author: Nalini Singh