[I Always Lived With Guitarists. When They Would Leave, I Would Just Pick Up Their Acoustic Guitars And Start Doing Finger Picking And Write.]

Author: Lou Doillon Quotes

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Stephan Lawrence Theodore Clifford Quotes

"...Im sorry you grew up without me and that fatherly moments came second hand like clothing and toys from your brothers..."

Mizu Sahara Quotes

"It isnt that I didnt question why I spent all my days waiting"

Harry Turtledove Quotes

"...Do you see things in black and white, or are there shades of gray for you?""I hope theres gray...Black and white make things easier, but only if you dont want to think."

Sarah Louise Delany Quotes

"I never let prejudice stop me from what I wanted to do in this life."

Sandra Bernhard Quotes

"Ive become this sort of icon for the gay community. I dont like the position."

Gary Oldman Quotes

"What other people think of me is none of my business."

Carl Sargent Quotes

"By Duraden, I have trolls dancing in my head this morning! Stubble grumbled, screwing his eyes into a squint at the bright morning light."

Miv Schaaf Quotes

"When life seems not worth living, ten minutes in a library proves otherwise."

Thorton Wilder Quotes

"Theyre waitin. Theyre witin for something that they feel is comin. Something important, and great. Arent they waitin for the eternal part in them to come out clear?"

Joe Simon Quotes

"When I and the other young artists were working in comics, our work carried with it a particularly American slant. After all, we were Americans drawing and writing about things that touched us. As it turned out, the early work was, you might say, a comic book version of Jazz."

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"How should a Jew feel? There we went through the seven gates of hell for matzos. Here I stand in matzos over my head. So how should a Jew feel? You are an angel of God, and the Rebbe, he should live and be well, the Rebbe made miracles and wonders for me. At night, I tell myself it is a dream and I am afraid to wake up. If it is a dream, better I should not wake up, better I should die in my sleep." - Author: Chaim Potok

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"İyi etki diye bir şey yoktur, Mr. Gray. Tüm etkiler ahlaka aykırıdır. Evet, bilim açısından da ahlaka aykırıdır. Neden mi? Çünkü etki altında kalan kişi, kendi düşüncelerini kullanmaz, kendi tutkularının peşine takılmaz olur. Yaşamın amacı benliğin geliştirilmesidir. Kişinin kendi özünü bütünüyle gerçekleştirmesidir. Bunun için buradayız. Bir insan, hayatını tam ve bütün olarak yaşamalıdır. Her duygusuna biçim vermeli, her düşüncesini ifade etmeli ve her rüyasını gerçekleştirmelidir. Bizi çeken şeylerden kurtulmanın tek bir yolu vardır ve bu da onlara teslim olmaktır. Direnirsek, ruhumuz kendine yasakladığı şeylerin özlemiyle hastalanır. Bastırdığımız her dürtü zihnimizde kuluçkaya yatar ve bizi zehirler. Ruhu yalnızca duygular iyileştirebilir, aynı duyguları da yalnızca ruhun iyileştirebileceği gibi." - Author: Oscar Wilde

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"It had been so good to see his enemy again. Positively heartwarming.Hallmark really needed to start up a line of revenge cards, the kind that let you reach out to those you were going to come after with a vengeance.- Lash" - Author: J.R. Ward