[I Always Told, Sandra Bullock Was My Student When She Was Younger, I Always Told Her It's Important That We Hold On To Our Insecurity, The Wisdom Of Insecurity.]

Author: Sally Kirkland Quotes

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Amelia Atwater Rhodes Quotes

"Only love can break a heart into so many pieces. -Risika(In The Forest Of The Night)"

Susan J Tweit Quotes

"Stories nurture our connection to place and to each other. They show us where we have been and where we can go. They remind us of how to be human, how to live alongside the other lives that animate this planet. ... When we lose stories, our understanding of the world is less rich, less true."

Paul Castellano Quotes

"This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey thats great. But its very predictable. Theres so many ways you can screw it up."

Terry Bisson Quotes

"I thought you just told me they used radio."They do, but what do you think is on the radio? Meat sounds. You know how when you slap or flap meat, it makes a noise? They talk by flapping their meat at each other. They can even sing by squirting air through their meat."

Sonia Delaunay Quotes

"ZENITHNOON beats outon its solar anvilthe rays of light"

Ashlyn Chase Quotes

"Youre amazing," she whispered hoarsely.He pushed back the hair from her face. "You too.""How? All I do is let you play me like a piano."He chuckled. "Youve got a great keyboard."

Craig Lancaster Quotes

"Jack Bauer is fooling his audience, but hes not fooling me."

Pia Zadora Quotes

"In a way, my past gives me a little credibility. Not that anybody cares what I did nineteen years ago, but I did have a career, and a legitimate one, before I met my husband."

Kristin Walker Quotes

"I couldnt exactly blame Jane Austen for being a romantic. What the hell else was there to do back then for fun?"

Juan Benet Quotes

"Sólo la minúscula mutación de un acontecimiento puede poner fin a toda la serie cíclica de muchos iguales"

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"It was afternoon as we made our way down to the river, accompanied by a running commentary by Early about whether or not the Lord had actually been fly-fishing.Jesus did have lots of friends who were fishermen, said Early. Maybe after Peter fell into the Sea of Galilee, he decided to give up deep-sea fishing and take up fly-fishing in the river Jordan. Jesus and Peter were friends, so they have gone together. And besides, Jesus wouldnt have even needed waders, because he could walk on water..." - Author: Clare Vanderpool

Quotes About Weakest Moment

"Art glows with faith even in its weakest parts. At every moment, writing is an act of self-confidence – the sheerest, most determined, most stubborn self-belief. You CAN have faith and doubt at the same time; the most insecure writer on the planet has faith that shines just as bright as her doubt, and she deserves props for that. It might be hidden deep, she might not feel it and you might not see it, but its in there, or she wouldnt be able to write." - Author: Kristin Cashore

Quotes About Identity In Night

"In the past Id always felt like the girl in the show or the movie. On Friday Night Lights there were a bunch of girls, and I was the woman. Initially there was a little struggle with my identity around that. But now theres a sense of ease." - Author: Connie Britton

Quotes About Dreams During Sleep

"Life on the run was filled with dreams, some at night during sleep, real dreams, and some when the mind was awake but drifting. Most were terrifying, the nightmares of the shadows growing bolder and larger. Others were pleasant wishes of a rosy future, free of the past. These were rare, Patrick had learned. Life on the run was life in the past. There was no closure" - Author: John Grisham

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"Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project." - Author: Sam Elliott

Quotes About Brand Equity

"In fact, I argue that the future of advertising, whatever the technology, will be to associate each brand with one word. This is one word equity. Its the modern equivalent of having the best site on the high street, except the location is in the mind." - Author: Maurice Saatchi

Quotes About Funny Tourism

"I look at you sometimes," said Valencia, "and I get a funny feeling that youre just full of secrets." "Im not," said Billy. This" - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

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"A lack of narrative structure, as you know, will cause anxiety." - Author: John Dufresne

Quotes About Bands

"Ive known the glory of the stage and the glory of the spotlight. I still crave it. I want to be on American Bandstand and Soul Train as a solo artist. As a producer, songwriter and arranger, I help other artists say what they want to say. But on my records, I say what I want to say." - Author: Narada Michael Walden

Quotes About Thinking About What You Say

"Sights, smells, temperature changes—all sorts of stuff. We notice it without consciously thinking about it. He says we may not be paying attention, but our brains are recording and processing it all the same, and these… these observations, or whatever you want to call them, make up a pattern. So if youre good with patterns, the way Mr. Benedict says I am, you can sometimes predict things." - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart