[I Always Tried To Do The Best. I Knew I Couldn't Always Be The Best, But I Tried To Be.]

Author: Frank Robinson Quotes

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Roger Staubach Quotes

"In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry."

Tina Thompson Quotes

"The casinos brought lots of revenue and jobs to our community. Weve seen lots of benefits from those tax dollars."

Kami Garcia Quotes

"Es por eso que le ponemos whiskey a su té."

William Saroyan Quotes

"In the end, today is forever, yesterday is still today, and tomorrow is already today."

Samuel Pepys Quotes

"Ma reggel álmomból hirtelen felriadva, könyökömmel úgy arcon és nyakon találtam ütni a feleségemet, hogy a fájdalomra felébredt, amit nagyon sajnáltam; aztán ismét elaludtam."

Elbert Hubbard Quotes

"Young women with ambitions should be very crafty and cautious, lest mayhap they be caught in the soft, silken mesh of a happy marriage, and go down to oblivion, dead to the world."

Jim Costa Quotes

"Should we attempt border security first, which I believe we should, we still need to face the fact that comprehensive reform is necessary. This must include a guest worker program and dealing with the 11 million people who are here today that are contributing to our economy."

Miguel Angel Puma Quotes

"I believe that death should not be feared instead we should endure life and give our best even though life isnt always fair we shall always enjoy life the way it comes and if death is upon us its cause its time for us to go knowing that there is something better for us....."

Todd McFarlane Quotes

"Anthology shows as a whole scare people. The networks cant quite get their heads around it."

Laura Zigman Quotes

"Peaks and valleys. Thats what life comes down to, in the end. Fucking geography."

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Quotes About Growing Spiritually

"This leads us to an important spiritual principle for growth: comeback leaders know that our Lord considers commitment to Him and His desires an indispensable ingredient to growing spiritually and numerically." - Author: Ed Stetzer

Quotes About Admitting Your Feelings

"Optimism sprouts from the knowledge that you are in control of your own life, not your past and not those around you. Part of being in control is taking responsibility for how you feel. This means not just admitting to uncomfortable feelings but then examining your circumstances to see what can be done to change these feelings at the source." - Author: Augusten Burroughs

Quotes About Witches Brooms

"Okay," I said. "Now can I try riding a broomstick?" "No. Most witches dont use broomsticks because they arent that comfortable. The only reason witches use broomsticks is because they are lightweight and easy to get off the ground." "Okay, so what can I fly?""At the moment, nothing," responded Trillman. "When you are ready, you can fly whatever you find comfortable and can get off the ground, as long as it isnt me.""So when do I get to fly my convertible?""Convertible?" - Author: Jennifer Priester

Quotes About Sand Volleyball

"I went to a strict elementary school with nuns, and uniforms that Im pretty sure were made out of sandpaper. It was an academic, sports-oriented place. I liked to read, and wanted to act, and didnt try out for volleyball. I was weird. The other girls would dip my hair in ink and stuff." - Author: Zosia Mamet

Quotes About Sore Muscles

"Scratch marks on the back, sore muscles and bruised hip bones wont get you into a womans heart or mind ... Gentle whispers and holding her hand will." - Author: Alice Walsh

Quotes About Simple Beauty Tagalog

"The results of decades of neurotransmitter-depletion studies point to one inescapable conclusion: low levels or serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine do not cause depression. here is how the authors of the most complete meta-analysis of serotonin-depletion studies summarized the data: "Although previously the monoamine systems were considered to be responsible for the development of major depressive disorder (MDD), the available evidence to date does not support a direct causal relationship with MDD. There is no simple direct correlation of serotonin or norepinephrine levels in the brain and mood. In other words, after a half-century of research, the chemical-imbalance hypothesis as promulgated by the drug companies that manufacture SSRIs and other antidepressants is not only with clear and consistent support, but has been disproved by experimental evidence." - Author: Irving Kirsch

Quotes About Brummell

"For, what is order without common sense, but Bedlams front parlor? What is imagination without common sense, but the aspiration to out-dandy Beau Brummell with nothing but a bit of faded muslin and a limp cravat? What is Creation without common sense, but a scandalous thing without form or function, like a matron with half a dozen unattached daughters?And God looked upon the Creation in all its delightful multiplicity, and saw that, all in all, it was quite Amiable." - Author: Vera Nazarian

Quotes About Ownership And Responsibility

"Success is personal ownership of the dream, and responsibility for its desired outcome." - Author: Johnnie Dent Jr.

Quotes About Fruit Juices

"Austin and I proceeded to knock back a couple of Ketel One and grapefruit juices, which happened to be my drink of the moment. Someone told me that grapefruit was a great detoxifier and I decided I wanted to start cleaning out my liver WHILE I was having a cocktail." - Author: Chelsea Handler

Quotes About Improvement In Education

"So, is there hope for a truly democratic Africa? Long answer: Only if continent-wide improvements in education, human rights and public health are coupled with an aggressive and far-sighted debt-relief program that breaks the cycle of subsistence farming and urban squalor. Short answer: No." - Author: Jon Stewart