[I Am Especially Grateful That I Have Been Able To Keep My Own Style Over The Decades, In Spite Of The Many Changes That Have Taken Place In The World Of Fashion And In Its Business.]

Author: Valentino Garavani Quotes

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Ben Harper Quotes

"I wish you were here so we could walk and talk in the soft rain."

Ursula Andress Quotes

"I didnt see Dr. No for a year, but I liked it when I saw it. It was a fun movie. I dont like the Bond movies now. I hate special effects."

John Bachman Quotes

"I have seen one shrike occupy himself for hours in sticking up on thorns, a number of small fishes that the fishermen had thrown on the shore. The fishes dried up and decayed."

J Philippe Rushton Quotes

"But with each passing year and each new study, the evidence for the genetic contribution to individual and group differences becomes more firmly established than ever."

Poul Anderson Quotes

"That, he confessed aloud, was as ludicrous a case of mutual ineptitude as the gods of slapstick ever engineered. We both deserve to be tickled to death by small green centipedes. Well... if you keep quiet about it, I will."

Jennifer Colgan Quotes

"Vampires have credit cards?""Were undead, not Amish."

William Jones Quotes

"Cruelty to dumb animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; a mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendour, and nobility, cannot obliterate. It is consistent neither with learning nor true civility."

EDEN Southworth Quotes

"Ah! The transitory joy of the past week had been but the lightnings arrowy course scathing where it illumined!"

Jordan Rose Quotes

"Let your dreams change your reality, dont let your reality change your dreams."

Gloria E Anzaldua Quotes

"I cant seem to stay out of my own way."

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"Mosca said nothing. The word ‘damsel rankled with her. She suddenly thought of the clawed girl from the night before, jumping the filch on an icy street. Much the same age and build as Beamabeth, and far more beleaguered. What made a girl a ‘damsel in distress? Were they not allowed claws? Mosca had a hunch that if all damsels had claws they would spend a lot less time ‘in distress." - Author: Frances Hardinge

Quotes About Barber

"There was gray train smoke over the town most days, it smelled of travel, of transcontinental trains about to flash by, of important things about to happen. The train smell sounded the ‘A for Lamptown and then a treble chord of frying hamburger and onions and boiling coffee was struck by Hermann Bauers kitchen, with a sostenuto of stale beer from Delaneys back door. These were all busy smells and seemed a 6 to 6 smell, a working towns smell, to be exchanged at the last factory whistle for the festival night odors of popcorn, Spearmint chewing gum, barber-shop pomades, and the faint smell of far-off damp cloverfields. Mornings the cloverfields retreated when the first Columbus local roared through the town. Bauers coffee pot boiled over again, and the factorys night watchmen filed into Delaneys for their morning beer." - Author: Dawn Powell

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"This reinforced Riverss view that it was prolonged strain, immobility and helplessness that did the damage, and not the sudden shocks or bizarre horrors that the patients themselves were inclined to point to as the explanation for their condition. That would help to account for the greater prevalence of anxiety neuroses and hysterical disorders in women in peacetime, since their relatively more confined lives gave them fewer opportunities of reacting to stress in active and constructive ways. Any explanation of war neurosis must account for the fact that this apparently intensely masculine life of war and danger and hardship produced in men the same disorders that women suffered from in peace." - Author: Pat Barker

Quotes About Life Long Lessons

"When my kids wanted to give up on things, I wouldnt let them, and those are lifelong lessons." - Author: Amy Chua

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"(Washington) Irving was only the first of the writers of the American ghostly tale to recognize that the supernatural, exactly because its epistemological status is so difficult to determine, challenged the writer to invent a commensurately sophisticated narrative technique." - Author: Howard Kerr

Quotes About Sensational Attitude

"The foreign correspondent is frequently the only means of getting an important story told, or of drawing the worlds attention to disasters in the making or being covered up. Such an important role is risky in more ways than one. It can expose the correspondent to actual physical danger; but there is also the moral danger of indulging in sensationalism and dehumanizing the sufferer. This danger immediately raises the question of the character and attitude of the correspondent, because the same qualities of mind which in the past separated a Conrad from a Livingstone, or a Gainsborough from the anonymous painter of Francis Williams, are still present and active in the world today. Perhaps this difference can best be put in one phrase: the presence or absence of respect for the human person." - Author: Chinua Achebe

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"Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars." - Author: Carl Sagan

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"He was wearing a plain white oxford unbuttoned over a T-shirt, but something about the way they fit made him look put together, like an Abercrombie model (well, like an Abercrombie model who had remembered to put on a shirt that morning)." - Author: Claire LaZebnik

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"Voodou isnt like that. It isnt concerned with notions of salvation and transcendence. What its about is getting things done. You follow me? In out system, there are many gods, spirits. Part of one big family, with all the virtues, all the vices. Theres a ritual tradition of communal manifestation, understand? Voodou says, theres a God, sure, Gran Met, but Hes big, too big and too far away to worry Himself if your ass is poor, or you cant get laid. Come on, man, you know how this works, its street religion, came out of dirt poor places a million years ago. Voodous like the street. Some duster chops out your sister, you dont go camp on the Yakuzas doorstep, do you? No way. You go to somebody, though, who can get the thing done. Right?" - Author: William Gibson

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"Women were once considered chattel, and slavery was regarded as sanctioned in the Bible. However, western society grew to recognize that neither was just." - Author: Jeanne Phillips