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Author: Rose Kennedy Quotes

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Ethan Embry Quotes

"Donner likes what he does and enjoys being on a set. He doesnt have to do it, its not like he has to make the rent. When I get to be his age and still enjoy what Im doing like him, Id be lucky."

Mother Angelica Quotes

"Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous. When you have God, you dont have to know everything about it; you just do it."

Cyma Rizwaan Khan Quotes

"They say theres so much beauty in the world, but I dont see it. Perhaps thats my problem. Am I crazy for having major depressive disorder, or is the rest of the population crazy for not having it? How do you even define sanity? Is it the will to live another day in spite of a lifetime of failures? Or is it the desire to keep going after youve lost everything you really, truly cared about?"

Janice Hardy Quotes

"Grannyma always said the Saints hide your fate in their pockets."

Amjad M Jaimoukha Quotes

"The Russian action in Chechnya could be likened to the British Army reducing Edinburgh to rubble and expelling a couple of million Scottish people in response to a unilateral declaration of independence by Scotland"

Tony Cleaver Quotes

"When in doubt as to what you should do, err on the side of giving."

Catherine Fisher Quotes

"Once Incarceron became a dragon, and a Prisoner crawled into his lair. They made a wager. They would ask each other riddles, and the one who could not answer would lose. It it was the man, he would give his life. The Prison offered a secret way of Escape. But even as the man agreed, he felt its hidden laughter.They played for a year and a day. The lights stayed dark. The dead were not removed. Food was not provided. The Prison ignored the cries of its inmates.Sapphique was the man. He had one riddle left. He said, "What is the Key that unlocks the heart?"For a day Incarceron thought. For two days. For three. Then it said, "If I ever knew the answer, I have forgotten it."--Sapphique in the Tunnels of Madness"

Colette Quotes

"Le blanc bleuté de ses yeux, presque aussi bleu que sa claire robe dété, larrangement parfait et superflu de sa joue, de sa bouche et de ses paupières, ne le touchèrent pas."

Claire Chilton Quotes

"True evil is always petty and often incompetent."

Edison Marshall Quotes

"Maar zolang ze er nog is, zullen in de winternachten de wolvenbenden de wildernis luid huilend blijven doorkruisen. Ze waren er reeds vanaf het begin van de wereld. En ondanks het feit, dat de mensheid de wolven van het begin af haatte en onafgebroken beoorloogde en dat in de verder nog komende eeuwen steeds zal blijven doen, zullen ze tot aan de dag van het laatste oordeel de wereld blijven bevolken. De reden hiervan is, dat ze het symbool der wildernis zelf zijn en het denkbeeld, dat de wildernis zou blijven voortgaan te bestaan, maar zonder wolven, is nog vreemder dan zich een natie zonder vlag te denken."

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Quotes About Stolen Innocence

"Women need to live from within so they can gain knowledge of self. When you know who you are & truly love who you are then envy cannot exist. Allow love to combat envy. I see the gift in women. I see the strength in women. I see the love in women. I see earth angels who continue to fly and sacrifice so much even after the world has stolen their innocence & raped their joy." - Author: Bindu

Quotes About Smrt

"Ovde se smatra čašću i viteškom vrlinom kad poniziš do samrti sve sto te nadvisuje spretnošću, snagom, lukavstvom i umom.A kako ti se tek dive, kako ti zavide smrtnici kad im prineses dokaze da si ubio boga.Uši sam zalepio lišćem." - Author: Miroslav Antić

Quotes About Tiny Dogs

"Then someone within closed the door, shutting Norah out into the howling dust of the night. The clouds parted briefly to reveal the full moons cold eye, then closed again. Wind seared over the pavilions double roof, its voice rising to a shriek. Distantly, among the maze of walls, came the frenzied barking of hundreds of tiny dogs. As she drifted towards wakefulness, Norah could not tell whether it was the wind that she heard just at the end, or whether, within the dark hall, the girl had begun to scream." - Author: Barbara Hambly

Quotes About Famous Ceo

"Im not famous; I am simply very well-known to certain people. Famous is something different." - Author: Anton Corbijn

Quotes About Favorite Person

"I hope that I would be considered romantic. I dont know... one of my favorite movies is The Notebook so I guess that would be considered romantic. But I think being romantic is more than the flowers and the gifts. Its about connecting with the person and being able to talk and share things with her." - Author: Taylor Lautner

Quotes About Playing Spades

"I stare at his forearms. I can make out a naked woman with a snake going up her vagina. Shes holding a knife, slitting her own throat. There are three playing cards on the back of his right hand: the Queen of Spades, the Jack of Hearts and the Joker. Red flames lick his elbow.Theres a watch tattooed on his left wrist with ‘Fuck Time inscribed on its face. Fuck oclock.Hes not that tall, but his body is carefully cut. The lines of his face, his cheekbones and jaw, are sharp and precise. I can see the tufts of his blond underarm hairs and under them the ladder of his ribs. Hes beautiful, in the way that a knife is beautiful." - Author: Kirsty Eagar

Quotes About Tacitus Boudicca

"Read the Bible as you would Livy or Tacitus. For example, in the book of Joshua we are told the sun stood still for several hours. Were we to read that fact in Livy or Tacitus we should class it with their showers of blood, speaking of their statues, beasts, etc. But it is said that the writer of that book was inspired. Examine, therefore, candidly, what evidence there is of his having been inspired. The pretension is entitled to your inquiry, because millions believe it. On the other hand, you are astronomer enough to know how contrary it is to the law of nature (Works, Vol. ii., p. 217)." - Author: Livy

Quotes About Repulsiveness

"In proportion therefore, as the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases." - Author: Karl Marx

Quotes About Meteor Showers

"The day succeeding this remarkable Midsummer night, proved no common day. I do not mean that it brought signs in heaven above, or portents on the earth beneath; nor do I allude to meteorological phenomena, to storm, flood, or whirlwind. On the contrary: the sun rose jocund, with a July face. Morning decked her beauty with rubies, and so filled her lap with roses, that they fell from her in showers, making her path blush: the Hours woke fresh as nymphs, and emptying on the early hills their dew-vials, they stepped out dismantled of vapour: shadowless, azure, and glorious, they led the suns steeds on a burning and unclouded course." - Author: Charlotte Brontë

Quotes About Being Simply Yourself

"Wielding a hammer, however, youre at the very heart of the experience, being flooded with wonderful sensations that simply cant be yours if you use a firearm. Now, you might be asking yourself how I came to discover the splendors of hammer attack. Ill tell you. You wont want to hear it, though." - Author: Richard Laymon